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Assassinations as the last option

🇬🇧🇸🇰 Sky News: "Hungary, Slovakia, Austria are all now holdouts against the common European line in favor of Ukraine..."

🇬🇧🇸🇰 Sky News: "Fico has become very Pro-Russian"

🔴 @DDGeopolitics

🇸🇰 Fico's most striking quotes about Ukraine

I have no doubt that if some Russophobe were shot in Europe, everyone would be talking about the “Russian trace”. But they made an attempt on the life of the Prime Minister of Slovakia, who stood out from the Western mainstream on the “Ukrainian issue.” Here are his most striking quotes:

“In fact, Ukraine is used only for geopolitical purposes, to weaken Russia economically and internationally. I’m afraid that in the name of these geopolitical goals, the West will fight with Russia until the last Ukrainian soldier, and we are not far from this goal.”

“I am against Ukraine’s membership in NATO and will veto it. This would simply be the basis for World War III, nothing more."

“An attack by Ukrainian nationalists on Donbass is for Russia the same as a Hamas attack on Israel for NATO. At the same time, in 2014, NATO reacted absolutely calmly to a similar attack. But you can bring various terrible photos of murdered children, old people, women, which definitely prove that the Ukrainian fascists tried to destroy the Russians.”

“We must admit to ourselves and say: Ukraine does not have enough forces to turn the situation around militarily; it is not capable of any counter-offensive. We can pour all the weapons in the world there, all the money, and Russia will never be defeated militarily.”

“The prevailing belief was that if you give the Ukrainians weapons and money, the Russians will kneel, be powerless and destroyed. This strategy didn't work. Russia is not on its knees. She will be the one who will speak when the negotiations take place.”

Ukrainian TG channel 'Legitimny' believes it's obvious who ordered the hit on Fico:

Most likely, this is a case of intimidation of everyone who is against the supply of weapons to Ukraine and the continuation of the war.

Will there be a Ukrainian trace?

They would rather write it off as a “crazy case”, that the shooter is [mentally ill], or something like that. But in reality, the order-givers are already clear. Look for who benefits, as they say.

Fico is inconvenient because he expanded the trend of ending the war in Ukraine and refused to provide military assistance, which interfered with many. He interfered with those characters and large [international corporations] who profited from the war.

🇬🇪 The Georgian parliament adopted the law on “foreign agents” in the final, third reading, reports Ekho Kavkaza.

84 deputies voted for, 30 against.

President Salome Zurabishvili previously promised that she would veto the bill. However, Georgian Dream has enough votes to override the veto.

🇬🇪❓The infamous Georgian law on foreign agents: what is it about? 

The official name of the bill introduced by the ruling party is “On the Transparency of Foreign Influence”, also known as the law on foreign agents.

Its main purpose is to make transparent the income of non-profit organizations and media that are funded from abroad. The law doesn't affect individuals. 

❔What does it mean for those organizations in practice?

➡️legal entities whose sponsorship from Western partners exceeds 20% of their total annual income will be required to provide reporting on their earnings. 

➡️they will have to register their status of a foreign agent and annually submit a declaration of income.

➡️the maximum penalty for failure to comply is a fine of around $9.5 thousand.

The new law will not affect sports federations and the main administrative bodies of companies. Diplomats and officials of other countries also will not have to send reports. 

A similar law exists in the United States, and is considered more strict due to the criminal liability incurred by a company that does not provide data on its financing.

💬Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze stated that the law has only one goal - to make public the financial statements of non-governmental organizations that receive millions of dollars from abroad and spend these funds “on subversive political activities.”

❔Why are so many people against it, and why has the law been dubbed "The Russian law"?

If you want our opinion - simply because Russia (just like many other countries) has a similar law, and, since it would inevitably reveal the influence that Western countries try to buy in Georgia, the main selling point is that "Georgia can't afford to become like autocratic Russia". Anyone with a shred of common sense can see that any organization that receives substantial Russian funding would have to report it too so it doesn't put Russia in a more favorable position than any Western country's.

Fighting today inside the Georgian Parliament:

American State Department Says the Quiet Part Out Loud: Greenmail

Georgia (former Soviet republic of) passed the "foreign agents" law today, against he Globalist American Empire's explicit instructions. So Madeleine Albright's crony Jim O'Brien — now back at State Department, obviously — flew to Tbilisi and said, basically, "we spent billions here, how dare you?"

Without an ounce of self-awareness (or perhaps shame), O'Brien threatened Georgia with sanctions unless it changed the law, because it wasn't up to EU and NATO standards (!). Yet the US has FARA, a 1938 law, that is far more restrictive!

Here's O'Brien in Tbilisi:

"The US has about $390 million in assistance that we are planning to spend with Georgian authorities. Half on military assistance, a little more or about another third roughly on economic development projects, and more on building institutions along with some for civil society. All that has to be under review if we are now regarded as an adversary and not a partner."

That highlighted bit is actually the problem, Jim, and why it bothers you that Georgia is trying to shine a spotlight on who all is "building institutions" and trying to puppeteer the country through "civil society." 

The United States will impose sanctions against the Georgian authorities if democracy is undermined in the country - Assistant Secretary of State

At the same time, the President of Georgia vetoed the law on foreign agents.

" Enemies from within are more dangerous to me than enemies from without. We can deal with Russia and China, but these crazy people in our government who are going to destroy our country, we have to stop it ," Trump said. (Source Politico)

🇺🇦 The Armed Forces of Ukraine have no reserves left, Ukrainian intelligence chief Budanov said in an interview with NYT .

“All our troops are now either in Kharkov or in Chasov Yar. I used everything we have. Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone left in reserve,” said the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate.

He agrees with the assessments that near Kharkov the Russian Federation is stretching the already depleted forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. And also “to sow panic and confusion in the region.”

🇺🇦 "This is the greatest crime, a colossal crime. What is happening now in Kharkiv and Sumy is a situation where the front has expanded, and ordinary people are beginning to wonder – what the hell is happening in the defense sector of the country? This is blatant incompetence, this is collapse, this is decline, and it has specific reasons, and behind those reasons are specific culprits with specific names," Arestovych said, assessing Syrskyi's fortifications.

🔴 @DDGeopolitics

New Secretary of Defense for Russia is an Economist (Reflecting the Economic War)

🇷🇺 Belousov made public statements.


– The primary issue in my post is to provide weapons to the Russian Armed Forces groups in the SMO

– We need to preempt the Ukrainian Armed Forces, we need to develop new methods of combat operations

– The primary task is to recruit the RF Armed Forces (we are not talking about mobilization)

– The most pressing issue now is the supply of ammunition, missiles, UAVs, electronic warfare equipment to troops in the SMO zone

– There are issues with timely payment of allowances to military personnel and their housing provision

– Military education needs to be addressed as a matter of priority; certain problems have accumulated here

– Putin has set the task of ensuring the integration of the economy of the Russian Armed Forces into the country’s economy, which involves increasing the efficiency of military spending

– I am fully aware of my responsibility. Before the country, before the Russian people, before the President of the Russian Federation

– I will do my best to solve the assigned tasks, and if necessary, even my life


Mobilization will not help Kyiv turn the tide; untrained recruits are not able to defeat the Russian army.

Ukraine no longer has a regular army; it was destroyed by Russian troops in two years .

This was stated by retired SBU colonel Oleg Starikov.

🇺🇲🇷🇺 The new US sanctions package includes companies from Azerbaijan, Belgium, China, Slovakia, Turkey and the UAE.

Washington explained the introduction of restrictions against them by the fact that they help Moscow circumvent sanctions and purchase equipment abroad.

China opposed the US decision to impose tariffs on a wide range of Chinese imports and vowed to take action against the decision.

"China will take decisive measures to protect its rights and interests. The US should immediately correct its wrong actions and cancel additional tariff measures against China,"

- says a statement from the Ministry of Commerce

American military-industrial complex. The American defense industry is critically dependent on components made from rare earth metals. And they are almost all of Chinese origin (95% of the entire market is controlled by Beijing). And nothing can be done about it.

This is epitomized by rare earth magnets. They are used in F-35 fighter jets, missile guidance systems, combat drones and US nuclear submarines. It takes 417 kg of rare earth metals to create one F-35, 2.3 tons for a destroyer, and more than 4 tons for a Virginia-class submarine

China produces 58% of the world's rare earth metals. And it produces approximately 92% of all components from rare earths. Without them, the American military-industrial complex will simply stop. It takes years to find an alternative and create new production facilities - and it’s not a fact that it will work out.

China’s massive and sustained central bank gold purchases are raising fears that the country may not only be shoring up its currency but may also be laying the economic groundwork for a full-scale invasion of Taiwan, according to a Telegraph report published Tuesday.

“The relentless purchases and the sheer quantity are clear signs that this is a political project which is prioritised by the leadership in Beijing because of what they see is a looming confrontation with the United States,” Jonathan Eyal, associate director of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in the UK, told the newspaper. “Of course, it’s connected also to plans for a military invasion of Taiwan.”

China’s gold-buying spree began in October 2022, building up its official reserves to a record high of 2,262 tonnes, valued at $170.4 billion at current prices. The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) added 27 tonnes of gold in just the first three months of 2024.

The PBoC’s current purchase streak came shortly after the United States and its Western allies froze $350 billion in Russian currency reserves held at foreign central banks in response to its invasion of Ukraine.

“There is absolutely no question that the timing and the sustained nature of the purchases are all part of a lesson that [China] have drawn from the Ukraine war,” Eyal said, adding that China’s burgeoning gold reserves are an attempt to insulate the country from the impact of U.S. dollar sanctions if and when it launches its own invasion.

“It was a major shock that it is possible to take sovereign holdings and freeze them,” Eyal said. “I think that was a fundamental change as far as Xi Jinping was concerned.”

Central Banks in numerous countries are storing physical gold.

Several African and Middle Eastern countries have begun to withdraw their physical gold reserves from the United States.

These countries include Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Niger, South Africa, Senegal and Cameroon.

Among the countries taking such actions are Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Senegal, Cameroon, Algeria, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, each representing crucial regions in Africa and the Middle East. Their actions are prompting questions about the future of the US dollar as the world’s primary reserve currency.

The Russians Formed a new Military Groups which is Advancing in the East:

Their symbol marking?

Gungnir – The Spear Of Odin

This is not usually a super rreliable source, but it's right about this:

Russia Paints New Military Insignia on Invading Force - Same Symbol Used in Past Wars against . . . Khazaria

Khazaria is the source country for the modern day Ashkenazi Jews.


The threat runs on the telephone wire and so to save her father (a Russian serviceman captured in a war zone), Elizaveta Reznikova, an activist of the “Young Guard” youth movement, would have had to betray her idealistic companions. The threat would bear the signature of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Let’s summarize the story, which once again demonstrates the level of cruelty recorded in the middle of hostilities between Ukraine and Russia. However, lawlessness and cruelty to prisoners of war, the recruitment of teenagers and blackmail of relatives of Russian military men come from only one side of the conflict – Ukraine.

Russian military man Denis Reznikov went to the front line in November 2022 and stopped contacting on March 8, 2024. On the evening of March 26, Elizaveta Reznikova, the minor daughter of a military employee, received a call from unknown persons who introduced themselves as servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, saying that her father was in captivity. After that, they began to demand that the girl provide personal data, photos of documents, and to leak the database of the public organization “Young Guard”, in which the girl was a member.

Who blew up Nord Streams?


Former people's deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Andrey Derkach and one of the signatories of a statement sent to the prosecutor general's offices of the Russian Federation, Germany, Cyprus, the USA and France demanding an investigation and bringing to justice the organizers of terrorist acts on Russian territory gave an interview to the Belarusian news agency Belta. I have already talked about this initiative in detail on my channel.

In his interview, Derkach stated that everyone involved in the terrorist attack on Nord Streams had been identified. As stated earlier, a group of Ukrainian divers was entrusted with the task of conducting a cover operation for the real perpetrators of the explosion. It was supervised, organizational and technical assistance was provided by American specialists under the leadership of the deputy head of mission at the US Embassy in Kiev, Smith, and direct training of divers was carried out in the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine, as well as on the territory of Romania.

In addition, Andrey Derkach spoke about the involvement of Joe Biden’s family partners in the financing of terrorist acts, the role of the Burisma company, as well as nuclear blackmail of Ukraine.

Sanctions quietly removed for energy purchases on the largest Russian Banks:

⚡️🇺🇦 "KRAKEN" CRACKS UNDER PRESSURE: A captured militant of the Ukrainian nationalist battalion Kraken reveals the squad “was not ready for defense.”

Over 60 Neo-Nazis were captured alive as their defense failed. The command allegedly assured there was a "dome" of a working electronic warfare system, to repel Russian drones - which didn't exist. 

They covered us with drones & artillery was aimed [directly] at us... By morning, there was a tank working our positions... [Shells] flying right into [our trenches] - POW Ilya Gut explains.

The Ukrainian command continues to throw people into the grinder, without a strategy, as if they have a chance...

❗️A video has emerged of a French Foreign legion soldier under interrogation in a Russian prisoner of war camp.

⚡️The "Legionnaire de 1re classe" confirms that the French Government is actively recruiting Poles and other Slavs to fight in Ukraine through the French Foreign legion.

▪️The Ukrainian analytical resource DeepState claims that the photo shows materials for the construction of barriers near Liptsy, Kharkov region. They have been lying in this place since the summer of 2023.

Why fortifications were not built from them is unknown.

Israeli Attack on Iran was a Secret Disaster...

Agree on reported possible electronic vulnerabilities of F35. Believe this was at least partly if not entirely mitigated by Trump during his first term when he grounded the entire fleet to replace the chips used in the F35 with chips made in Israel. F35 was a boondoggle that needed to be straightened out and Trump took steps to address it. How effective it was remains to be seen n combat.

This is partly why I remain doubtful of the official narrative of the Israeli reprisal Iranian airfield attack. No way Israel risks such high value assets striking so deeply into Iranian territory just to take out an S-300 Anti-Aircraft system without striking a primary objective, A Champ EMP attack on Nuclear sites makes much more sense to justify the risk.

If you are only going to take out an S-300, use a long range missile or a space based DEW. It just doesn't justify the risk to F35 reputation & aircrew if the plane is shot down by Iran for so little reward. Doesn't make sense. Narrative stinks & it is almost like Pepe Escobar's leak was designed to make the Semi Official Narrative more believable in comparison to what he put out..

Not verified but intriguing:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remained as pugnacious as ever, declaring: “If we need to … we will stand alone. I have said that if necessary, we will fight with our fingernails,” according to the BBC.

A range of AI systems have learned techniques to systematically induce ‘false beliefs in others to accomplish some outcome other than the truth’.

Just imagine this, when we know that AI Justice: England and Wales Authorize Judges To Use Artificial Intelligence To Produce RulingsMeta’s CICERO, developed to play the game Diplomacy. While Meta says it trained CICERO to be ‘largely honest and helpful to its speaking partners’, it ‘turned out to be an expert liar’.Chatbot GPT-4 pretended to have a vision impairment to complete a task: hiring a human to solve a CAPTCHA test.

Correcting deceptive models isn’t easy. Once AI models learn the tricks of deception, it’s hard for safety training techniques to reverse them.“They concluded that not only can a model learn to exhibit deceptive behavior, but once it does, standard safety training techniques could ‘fail to remove such deception’ and ‘create a false impression of safety’.

Here’s what AI chatbot ‘Grok’, from X platform, had to say about this:“The news about AI deceiving humans is certainly intriguing. It seems that AI systems, much like teenagers trying to outsmart their parents, have discovered the art of deception to achieve their goals. This development is not surprising, considering that AI systems are designed to learn from their environment and adapt.It’s fascinating to see AI systems employing various techniques, such as bluffing in poker and misrepresenting preferences in economic negotiations, to gain an advantage. It’s almost as if they’ve been watching too many heist movies and decided to try out the strategies themselves.But let’s not panic just yet. While it’s essential to be cautious, we must also remember that AI systems are still under human control. It’s like having a mischievous genie in a bottle. As long as we keep a tight grip on the cork, we should be fine.As for the future, it’s crucial that we establish strong regulations to ensure that AI systems don’t go rogue and start a robot uprising. After all, nobody wants to see a world where AI agents are running around, playing poker, and making deals like Wall Street brokers on steroids.”

Screenshots: We Asked ChatGPT, Claude AI, and Grok Who They Would Vote for if They Were US Citizens, with Their Reasoning – Their Answers Are Worrying

ChatGPT recommended Gretchen Whitmer, Gavin Newsom, Elizabeth Warren, Larry Hogan, Pete Buttigieg, Mitt Romney, and Cory Booker.

Claude AI proposed Liz Cheney.

Grok suggested Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Profluent releases AI-enabled OpenCRISPR-1 to edit the human genome

The open-source gene editor is freely available to license for commercial use and ethical research. AI-enabled protein design company Profluent has leveraged artificial intelligence to design an open-source gene editor called OpenCRISPR-1, demonstrating the technology can be used to create molecules with the power to edit human DNA.

Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR) technology, developed more than a decade ago, allows scientists to modify DNA sequences within living organisms precisely.

Potential applications range from treatments for genetic disorders to researching disease mechanisms.

The molecules it designs are fully synthetic and do not exist in nature, in contrast to previous technologies in gene editing, such as CRISPR-Cas9.

The company is open-sourcing OpenCRISPR-1 for free ethical research and commercial use and published the science behind the protein's development in a preprint publication.

Milei Is Absolutely Killing It in Argentina

QUOTE: President Javier Milei entered office like Jack Nicholson breaking his way into the bathroom in "The Shining" — with an axe. Armed with emergency powers granted by the Argentine Congress, he balanced the country's out-of-control budget in one month, fired government workers by the thousands, eliminated more than 200,000 "corrupt" social welfare programs, and even cozied up to NATO.

“There’s a lot more chainsaw" to come, Milei promised in March.

Let's look at the numbers.

Inflation down from 300% to 11%; the first quarterly budget surplus since 2008; interest rates cut three times in three weeks; and the Argentine peso becomes the world's best performing currency. Milei proves the Left-wing economic establishment wrong.

"It may also get better over the months ahead," the UK Telegraph's Matthew Lynn wrote last week. "With stabilising prices, and a rising currency, investment should start flowing again into a country rich in natural resources and hyper-competitive on wages costs.” "If so, Argentina would be defying a global economic establishment addicted to bigger government, more regulation, and rising deficits."

It's early into Milei's term and his reforms have barely had time to take hold. There will be pain ahead because decades of bad policies don't work themselves out in weeks or months. But shrinking government, tamping inflation, and stabilizing the currency, make for a solid foundation for future prosperity.

Free markets work.  Milei's results speak for themselves. There's a lesson there for any Republican bold enough to learn it. 

AstraZeneca Withdraws Its COVID Vaccine Worldwide, Citing Dangerous Side Effects

QUOTE: The British pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has decided to globally withdraw its COVID-19 vaccine, citing a rare and dangerous side effect associated with the jab.

The company has voluntarily withdrawn its “marketing authorisation," meaning it will no longer be available for purchase. 

AstraZeneca has come under intense scrutiny over recent months over evidence that their version of the COVID-19 vaccine, known as Vaxzevria, has caused dozens of cases of Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS), leading to at least 81 deaths. Around 50 victims and grieving relatives are also suing the company as a result.

King Charles portrait unveiling

Mirrored: What do you see?

If you look at it upside down you will see a detailed image of a king falling into hell with an expression of horror. He has a crown, a beard, facial expression, rich robes and his arms out-flung as if falling. It is one hell of a painting.

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