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Bizarre Reality and Illusion

Project Bluebeam. 1 minute of concise and illuminating explanation and a warning:

Ukraine Presidential advisor Dimitry Gordon had a revelation about the faith of Russia. It will be destroyed by 👽Aliens: - And it will really happen soon, just believe me. I know something. I don't know everything, but I do know something. Wait for serious attacks from the air. These aliens are raging in earnest. They are angry at you, angry.

Just kidding? Dark humor...

A year or so ago...

The law, which makes "medical interventions aimed at changing the sex of a person" and "the state registration of a change of gender without an operation" illegal, was swiftly passed by both houses of the Russian parliament earlier this month. The law also bans individuals who have undergone gender reassignment from adopting children and annuls marriages in which one of the partners is transgender. Late last year, Russia passed a law banning the “propaganda” of LGBT relationships and lifestyles toward all ages, effectively outlawing public displays and media portrayals of non-heterosexual identities.

Last week 🇭🇺 PM of Hungary V. Orban was criticised for saying “Ukraine’s sovereignty is practically lost. He also said so-called “Western values” mean just “three things: migration, LGBTQ, and war” and that “the EU rejects Christian heritage".

All this Ukraine Russia Propaganda was proven to be False:

100% BS from our media:

The propaganda lies churned out by U.S. and British intelligence, which are plentiful and audacious, cover the gamut — e.g., Putin has a terminal illness; Putin is weak and hanging be a thread; Ukraine is advancing steadily in its counter offensive; Russia is isolated; Russia’s economy is collapsing; Russian conscripts are being dragooned against their will to join the army; Russian prisoners are being coerced to join paramilitary forces and fight on the front lines; the morale of the Russian Army is collapsing; Russia’s Generals are incompetent; Russia is suffering more casualties than Ukraine; and Russia is a colonial imperialist.

Reason Ukraine Was Chosen As The Location For Our Globalist Money Laundering Proxy War. It’s Their Base Of Operation For UNIMAGINABLE EVIL

UKRAINE Has Been The Epicenter Of Human Trafficking, Organ Harvesting & Missing Babies Since Before 2008.

So much so The European Council adopted recommendations after a presentation about the missing babies and organ harvesting uncovered in Kharkiv: “Research was carried out as part of the U.S. Ukraine Research Partnership as part of an agreement between the International Center of the U.S. National Institute of Justice and the Ukrainian Academy of Legal Sciences about human trafficking in Ukraine Key findings: •

“The sexual exploitation of women in prostitution has risen sharply following the independence of Ukraine. Women in prostitution in Ukraine were interviewed. Narcotics-addicted women who stood along the highway described critical losses in their lives and the use of drugs as factors influencing their involvement in and inability to leave prostitution. Women in street prostitution in the city center described their life circumstances and the violence they were subjected to in prostitution.” •

“Women are being recruited and trafficked from almost all regions of Ukraine. Women from different regions of Ukraine are likely to be trafficked to different destination countries. From these stem regions of Ukraine, women are trafficked mostly to the Czech Republic, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and Germany. From the northern regions, women are most often trafficked to Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and the Netherlands. From the southern regions, women are taken to Turkey, Greece, Italy, Romania, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Syria, and Germany.“ •

“Approximately 70 percent of the victims were trafficked by means of sophisticated deceptions. Mostly, the women were offered work abroad as a waitress or dancer. Traffickersapproach beauty contest participants with offers of contracts for modeling abroad. “Modeling” schools were also used to train and recruit victims. Women are most frequently trafficked through travel agencies, most of which are legally registered.” •

“Eighty percent of the traffickers are Ukrainian citizens, and about 60 percent are women. The traffickers use women who were formerly in prostitution as recruiters” •“According to surveys conducted by the Ukrainian researchers, two-thirds of young Ukrainian women want to go abroad. Many of them are influenced not only by the poverty and lack of opportunity at home, but by the Western lifestyles seen in the media. Many believe they will find a wealthy, attractive Westem businessman who will marry them and solve their problems.” •

“The collapse of the Soviet Union opened up a pool of millions of women from which traffickers can recruit. Now, former Soviet republics, such as Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, and Russia, have become major sending countries for women trafficked into sex industries all over the world. In the sex industry markets today, the most popular and valuable women are from Ukraine and Russia.” •“In 1998, the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior estimated that 400,000 Ukrainian women were trafficked during the previous decade.” •

”The International Organization for Migration estimated that between 1991 and 1998 500,000 Ukrainian women had been trafficked to the West.I3 Popular destination countries for women from Ukraine include: Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Syria, China, the Netherlands, Canada and Japan.” ** Prosecution of human trafficking was nearly non-existent in Ukraine in from 1996 until 2000. Despite over 550,000 instances of human trafficking annually, less than 50 resulted in criminal charges You still think it’s a coincidence the Ukraine War started right after WEF Joe Biden Administration got INSTALLED by voter fraud?

And now a musical interlude with foot tapping music with Michelle Obama dancing. Fun:

1 and a half minutes. Entertaining. Might explain why the big push for transgenderism.

'We should be proud to be Americans,' Musk urged during a Twitter Spaces interview with Vivek Ramaswamy

"We should be proud to be American, and I certainly am. It feels like there's like a weird, like, anti-American self-destructive element, especially in, like the, you know, elite circles within the U.S. Like, teaching it's bad to be an American. And I'm like, this is insane," Musk said to Ramaswamy, Friday.

Elon Sues a Big Liar:

In a new federal lawsuit filed by X Corp., the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, the company is suing the non-profit organization Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) for allegedly engaging in a scare campaign to drive away advertisers from the platform. X Corp. accuses CCDH of unlawfully gaining access to protected data from the platform, using flawed methodologies to create faulty narratives about the volume of harmful content on X, and demanding that platform providers kick targeted users off their platforms.

The lawsuit further alleges that CCDH's actions have resulted in the loss of tens of millions of dollars in revenue for X Corp. The company argues that CCDH's scare campaign and ongoing pressure on brands is an attempt to stifle freedom of speech on the platform, preventing public dialogue and access to free expression.

Fox News made this interview go POOF.

A conservative student who faced media attacks after exposing a course called “The Problem of Whiteness,” at his school, said the blowback shows the left doesn’t expect conservatives to push back.

“If you’re a conservative, ‘shut up, obey, don’t say anything,'” Daniel Schmidt told Fox News Digital.

The incoming junior at the University of Chicago and self-described activist said the controversy began after he stumbled across the class while browsing the upcoming semester’s catalog last fall.

“And it just stood out to me,” Schmidt said. “Can you imagine if there were a class called ‘Problem of Blackness’ [or] ‘Problem of Jewishness?’…Everyone would be talking about it.”

Biden Just Outlawed Trucks less than a decade from now. And the Prius.

The federal regulatory apparat – which has become an unelected legislature – has just decreed that there will be no new trucks by less than a decade from now. “Decreed” in italics because that is precisely what has just happened.

No law was passed, but last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (note the blasé bureaucratic terminology; it is just an “administration,” ands yet it does a great deal more than merely administering) decreed that by 2032, new vehicles must average at least 58 miles-per-gallon. As of today, there isn’t single new car available that can comply with this decree. “Comply” in italics to mark the outrageousness of the “administration” of such decrees, which no one in this “democracy” of ours ever had a chance to vote for – or against.

The only car that comes close to being able to “comply” is the Toyota Prius, a small hybrid – and even it doesn’t quite get there. It averages 57 MPG.

How will trucks “comply” with a federal decree that requires them to average 58 MPG? The answer is – they won’t. Because they can’t. It is a functional impossibility. In order to be a truck, it must be capable of doing work – such as carrying and pulling heavy things. This makes trucks heavier – by a lot – than a small car such as the Prius. As an example, the Ford F-150 (not the electric version) has a curb weight of 4,465 lbs., notwithstanding that its body is made of aluminum. It has a steel frame – onto which the aluminum body is bolted. This is how trucks are laid out because it is the best layout for the type of work people expect trucks be able to do without breaking.

A small car like the Prius has an integrated body and frame – this is called a unibody – and it helps reduce weight; even so, the 2023 Prius still weighs 3,097 lbs. And it is a near-miracle that something that heavy manages to almost “comply” with the federal regulatory apparat’s decree.

But it required a hybrid drivetrain – in a small car – to get it almost there.

It will require a battery-powered drivetrain to get there in a truck. Or – for that matter – anything else that isn’t a small car.

And that is the purpose of this decree. It is not to outlaw the manufacture of new trucks, per se. It is to assure that only electric vehicles will be manufactured. They do “comply” – via the legerdemain of what is styled “MPGe” – or miles-per-gallon equivalent.

In italics to emphasis the fact that it isn’t.

The battery-powered version of the F-150 – the F-150 Lightning – carries a “68 MPGe3” rating – which makes it sound very “efficient” indeed. It makes it sound as if it is three times more “efficient” than its non-electric sibling, which averages “only” 21 MPG (sans the “e”).

But the “68 MPGe” Lightning can only travel 240 miles on a full “tank” – that is to say, a fully charged battery. The non-electric F-150 can travel more than 600 miles on a full tank. In order for the Lighting to be that “efficient,” it would need to be able to carry three times as much electricity as its current 1,800 pound battery pack can store, which would probably entail a three or four thousand pound battery. That would increase the curb weight of this already three-tom half-ton truck to more than 7,000 pounds, probably – which isn’t very “efficient,” especially when you take into account the “e” – the energy that it takes to make even an 1,800 lb. battery pack.

MPGe also does not take into account losses of “e” in transmission – as from the place where the “e” is generated to the place where it is used to power things. These losses-in-transmission can be in the double digits – but they are not factored into the “MPGe” equation. Power generation inefficiencies are also not factored into the equation.

All of this is not the result of stupidity but rather, dishonesty. Just the same as it wasn’t because they were stupid that the “experts” kept telling people that Face Diaper wearing and closing down small businesses (but not big box retailers) would ward-off a respiratory virus. The purpose of the lying is to trick people into accepting.

In this case, the forcing of trucks and pretty much everything else that isn’t battery powered off the market – and by a lot sooner than 2032, by the way.

The auto industry responds to decrees much sooner than that – because it has been put on notice as regards what it will have to comply with just a few years hence. 2032 is only nine years away and that is not much time to make enough money selling new vehicles that won’t be “compliant” within a few years from now to recover what it costs to design them right now – or next year, etc.

It is why Dodge will stop making the Charger and Challenger after the end of this year – in favor of a “compliant” battery-powered device next year.

No manufacture will invest money in anything new they won’t be allowed to sell in a few years from now.

That means no new engine designs. Or at least, very few. Especially as regards V8s, which is what powers most current trucks. Some will probably continue to be available – in very low numbers, at very high cost (due to their not being “compliant.”). The fines levied by the government will see to that. But the very affluent will still be able to afford them, as the are able to afford Porsches and Ferraris.

The rest will be battery-powered devices.

They won’t be affordable, either – because 1,00-plus pound batteries aren’t inexpensive and neither will be the electricity they store.

But they will be “compliant” – and that will have achieved the objective.

Greenpeace founding member, Dr Patrick Moore - on those pushing the climate agenda: They will cause devastation the likes of which the earth has never seen. @ukraine_watch See it here:

WSJ: Climate Change Alarmism Is ‘a Real Mental Disorder’

Climate alarmists’ overwrought accounts of hot summer weather are “fueling mental derangements,” writes the Wall Street Journal’s Allysia Finley in a searing op-ed Monday. It is not the weather itself, but the hyperbolic way it is reported that spreads panic, Finley insists, since in the past “heat waves were treated as a normal part of summer,” whereas now they are treated as harbingers of an impending climate apocalypse.

Knowingly or not, mainstream media have been complicit in spreading “climate hypochondria,” she writes, which simply does not match the reality of what is happening to the weather and the threats this may or may not pose. “It isn’t difficult to notice that today’s snowflakes consider hot weather aberrant, similar to how they perceive normal feelings such as anxiety or sadness,” Finley asserts. “But there’s nothing normal about climate anxiety, despite the left’s claims to the contrary.”

Daily data back up Finley’s contentions. On Sunday, The Messenger reported that given the summer’s extreme heat, “we may not live to see climate’s ‘new normal.’” The article goes on to make the scientifically untenable claim that “thousands of deaths” from excessive July heat “can be attributed to human emissions of greenhouse gases.”

The article also repeats warnings of a climate “tipping point” beyond which humanity is doomed, a proposal that further stokes the climate hysteria underscored by Finley. During a local telecast, Florida meteorologist Steve MacLaughlin uttered a similar threat, assuring viewers he fears we “have reached a point we cannot return from.”

“This is the first time that I’ve been overly concerned that we have reached a point we cannot return from,” MacLaughlin said in a weather report for NBC6 South Florida.

“In 25 years of broadcasting, I’ve never uttered these words on TV before,” the five-time Emmy-winning reporter wrote on Twitter. “I try to stay positive. I report on not just the problem, but the solution. I try to not be alarmist. But with corals, sirens should be blaring.” Meanwhile, on Monday the Washington Post declared that the world is “boiling,” echoing breathless predictions from U.N. Secretary General António Guterres, who stated last Thursday that “the era of global boiling has arrived.”

The once-sober Associated Press joined in the melee, reporting Monday that as climate change produces hotter and longer heat waves, air conditioning “is now a matter of survival.” Most people can read these reports and take them with a grain of salt, mentally toning down the obvious hyperbole and exercising critical thinking to form an objective opinion of the situation. They may consider, for instance, that many more people die each year from cold weather than from heat, or that globally fewer and fewer people die every year from weather-related events.

The problem, Finley suggests, is for those who are swept along by the alarmism, allowing themselves to be overwhelmed by irrational fear from prophecies of a rapidly imploding world. “Climate hypochondriacs deserve to be treated with compassion, much like anyone who suffers from mental illness,” she concludes. “They shouldn’t, however, expect everyone else to enable their neuroses.”

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