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Clandestine: Pervert Power Play...

Now does it make sense why the Left are obsessed with teaching 2SLGBTQIA+ nonsense to children?

They were rapidly trying to normalize wild sexual deviancy, so they could normalize pedophilia before they truth came out.

This is the world they want. They want your children.

Now that everyone has seen the Epstein docs, lets talk about the global significance of the Epstein blackmail operation.

See DE 165-3 — Document #1090, Attachment #6

A victim testified Epstein was targeting "American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known Prime Minister, and other world leaders", so that he could "potentially blackmail them".

Epstein was about something much bigger than just rich pedos raping children. This was an intelligence operation to blackmail and control the most powerful people on the planet. Meaning that at a minimum Bill Clinton, and presumably Hillary, are compromised by Epstein and must do what he asks of them, or face the consequences of their heinous secret getting out. How much of the Clinton/DNC agenda has been at the behest of Epstein to keep him quiet?

If Epstein controlled the Clintons via blackmail, does that mean Epstein was functioning as the shadow President of the United States and Secretary of State? How many other politicians does he control?

This means that Epstein, or the people he served, could essentially control global policy decisions via proxy, without being elected. This is quite literally an intelligence operation to rule the world, via pedophilia honeypot. Don't take my word for it, the victims said it themselves.

The ULTIMATE question is, who did Epstein work for, and what were they trying to accomplish?

If the Illuminati truly does exist, this would be how.

So not only is Bill Clinton a pedophile, but the US government, the DNC, the MSM, and Big Tech, went out of their way to hide this reality from you.

They also smeared, destroyed, or murdered, all the journalists who tried to expose this reality.

It’s not a theory anymore.

If the ruling class are willing to literally rape child sex slaves… 

What are they NOT willing to do? 

If they are willing to commit the most heinous acts imaginable… are they above stealing elections, inciting wars, brainwashing the planet, and making biological weapons?

“It’s not Left vs Right!”

I agree. It’s the people who rape kids vs the people who don’t.

But it’s not my fault all the people raping kids are predominantly on the Left. It’s not my fault the Left ideologically promote sexualization of children.

Who takes kids to drag shows, pride parades, and teach 2SLGBTQIA+ shit to them at school? Which side claimed widespread pedophilia was a Right-wing conspiracy theory?

The Left-wing media are also the ones who have been running cover for this Epstein story and pizzagate for DECADES while Right-wingers, predominantly Trump supporters, have been the only “side” trying to expose it, while facing HEAVY resistance, for YEARS!

So spare me with the “it’s both sides!”… no it’s not. One side is ideologically focused on sexualizing children, while the resistance to widespread pedophilia is coming almost exclusively from the Right.

Anyone who denies this is objectively wrong. Pedophilia is a Left-wing characteristic, and I’m tired of pretending it’s not.

Hey Planet Earth, 

Just a reminder that the world leaders who were most vocal about American politicians engaging in pedophilia, were Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

It’s no coincidence the Deep State fear these two men above all others.

Who knows where the bodies are buried?

The Left/MSM love to talk about slavery, and love to demonize White Americans for the actions of our ancestors.

But what about modern slavery? What about the millions of humans sold into sex-trafficking around the world right now?

Why does the Left not talk about them? Not only that, but they actively prevent the public from even knowing about this reality, calling it a kooky Far-Right conspiracy theory at every chance they get… 

You’d think the Left, allegedly being about human rights and equity, would be screaming about this global atrocity every single day… but they don’t… why is that?

By all means, it doesn’t make sense. Until you recognize that the ruling class who control the media, also control the global human slave trade, hence why they don’t like anyone drawing attention to it in any capacity.

It’s why they sent their lapdog media to attack Sound of Freedom, Assange, Trump, Q, Pizzagate, ANYTHING that gets close to their deepest and darkest secret, they attack it with everything they’ve got.

So don’t expect the media or Left to apologize or show any sort of outrage that Bill Clinton went to Epstein island, raped child sex slaves, and was compromised in a global honeypot/blackmail operation run by satanic megalomaniacs. It’s not gonna happen.

It’s up to us, and us alone.

Democrats, do us all a favor and don’t open your fucking mouths moving forward, unless the words are “I’m sorry, you were right”.

You people have lost your privilege to speak in our presence.

You all had the AUDACITY to call us deplorable, while worshipping literal pedophiles.

You all discriminated against us, weaponized all levers of government against us, and claimed WE were the evil ones, because YOU were brainwashed by the pedophiles YOU claimed were the “decent” ones.

You all called us crazy for talking about widespread pedophilia and child trafficking. You claimed that we were conspiracy theorist whack-jobs. Well turns out we were right.

So moving forward, you all do not get the privilege of being taken seriously in any capacity. If you do not denounce your leaders and their crimes against children, you are complicit perpetuating the enabling of crimes against children.

We will not be taking any shit from people who rape children, or their supporters. Your leaders will pay for what they have done, and you can either join us, or shut the fuck up and get out of the way.

So uhhhh when do we have the public conversation?

I’m not saying everything Q or their followers said is true, but it’s objectively true that they were right about the cabal running a global pedo ring and conspiring against Trump.

We must give credit where credit is due.

Regardless of who you think is implicated in Epstein’s crimes, let’s isolate what we know for certain.

There was an elite pedophile island, that was part of a larger intelligence honeypot/blackmail operation, used to control global policy decisions.

Meaning that the world is in fact, run by rich pedophiles. Meaning the Q followers were kinda right about that, while the media told you, with great confidence and hubris, that this whole thing was a psychotic Right-wing conspiracy theory, and you’re literally a domestic terrorist if you believed it in any capacity.

Well the “conspiracy theorists” turned out to be correct. While politicians, intelligence agencies, media, and social media, were WITTINGLY involved in burying this reality, and smearing/censoring those who reported on it.

Yet the deniers and MSM are just pretending like that’s not the case. No mea culpas. No apologies. NOTHING.

“Q followers” and “conspiracy theorists” were the most demonized and discriminated group of people in America for the last 7 years, and they turned out to be right about one of the biggest revelations in human history.

When will the world admit it?

If Trump is a pedophile, how come NONE of his enemies have EVER accused him of being a pedophile?

Clinton? Obama? Biden? Pelosi? McCain? Bush? You name them. NOBODY has ever called Trump a pedo.

But Trump and his allies have called Bill and his allies pedos, publicly.

If Trump was a pedo, how come the Deep State or the MSM have never even tried this smear angle? They’ve called him a racist, sexist, rapist, xenophobe, tax-evader, insurrectionist, treasonous, threat to democracy, agent of Russia. They’ve called him every name in the book EXCEPT pedophile. Seems like it would be a good thing to do from their perspective. But they didn’t. They STILL haven’t, even with the Epstein docs coming out.

If Trump was a pedo, why isn’t every Democrat politician firing off tweets right now about Trump being a pedo? Shouldn’t they be jumping all over this if he was?

All of Trump’s enemies, and their lapdog media, have been telling the world that pedophilia is a kooky Right-wing conspiracy theory this entire time. Why would they do that if they knew Trump was a pedo? And are we going to trust the people who were completely wrong about this topic AND were caught burying the story under threat from Bill Clinton himself?

All the moves and countermoves paint a very clear picture. The Deep State have been covering up this story for decades, they got caught, and now they are clinging to whatever straw they can grasp onto, no matter how flimsy.

These are acts of desperation. 

We know it. They know it. They know that we know it. It’s only a matter of time now.

The Clinton campaign approached MI6 agent Christopher Steele to fabricate the pee pee tape dossier, to funnel to the FBI/CIA to justify spying on Trump and generate the Mueller probe.

If Epstein had tapes of Trump compromised with minors, why did they go through all that?

Why not just release the tapes and Trump is done?

Mueller turned over every single stone, raided Trump’s lawyers, DOJ raided his house, tried to pin him for ANY crime they could find, then couldn’t find one so they were forced to make them up, impeachment, election fraud, media smear campaigns, etc. 

You mean to tell me they went through allllllllll this, when they had tapes of Trump raping children this entire time?

The math, is not mathing. If Trump was involved, we would have known about it long ago, he wouldn’t be using all his resources trying to expose it, and they wouldn’t be using all their resources to stopping him.

Many have asked: Why didn’t Trump arrest the Clintons for their involvement with Epstein in his first term?

In short. The public were not ready.

Remember what it was like back then? A large chunk of the public were still under the MSM spell and believed Trump was a Russian spy. The MSM had firm control of the narrative/public perception, and the public were heavily brainwashed to hate Trump and his followers. They had the world convinced Trump was a deranged dictator.

Just imagine if in 2017, Trump barged in and arrested the Clintons and exposed Bill as a pedo. It would have started a civil war. Legitimately. Mass civil uprisings. The MSM would have said it was a lie and been calling for Americans to storm the White House because Trump is a dictator arresting his political opponents. Mass civilian casualties. Breakdown of society. Direct threat to NATSEC and opens susceptibility to foreign attacks. It would have been ugly. 

If Trump would have arrested the Clintons back then, it would not have worked. But this time around, we hold all the cards:

-We have control of the narrative via the rise of independent/citizen journalism.

-The public have spent the last 7 years watching nearly every “conspiracy theory” come true, and witnessed continuous examples of massive corruption in the media and government.

-This information is coming out while Trump is not POTUS, so they cannot say that it is partisan or disinformation.

-Trump has the political ammunition and the precedent established to go after the Deep State since they weaponized the government to go after him.

The stars are aligning. The public will be ready this time around. We’ve woken enough normies, and a whole bunch more are about to be hopping aboard the bandwagon.

We could actually pull this off.

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