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Breaking News: Trump Victorious over Covid

President Trump is looking and sounding Great!!

See his message here:

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Monday morning announced she tested positive for Covid-19. McEnany said she is experiencing no symptoms.

Who is the racist Biden?:

"Robert Byrd was a Democrat senator who had once led a chapter of the KKK as an Exalted Cyclops. Joe Biden and Bill Clinton both spoke at his funeral in 2010.

Biden stated, “As also noted, Robert C. Byrd was a parliamentary library keeper at the institution of the Senate and he was the institution itself. But to me and many people here today, like guys I see, Bill Bradley and Jim Sasser, who long left the Senate for greener pastures and I hope better remuneration. We used to care about that, too. But I, for a lot of us, he was a friend and he was a mentor and he was a guide.”"

"Byrd recounted in his autobiography that he wrote a letter to Joel L. Baskin, the klan’s grand dragon, asking to join in order to start a Klan chapter or ‘klavern,’ in his town. A klavern is a local unit of the Klan. Byrd was tasked with recruiting 150 people to the Klan.

When he involved enough people to start a klavern ,a unanimous vote among the recruits names him ‘exalted cyclops.’ Which is the highest-ranking position in a chapter."

Correction regarding the Rothchild Patent for Covid-19 Testing:

While the current patent filed in 2020 does have a title including Covid-19, it is based on an earlier patent that DOES NOT mention Covid-19. The earlier priority date does not use the term Covid-19.

Sorry for the error. I did not take the time (a scarce resource) to look it up until now. The rest of the incriminating data showing earlier planning for COVID is correct as far as I can ascertain.

For your amusement:

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