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Historic. 15 minutes.

Elite RCMP veteran advises the Truckers on what to do: Hold the Line

Literal False Flag - Staged Phony fodder for the Legacy Media

This is where the photo of the Swastika was taken. It is the terrace of the Chateau Laurier.

The photographer was standing on the lower part of the terrace, the people with the flags are standing on the steps.

This is 100% staged.

This area is well away from the main protest, and the only place it would have been able to be observed is from the terrace. The Fuck Trudeau flags are clearly being used to provide cover for the Swastika from being observed from Wellington, which is where most protest

The person holding the Swastika is also conveniently placed behind a column, shielding them from where those observing from Wellington overlooking the terrace would otherwise be able to see if they were looking that way. It is 100% some kind of operation.

Whether by the government, or a leftist organization, I don't know, but this is not the protesters.

Protesters don't pick the most concealed location possible to fly their flags.

It's a literal false flag operation.

Border blockade overcome!

The RCMP has been surrounded by vehicles that came out like the cavalry to help the truckers. This was a move the RCMP didn't bet on. I think there is a discussion on here somewhere where the two groups talked to the point some RCMP switched sides.


Ontario Superior Court Justice Hugh McLean has granted a 10-day injunction to prevent truckers parked on city streets in downtown Ottawa from honking their horns incessantly.

McLean said Monday the injunction is temporary because he needs to hear more evidence, but that he has heard enough to make this ruling

So, the truckers are there protesting covid measures, and these people disagree, claiming that it isn't an issue and no freedoms were lost, so they organize a counter protest, and are denied because of the covid measures.

“Canada’s military may need to be deployed to clear Ottawa of protesters from the self-described ‘Freedom Convoy’ of truckers and their supporters opposed to coronavirus vaccine mandates,” WaPo reported, citing the city’s chief of police.

Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly said menacingly that “every single option” is being considered to end the “intolerable, unprecedented” protests against immoral vaccine mandates and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The police chief admitted that such extreme action would “come with massive risks.” But he added, without providing credible evidence, that “the range of illegal, dangerous and unacceptable activities is beyond the ability to list.” On Friday, Sloly demanded that the truckers “remain peaceful.”

The mayor's office was behind pressuring GoFundMe to seize the Truckers donations.

Rumble has not only offered to help GiveSendGo with technical experts, but also has offered safe haven to Joe Rogan:

Rumble also has a deal with Trump's media organization about to launch.

GoFundMe tried to steal the 9 million $ from the truckers and give it to their "approved charities". That led to a flood of refund requests, as well as "charge-backs" from enraged donors. Each charge-back costs GoFundMe about 15$.

Give Send Go is the new home of donations to the Freedom Convoy. The Truckers have over 5 million donated there now, and still going up... in spite of attacks:

Elon Musk:

If you have a normal protest, where crowds gather and stand around, Soros can hire drug-addicted Antifa types to disrupt, and turn the whole thing into a complete disaster.

Which is why the Trump boat parades were so successful. None of the Antifa people that live with their parents, or homeless drug addicts have boats, or would know how to drive a boat even if Soros arranged them. The Trump supporters had nothing to fear.

The Truck convoy is similar. Antifa can't compete with their own force of trucks. The only thing they could do is try to attack people who are sitting in a gigantic metal vehicle. And if they did, the optics would be all wrong. A man sitting peacefully in his truck, while this lunatic attacks. How could you spin this to make the trucker the aggressor? Even CNN would have a tough time doing that.

Feeding the homeless and setting up a street hockey game with the police...

The sweet smell of freedom emanating from the streets of Ottawa is about to get a whole lot sweeter.

That's because these fine Polish women just arrived on the scene with 1,550 Polish sausages, buns, bread, and hundreds of doughnuts for the truckers who continue to flood the streets of Ottawa in protest of vaccine mandates.

These ladies drove for four and a half hours from their store in Toronto—280 MILES—to bring food to these hungry fed-up truckers.


About the logistics...

1) The people organizing this quite clearly have experience and serious training in logistics. You don't get a result like this by just a couple of guys jumping in their cabs and taking off one night.

2) They have let it be known they intend to stay. The Ottawa police have indicated they're ready to let them stay. How could they have planned to have a large group of people essentially camping in their truck cabs for weeks or months at a time without preparing extensively to provide for their needs? Ans: those trucks... we saw rolling down the Trans-Canada with trailers weren't running empty. They were packed with supplies.

3) They are incredibly disciplined on messaging, in a way and with a level of intelligence I've never seen in any demonstration organizers before. They knew with precision detail what to expect from provincial, federal and municipal government. They knew what to expect in detail from both media and agitators/counter-protesters, and people planted in the crowds to cause trouble and have a well-coordinated and clearly communicated and strictly enforced protocol for dealing with them that absolutely excludes direct personal engagement; as soon as a suspicious presence is identified, the legitimate demonstrators create a cordon around him, a space isolating him, and ONE designated caller contacts the member of the Ottawa police dept. assigned as liaison. We saw this work with the guy who was the only person there in a full face covering balaclava carrying the Confederate flag.

4) I'm told that the truckers came prepared with food, communications, medical and other types of survival supplies in a manner identical to that used by Canadian peacekeepers in war zones who brought supplies to besieged cities in the Balkans war, among others. This is, in other words, what Canadian military logistics operations looked like in Sarajevo and Mostar...

5) They have "blockaded" the centre of the city of Ottawa, but it hasn't been random. They've done it in close coordination with the Ottawa city police to ensure that there is -1- space for emergency first responder vehicles to continue to operate -2- allowing space for very large groups of people on foot to continue to gather and meet and talk and walk together. That is also not accidental.

6) They've made very sure to respond to complaints proactively. When opponents started howling that someone had draped the Terry Fox statue with a flag they made sure there was a video of clearly identifiable trucker demonstrators carefully cleaning the statue and that it went viral.

7) They're incredibly precise in their messaging, responding instantly and transparently to accusations without the least sign of apology. Organizers have at the same time maintained strict communications discipline, not giving interviews to corporate media while remaining visible for people on the ground a personal basis, and carefully choosing their own outlets, cf: interview with @glennbeck ...

8) They got well ahead of any possible efforts to shut them down through the cops, anticipating attacks. The Ottawa city police force is ridiculously tiny, so busloads of reserves have been brought in from Toronto. Then they were standing around with nothing much to do. So, when the truckers saw that the cops had a ridiculously long walk to use the washroom, they moved portable toilets over for them. Yesterday it came out that someone offered horse hay for the police horses. This was brought in the trucks - so they knew they'd be needing it...

9) All this tells me that -1- this has been meticulously planned by professionally trained experts in logistics, but the kind of training you pretty much can't get from the private sector - the people doing this are ex-military - and -2- they've got a bigger plan than just to park a bunch of trucks along Wellington street and #HonkHonk and have a street party for a weekend. They brought enough supplies to be there for weeks. They've set up canteens and services in the streets that have been blocked off. These are people who really know what they're doing. They're only talking to the people they choose to talk to. One of whom was @glennbeck. "EVERYbody is fed up." And they don't just mean in Canada. There is now not the least doubt in my mind that it isn't a coincidence that #freedomconvoy2022 has gone global in the same week.

10) If the trucks are already rolling in Australia, there's NO WAY it was a spur of the moment idea. The Australian summer is every bit as difficult an environment for logistics as the Canadian prairies are in winter. You don't do a thing like this on a moment's notice...

11) Last point is that the memes are key. The whole thing is a kind of prank, and a damn good one. It reminds me of that old university engineer joke of leaving a running VW bug in the dean's office (or as it happened in real life, the time the UBC engineering dept. suspended a VW Beetle from the Lionsgate bridge in Vancouver.) I think the only country in the world this could have been cooked up is Canada, knowing exactly how it would be taken by the rest of the world. The expressions of amazement that the "placid" "peaceful" Canadians have finally cracked and are doing this frankly hilarious response, that has filled the world with hope, like a beam of sunlight bursting through the smokes of Mordor, IS EXACTLY THE MESSAGE.

"The Canadians of all people" are actually the only people in the world who have it so deeply embedded in their national character to laugh at themselves, and their leaders, AND their own suffering that they could turn back the glooms of hell with laughter. The Memes are a massively important part of the demonstration - and a lot of people are realising that the dark nightmare they've been in - the deep sense of despair that has been enslaving the WHOLE WORLD for two years, has suddenly started to lift.

We are waking from a nightmare and remembering that the world is good. That people are strong and free that the grim misery of the Upside Down is not the world we have been given by God, and we don't have to live in it. We can just say no. We are already free.

Why are the elites so willing to destroy their people over an irrefutably bogus injection? Is it just a token of submission or is it something vile in it they demand be put in everyone's body?

Relevant Proverb:

Sen. Rand Paul on Mask Mandates: ‘The Dirty Little Secret is It’s Always Been More About Submission’

“You know, I think the dirty little secret is it’s always been more about submission. It’s always been more about collectivism. It’s been about growing government power over your lives because the science has been clear for a long time on masks for children,” Sen. Paul began. “Sweden didn’t have their school kids wear masks at all. Not one child died. The incidence of the disease and the teachers did not rise, with the kids not wearing masks. I mean, it’s sort of, you know, I worry about the future of America if the Europeans are leading us toward freedom.”

Sen. Paul continued, “the Canadians are ahead of us in trying to unwind mandates. But yes, for goodness sakes, we’ve got to stop the ridiculous mandates on children that Dr. Emanuel, that you put forward saying that kids are dying from omicron. The statistics are this and the science is this. The wild variant was a thousand times less deadly for kids than 80-year-olds, and it’s become progressively less dangerous to the delta, to the omicron.”

few thoughts: 1) The people organizing this quite clearly have experience and serious training in logistics. You don't get a result like this by just a couple of guys jumping in their cabs and taking off one night. 2) They have let it be known they intend to stay...

Children's Health Defense 12 Countries Roll Back COVID Restrictions, Israel Scraps 'Green Pass'

QUOTE: Sweden and Switzerland joined Denmark, Norway, Finland, Ireland, The Netherlands, Italy, Lithuania, France and the UK in announcing they will lift COVID restrictions and open up their countries. Top Israeli officials also announced this week they are abolishing the country's "Green Pass" COVID vaccine passport for restaurants, hotels, gyms and theaters. Few studies, if any, have been carried out to determine whether vaccine passports and COVID restrictions actually lowered COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths. However, a recent analysis published by researchers at John Hopkins found COVID lockdown measures implemented in the U.S. and Europe had almost no effect on public health. "We find little-to-no evidence that mandated lockdowns in Europe and the United States had a noticeable effect on COVID-19 mortality rates," the researchers wrote.

Hat tip Sidney Powell and Defending the Republic

Canada Will Now Police Unjabbed In Stores to Ensure They Don’t Buy Anything Other Than Food & Pharma

unjabbed shoppers in Canada will now be subjected to being escorted in Walmart to ensure they don’t buy anything other than food or pharmaceutical products.

The rule is set to apply in big box stores in Quebec so as “to make sure they (the unvaxxed) do not go and buy other products or other items that might be in the store.” reports: In other words, in order to stop the spread of COVID-19, disgusting unvaccinated extremists must be prevented from purchasing things like disposable barbeques and electronic goods.

“For pharmacies located in big-box stores, such as Walmart or Costco, an unvaccinated person must be “accompanied at all times during his or her travels by an employee of the business, the pharmacy or any other person mandated by them for this purpose,” reports CBC, citing the decree. “This person may not purchase products other than those related to the pharmaceutical service they are receiving.”

“The leftists running Walmart, who endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement during the Floyd riots of 2020 and championed their stance against “discrimination,” are happily going along with the government’s plan to discriminate against the unvaxxed to “ensure a safe and efficient customer experience,” writes Chris Menahan.

This is yet another indication of how vaccine passport schemes are purely a means of punishing the unvaccinated for disobeying the regime.

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