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Attacks and Physical Threats on Decision Makers

Threatening the children of a certifier:

Abraham Aiyash

Monica Palmer

Election certifiers have their children doxxed and threatened if they don't certify:

Michigan Democrat state Representative-Elect Abraham Aiyash, 26, telegraphed a threat to the children of Republican Wayne County Board of Canvasser’s member Monica Palmer in a racist rant over Palmer’s initial vote to not certify the corrupt election results in the county which includes the city of Detroit. Aiyash warned Palmer her children could face retribution from Black classmates in school as he named the school they likely attend. Aiyash wagged his finger at the camera as he intimated the threat.

The two Republicans initially voted against certification, however after threats were made online and during the meeting, a second vote was held off camera in which the two Republicans changed their vote and certified the election with a request that the Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson audit the county’s election.

Update from President Trump:

"Wrong! At first they voted against because there were far more VOTES than PEOPLE (Sad!). Then they were threatened, screamed at and viciously harassed, and were FORCED to change their vote, but then REFUSED, as American patriots, to sign the documents. 71% MESS. Don’t Harass!"

Sidney Powell threatens to sue the SOSs personally that certify the fraud:

Powell: I am livid about all of it. I am livid about the level of corruption. I am livid that the FBI and CIA haven’t done anything about the complaints they received which just makes me want to know even more who’s been paid what, and, [and,] who is responsible for all of this and who’s paid whom to get their Biden election.

Steyn: And as you say to those who say ah, give it up, there’s nothing to see here? What do you think – I take it you agree this case ultimately is going to wind up in front of those nine guys on the Supreme Court. Do you think they’re going to be as eager to sweep it under the rug?

Powell: I don’t think so Mark. I think the evidence is gonna be so overwhelming and I would warn any state right now that thinks they’re going to certify this election to rethink it very seriously because what they’re certifying is their own fraud and their own complicity in fraud. And I even might mount a class action suit to sue them themselves for their participation in it. It’s ridiculous.

Severe and alarming harassment of the GSA official that refused to sign the papers giving money to Biden for his transition:

On Monday, the anti-Trump PAC Meidas Touch released a horrifying ad slamming Emily Murphy, the administrator of the General Services Administration (GSA). The ad slams Murphy for refusing to sign transition paperwork for Joe Biden’s staff while President Donald Trump contests the results of the 2020 election. While it is fair to criticize Murphy for holding up a transition (which could be reversed should Trump turn out to have won the election), Meidas Touch engaged in horrifying hyperbole, accusing Murphy of treason, “sedition,” abetting “sex parties” at government expense, and putting American lives at risk.

When does such an ad cross the line into incitement to violence? You decide.

“Meet Emily Murphy, a political hack, a traitor, appointed by Donald Trump to lead the General Services Administration, the GSA,” the ad begins.“What has Emily done? Rooftop sex parties. Emily was A-OK with alcohol ragers and rooftop sex parties at taxpayer expense at her government office,” the ad alleges.The ad then attacks her as a “swamp monster,” claiming that Murphy “worked with Trump to prevent the FBI from moving its D.C. office space to help the Trump hotel across the street. She tried covering it up to Congress.” The ad suggests this constituted “sedition.”

Then the video finally addresses the issue at hand. “And now, Emily Murphy created chaos by unlawfully refusing to sign paperwork to permit a smooth transition to president-elect Biden, placing our lives at risk.”

“What do you see as the biggest threat to your transition right now, given Trump’s unprecedented attempt to obstruct and delay a smooth transfer of power?” a reporter asked Biden. “More people may die,” the Democrat responded.

The ad concludes, “Emily Murphy is a national disgrace. Tell Emily Murphy to sign the transition papers now.”

More blatant evidence of fraud:


From 1984 through 2016, spanning presidential elections, seventeen US counties in several states ad voted for the winning presidential candidate in an astounding 148 of 153 times including 100% five times for five different presidents:

1984 Reagan 1996 Clinton 2000 Bush 2012 Obama 2016 Trump

In 2020, amid widespread accusations of Democrat cheating, these bellwethers were not even close — checking in at a mind-blowing 6%!

Only 1 of 17 bellwether counties went for Biden this year!

Of the 17 bellwether counties — the margin of win by President Trump was 16 points on average!

The Biden vote spikes recorded are impossible with the equipment there.

Russ Ramsland: We have been out looking mostly at Michigan. We are beginning on turning our sights on Pennsylvania and Georgia. The things you find in Michigan are amazing. There are over 3,000 precincts where the presidential votes cast compared to the estimated voters from the SOS (Secretary of State) is 99% all the way up to 350%. Those kind of numbers don’t exist in the real world. So where did all those votes come from? And looking at that, we’ve gone back and looked at some of these huge vote dumps that were mostly Biden’s. We call them spikes. We’ve gone back and traced the spikes. We’ve seen where they were cast, primarily in four counties. We looked at how long it took to cast those votes. And we looked at the equipment that exists at all of those locations by serial number. And the fact of the matter is we can’t see any physical way possible for some of those votes to have been in those kind of numbers because they just don’t have the equipment that can produce it in that timing.

The weird pattern repeated in Michigan, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Georgia:

Trump was winning.

Large entries were made which provided a lead for Joe Biden late in the election process.

Nearly all subsequent entries after that period of time had the exact same unusual ratio in Trump to Biden votes.

It's obvious what they were doing...

In 27 races that were labeled "toss ups" by the experts, Republicans won all 27.

How does it make sense that then Trump lost? It doesn't.

When commie totalitarians cheat, they cheat big:

Even a phony recount with only 1 election observer at every 10 tables is exposing the Democrat fraud in Georgia. In Dekalb County election observers caught an impossible batch of votes for Biden.

Had this counting error not been discovered, Biden would have gained enough votes from this one batch alone to cancel out Trump’s gains from Fayette, Floyd and Walton. — David Shafer (@DavidShafer) November 18, 2020

Lin Wood Fights:

"Good morning. Last night, I filed an Emergency Motion for Injunctive Relief against GA Secretary of State. Relief sought includes an order prohibiting certification which includes defective absentee ballots & requiring that a hand recount be performed.'

'I have irrefutable evidence that GA local election officials were instructed by state to report original vote totals & NOT report recount totals which are different. These people are corrupt to point of criminality. They are intentionally engaged in fraud in a federal election."

In this interview Sydney Powell says that the corruption behind the Trump coup is worldwide, involves trillions of dollars and whistleblowers in Venezuela are afraid for their lives:

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