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Audit is nearly done!

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

President Trump as you have never seen him...

Posted by General Michael Flynn and featured by Gateway Pundit:

1 minute 45 seconds.

Note the Q post at the end....

What a coincidence!

And it is also Flag Day.

Report today that the AZ Audit will be 80% done by later today. Good operational security - no leaks as to results.

"The Supreme Court unanimously rules that thousands of immigrants living in the U.S. under Temporary Protected Status are ineligible to apply for “green cards” to remain in the country permanently."

Supreme Court: Illegal Immigrants INELIGIBLE To Become Permanent Residents!

In a UNANIMOUS Supreme Court ruling, SCOTUS has determined that thousands of people currently living in the U.S. for humanitarian reasons are INELIGIBLE to apply for permanent residency.

The court found that federal immigration law prohibits people who entered the country illegally from seeking green cards to stay in the U.S. permanently.

The case pitted the Biden administration against groups who argued that illegal immigrants could put down permanent roots in the U.S if they had been given 'humanitarian protections'.

Massive organized crime takedown affecting the Western World! Lowering the Boom.

[ Australia's biggest ever police bust has seen not only seen the arrests of the Who's Who of the global criminal underworld, but yielded an extraordinary haul of 3.77 tonnes of drugs, $45 million in cash, guns, luxury cars, motorbikes and watches.

The country's Federal Police released pictures of the wealth, firepower and even taste in gangster movies of those arrested during sweeping raids across the country, the U.S., Britain and wider Europe after the alleged criminals were covertly monitored for three years using an encrypted communication app called 'AN0M'.

They allegedly used the app, secretly developed by the FBI, to message each other around the world, unaware everything they said and did was being intercepted by FBI special agents and the Australian Federal Police.]

In the 2020 election:

  • Thousands of instances of fraud were observed and/or alleged

  • Multiple states changed laws to provide for absentee ballots and the manner changes were made is alleged to be illegitimate

  • The FBI to date has done nothing to review the alleged fraud

  • The DOJ denied any alleged material instances of fraud

  • The Democrats are accused of the alleged election fraud

  • The state legislatures certified their results with millions of ballots in question

  • The US Congress accepted these certified results which ignored the thousands of instances of election fraud

  • VP Mike Pence accepted the results despite state legislatures asking him to examine the results

And now we know President Trump and/or the GOP won 71% of the cases where merits were heard.

  • There are 87 court cases to date based on the 2020 election

  • In 26 cases President Trump was the plaintiff

  • In 56 cases President Trump was not the plaintiff

  • In 5 cases President Trump is the defendant

  • In 24 cases the case was decided on the merits

  • In 17 of the 24 cases (71%) decided on the merits President Trump and/or the GOP prevailed

  • 12 cases remain active

Trump Releases Video:

We're going to take back the Senate, take back the House, take back the White House, and sooner than you think," said President Trump.

Last week a group of representatives from Pennsylvania toured the Arizona facility conducting the Maricopa County audit. According to Griselda Zetino from KTAR, today a contingent from Alaska (including David Eastman), and one from Georgia (Burt Jones and Brandon Beach) are doing the same.

Additionally, Zetino is reporting that state reps from Wisconsin and Virginia are also expected to travel to Arizona and tour the process for conducting a forensic ballot audit of the 2020 election.


According to court documents, Paul Hodgkins, 38, of Tampa, Florida, entered the U.S. Capitol building at approximately 2:50 p.m. on Jan. 6. Around 3 p.m., Hodgkins entered the Senate chamber, walked among the desks, and then removed eye goggles. He took a “selfie-style” photograph with his cell phone and walked down the Senate well where, a few feet away, several individuals were shouting, praying and cheering using a bullhorn. Hodgkins walked toward the individuals and remained standing with them while they continued commanding the attention of others. At approximately 3:15 p.m., Hodgkins exited the Senate chamber and the U.S. Capitol Building.

Hodgkins pleaded guilty to one count of obstructing an official proceeding, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, fine of $250,000 or twice the monetary gain or loss of the offense. He is scheduled to be sentenced on July 19 at 10 a.m.

Interesting thought from JHTH on Bitcoin:

Bitcoins could be tied to a social credit score for absolute control of you through your money.

"Do you know why the government is so interested all of a sudden in e-currency? It's been around for years, why all of a sudden? I'll tell you. A dollar is a dollar is a dollar, no matter who's holding it. Rich person, poor person, everyone's dollar is equal. And they hate that.

If everything was E currency they would ultimately control it. But it's more than that. It's also a form of "social score". Your Bitcoin is rated differently and your neighbors because they are follow the DS.

Everyone can have 100 bitcoins but how much you can purchase with it depends on your rating. Credit rating/economic rating, E rate, social score. This way they can control you, while promoting their people. Control what and how much you can purchase, no matter how hard you were if they control your buying power with your "E-rate"🙏🙏🙏

"There is no question that large corporations absolutely dominate our society today. They control what we eat, they control what we watch on television, they own most of the stores that we shop at, they provide the energy that our nation depends upon, and they make almost all of the products that we use. Tens of millions of Americans make a living by serving these colossal firms, and at this point some of the biggest corporations are larger than many small countries. But of course the corporations aren’t the top of the food chain. They have owners, and there are 3 giant financial companies that the global elite use to control 88 percent of the corporations that are currently listed on the S&P 500. The three financial companies that I am talking about are BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street. Those “big three” had almost 18 trillion dollars in assets under management in January 2021, and that number is almost certainly quite a bit higher by now."

Thanks Facebook! Ha!

FB is banning Trump for 2 years. Well, since he lives in Florida, and there’s a new a law, he can sue the heck out of them!

DeSantis said the bill, signed at Florida International University in Miami by the Republican governor, cracks down on what he called social media “censorship” while safeguarding Floridians’ ability to access social media platforms.

“One of their major missions seems to be suppressing ideas that are either inconvenient to the narrative or which they personally disagree with,” DeSantis said.

The bill also imposes hefty financial penalties against social media platforms that suspend the accounts of political candidates. The bill would fine companies $250,000 a day for doing so. DeSantis launched his offensive against social media companies in February when he accused platforms like Facebook and Twitter of censoring conservative ideology.

Nice short video here of DeSantis: :)

Lin Wood on DeSantis:

Forwarded from Sargie Poo: "With all due respect, there is no need to call out DeSantis like this. He is the #1 governor in our nation outperforming all other governors combined. I’m sure he has a handle on what is necessary for his state. He is far from being on the side of the enemy."

Lin Wood: The integrity of the November 2020 election is the defining issue facing our country. Our freedom depends on honest elections. We cannot move forward with elections in 2022, much less 2024, until we fully audit and fix as necessary the November 2020 election. Personally, I believe the use of computer voting systems should be banned. NO state official or governor should get a pass based on good conduct on other issues. Demanding a forensic audit of the 2020 election is the litmus test."

"I believe the SHTF in July and August.

Why? They want to do it when schools are out. They don't need schools full of kids, parents bringing kids to school, buses transporting kids... when it's all going down. Also, emergency lockdowns, roadblocks and traffic monitoring for some cities or counties are easier to control if kids aren't in school."

Creepy! Kamala passes out faceless "eat me" cookies to the press on her plane. Sick enough?

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