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Biological and Psychological Warfare

Planting a seed in the mind for terror later?

WHO comes out against Vaccine Passports

The World Health Organization’s Emergency Committee recommended on Monday that proof of vaccination not be required as a condition of international travel, maintaining its stance on the issue under growing debate.

The independent experts, in a statement issued after meeting last Thursday, cited limited evidence on whether vaccination against COVID-19 reduces people’s ability to transmit the virus and “the persistent inequity in global vaccine distribution”.

States should recognize that requiring proof of vaccination deepens inequities and promotes unequal freedom of movement, the panel said.

Infected and held at the border and then sent all over America... so they get both...

Gab Welcomes Pushback Against Experimental Vaccines

Andrew Torba:

I am not going to stop pushing back against this experimental vaccine. WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS NOT LAB RATS. I've seen far too many horror stories and this is too important. The fact that Trump is pushing it alongside the globalists is really disheartening.

You log into Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Twitter and you're bombarded with GET THE VACCINE NOW across every feed. It's sickening. Gab will be the one place on the internet where it's okay to say you're not getting the vaccine and it's okay to question it and it's okay to talk about the horrific side effects that many people are experiencing.

"Being anti-experimental vaccine is not about being “anti-science.” It’s about being pro-humanity. It’s about religious liberty. It’s about free speech. This moment is exactly what Gab was built for."

Israeli scientists announce yet another COVID-19 vaccine side effect: herpes zoster Article excerpt: “ ... Blood clots are rightfully one of the more attention-grabbing side effects of COVID-19 vaccines, but Israeli scientists are also warning about another potential side effect: herpes infections. A study that appeared in the Rheumatology journal notes that scientists there have identified six cases of patients developing the herpes zoster skin rash after receiving the Pfizer vaccine, and other cases have since come to light. Herpes zoster, also known as shingles, begins as an itchy skin rash with small red bumps, and it can lead to pain and nerve damage if left untreated. It also causes a prolonged burning sensation on the skin that can last long after the rash has disappeared..,, ... The study’s lead researcher, Dr. Victoria Furer, told the Jerusalem Post that after the study was published on April 12, she received emails from patients all over the world reporting that they had also developed herpes zoster after getting the vaccine. Because immunosuppressed individuals were not allowed to participate in initial clinical trials, it is possible that more cases of herpes zoster and other side effects could begin emerging as many countries’ vaccine efforts continue and people with a range of conditions experience reactions...” Oh good grief, not only is it an experimental gene therapy, it now enhances and wakes-up other dormant viruses in the body. We seem to be moving from one nightmare to the next. SOURCE URL:

India’s health ambassador dies one day after taking Covid vaccine Article excerpt: “ A well-known Indian actor and state health ambassador died just one day after getting injected for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), reports indicate. Vivekh, a comedian and the Tamilnadu state’s ambassador for public health messages, had pushed his followers to get the jab, touting it as “safe and effective.” He then got jabbed himself, only to die of cardiac arrest less than 24 hours later.... ... Since Vivekh quickly died following the injection, many began to question whether the shot was to blame. Government authorities, however, insist that the two events are completely unrelated.

According to officials, Vivekh suffered from a mysterious bout of acute coronary syndrome and cardiogenic shock. He experienced 100 percent blockage of a blood vessel, though the government says this had nothing to do with the injection.

GreatGameIndia investigated not only Vivekh’s death but also many other deaths in the area from similar causes. The common link between them all is that the now-deceased had previously been vaccinated with Covaxin...” SOURCE URL:

This video interviewing some of the Floyd protestors shows that they seem to actually believe there is a literal genocide against black people by white cops. As outrageous as that sounds they believe it, and it then justifies burning down cities and committing genocide against whites in self defense. 2 minutes, and eye opening:

Who fed them this nonsense? People who want to take down America.

Consider this: China is in a state of undeclared war against Trump and America. China looks at America and asks "What is their weak spot that we don't have?" China is nearly a cultural and racial monoculture. America has races that can be turned against each other.

Then consider the influence China has on media in the US and on the Biden/Harris White House. Look at the Democrats and how they have been pushing the race baiting narratives.

Then look at the truth:

NBC News deceptively edited police bodycam footage so their viewers wouldn’t see the knife in 15-year-old Ma’Kiyah Bryant’s hand moments before a Columbus officer shot her dead.

NBC also deceptively edited the 911 call to omit the part where the caller says a girl was “trying to stab us.” NBC anchor Lester Holt began the segment by showing a picture of a smiling Ma’Kiyah Bryant to make her look innocent.

Omitting the fact that the teen was wielding a large knife and attempting to stab someone is willful deception.

Rep. Marjorie Greene

Institutionalized racism?

MoveOn is on the move... for gun control.

Dear MoveOn member,

"It's one mass shooting after another: Austin, Texas, and Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Sunday. The FedEx facility in Indianapolis, Indiana, last Thursday.1

It was just a month ago that 10 people lost their lives in a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado.2

All told, there have been at least 50 mass shootings since the spa shootings and hate crime in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 16, in which eight people—including six Asian-American women—were killed.3,4

Fifty mass shootings in the span of about one month.

And it's happening as the police last week shot and killed yet another Black man—20-year-old Daunte Wright.5,6

Jerry, we CANNOT let this continue.

We know how to stop this horrific violence: We need to pass gun safety laws, re-envision the police, and combat white supremacy.7

Democrats control the House, Senate, and White House, and the NRA is weaker than it's been in decades as a result of corruption, infighting, and legal trouble.8

This is the moment to act. But we need your help.

Jerry, will you chip in $5 a month to fuel our campaign to pass gun safety legislation? "

Very worthy! JP tells us what we need to know about Gun Control:

Just over 2 Billion watchers? Wow.

Still at Defcon 3: (We have been at Defcon 4 for decades until Biden messed it up...)

Book deals are one way how bribery works.... Payoffs?

While some veterans of Donald Trump’s administration are having a tough time selling memoirs about their time in power, others with ties to Trump who didn’t embrace his "election conspiracy theories have sold book deals."

William Barr, Trump’s former attorney general who resigned two days before Christmas after disagreeing publicly with Trump’s voter fraud conspiracy theories, recently sold a book about his time at the Justice Department, according to three people familiar with the deal.

This will be Barr’s first book and he started writing it within the last two months, according to one of the people.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s last pick for the Supreme Court, has also sold a book — garnering a $2 million advance for a tome about how judges are not supposed to bring their personal feelings into how they rule, according to three publishing industry sources. The figure was “an eye-raising amount” for a Supreme Court justice and likely the most since book deals won by Clarence Thomas and Sandra Day O’Connor, one of the people added.

A spokesperson for the court had no comment.

Geoffrey Berman, who tangled with Barr and whom Trump ousted as the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, also has sold a book — for what one industry source described as “a lot of money” — about his time in office.

Vice President Mike Pence, who Simon and Schuster bought the rights for two books for reportedly $3 to 4 million.

Former Trump senior counselor Kellyanne Conway also recently won a multimillion-dollar book deal.

Hammer is a software tool that the Obama White House CIA developed to spy on people, including their computers etc.. Very powerful:

The USPS is spying on conservatives online activity: iCOP

The law enforcement arm of the US Postal Service, the US Postal Inspection Service (USPIS), is secretly monitoring and collecting Americans’ social media posts, according to documents obtained by Yahoo News.

The spying program is known as iCOP, or Internet Covert Operations Program, and involves goons trolling through social media sites to look for “inflammatory” posts – and then sharing the information with other government agencies.

The Post Office is spying on groups like the ‘Proud Boys’ but there was no mention of any liberal domestic terrorists like Black Lives Matter and Antifa in the information provided.

From the information we have, we can easily deduce that the USPIS is targeting and spying on conservatives and not radical violent, and destructive liberals. But how would they identify Americans who are conservative? Those God and country-loving Americans who believe in freedom and don’t agree with communism, how could the USPIS build their list?

Last year, only days before the Republican Convention, the Deep State Democrat lovers in the government, this time from the Postal Service, decided to arrest four American patriots. Their charges were they were building a wall on their own to help protect the country because the Democrats were blocking every effort by President Trump to build a wall on the border at that time. The USPIS accused these Americans of absconding donations for their own pleasure. At the time and still today these charges look targeted and timed to embarrass President Trump before the 2020 Republican Convention.

No doubt the Postal Service Deep State actors targeted Bannon for his ties with the President but why target war hero Kolfage? It didn’t make sense. What really was shocking was the way they arrested Kolfage.

The Justice Department’s Southern District of New York (SDNY) and the USPIS knew what they were after when the 15 officers pulled up to Kolfage’s house last year. They knew what they were after when they arrested Steve Bannon and the others who on their own initiative built a portion of the Southern Border’s wall.

They may have been more interested in the data he maintained on his computers than on the man they came to arrest. Also, when the warrant says “and/or other potential donors”, that likely includes all the data they could find. They took it all.

We reached out to Brian Kolfage and he shared this:

The SDNY/USPIS knew that I had one of the largest donor data lists in the nation. They were monitoring my emails and saw everything we discussed related to these lists. The data I have goes back 15+ years of every single conservative donor and even some Democrats. The data shows who they are, where they live, their email, occupation, how much they have given and how often. This was the holy grail for them to have so that they could target people with ease.

‘If our situation is truly hopeless, then their propaganda and opposition would not be necessary’.

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