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American War

 NEW: Justin Trudeau's use of the Emergencies Act to quell trucker ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests has been ruled unconstitutional by federal court in Canada 

A coalition of Americans from across the nation announced the formation of a massive Southern Border Convoy and multi-city rally next month to defy the Biden regime’s open border catastrophe.

The Take Back Our Border Convoy invites “active and retired law enforcement and military, veterans, elected officials, business owners, ranchers, truckers, bikers, media, and law-abiding, freedom-loving Americans” to gather for three rallies in three states.

The rallies will be held in Eagle Pass, Texas, Yuma, Arizona, and San Ysidro, California, on Feb. 3.


💥💥💥Just in case you're curious what's wrong with the Supreme Court, this was discussed early on when Q was actively dropping. 💥 John Roberts adopted 2 children of Irish descent in Central America 🤡🤡 and speculation is that Epstein arranged the adoptions. 💥Amy Coney Barrett has 2 black children adopted from Haiti and I would imagine and there was speculation the Clinton's arranged that one (probably with Epsteins help). 💥💥💥This should clear things up. What won't these people do for their kids? And their heads. Sooz, there's speculation both would be nabbed as child traffickers for illegal international adoptions. Just thought this should be brought up again.

Texas Atty General Replies:

AG Paxton published a response letter today debunking several claims made by DHS in their original letter, stating, “Because the facts and law side with Texas, the State will continue utilizing its constitutional authority to defend her territory, and I will continue defending those lawful efforts in court.”

“Your demand letter rests on a more fundamental misunderstanding of federal law and the role of sovereign States within our constitutional order,” writes AG Paxton.  He then cites the federal statute DHS invoked in their letter that gives US Border Patrol “warrantless access to land within 25 miles of the border”.  But AG Paxton points out that it states “for the purpose of patrolling the border to prevent the illegal entry of aliens into the United States.”

AG Paxton argued that because a federal court found DHS as an “utter failure…to deter, prevent and halt unlawful entry into the United States”, DHS cannot “claim the statutory duties [it is] so obviously derelict in enforcing as excuses to puncture to puncture [Texas’s] attempts to shore up the [Biden Administration’s] failing system.” Texas v DHS, 2023 WL 8285223.

In return, AG Paxton wrote that the Biden Administration had failed to uphold their duties under Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution that states the federal government “shall protect each of [the States] against Invasion.”

The letter then lists several “false claims” that “must be debunked”

Texas: ‘Nothing has changed’ after Supreme Court ruling on border

Q: Can Texas National Guard still discourage or turn away the illegal immigrants (without razor wire) or do they have to cede the whole ground to federal officials to allow them to let in anybody they want?

A: Nothing has changed for Texas Department of Public Safety. The Texas National Guard is still putting up wire and barriers. The court ruling doesn’t keep us from placing barriers. There is still a pending case to be heard February 7th before the 5th Circuit Court on this same issue. Also, this decision doesn’t apply to barrier (such as fencing or wall), just the barbed wire.

Q: If there were an opening in the razor wire, akin to a gate in the wall, where federal Border agents could go thru and bring the illegal border crossers through, would the rest of the wire stay up?

A: Yes. And Texas Department of Public Safety would reinforce the barbed wire after the fact.


A good question for channel subscribers now: What comes next if Texas institutions (Legislative, Executive and Judicial) refuse to accept federal orders to allow thousands of illegal aliens onto Texas Soil? 🤔

Noteworthy: HB 3596, the TEXIT bill, which was introduced on March 6, 2023, the 187th anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo, last year (2023 AD), was referred to the Texas State Affairs Committee but was never given a hearing or voted on by the committee before the end of the session.

Not actually true as far as I know:

Additional Name(s): Movsum Mardan oglu Samadov

Gender: Male

Perpetrator: Azerbaijan

Religion or Belief: Muslim – Shi'a

Reports of Torture: No

Reports of Medical Neglect: No

Sentence: 12 Years' Imprisonment

Date of Detainment: January/7/2011

Date of Sentencing: October/7/2011

Date of Release: January/19/2023

Current Status: Released

Religious Leader: No

Most Recent Type of Abuse: Imprisonment

Reason for Persecution: Criticizing Religious Freedom Conditions

Nature of Charges: Arms Trafficking & Illicit Use of Weapons Criminal Premeditation & Conspiracy Terrorism Treason & Sedition Unlawful Disobedience

Extra Bio Info:

Movsum Samadov was imprisoned for criticizing religious freedom conditions and for his political activity.On January 7, 2011, authorities arrested Samadov, head of the Islamic Party of Azerbaijan, following a traffic stop. He was initially charged with failing to comply to a lawful order by a police officer (Art. 310.1 CAO); however, the arrest followed a high-profile speech Samadov made days before on January 2, 2011, in which he denounced President Ilham Aliyev over the ban on wearing religious headscarves in schools and other issues facing the country. The same day Samadov was arrested, the Narimanov District Court sentenced him to 13 days in administrative detention. During this process, Samadov was reportedly unable to hire a lawyer of his own choosing.On January 20, 2011, the final day of his administrative detention, Samadov was charged with "preparing a crime" (Art. 28 ACC), "preparing terrorism committed on preliminary arrangement by group of persons, by organized group or criminal community (criminal organization)" (Art. 214.2.1 ACC), "preparing terrorism committed with application of fire-arms or subjects used as a weapon" (Art. 214.2.3 ACC), "illegally purchasing, transferring, selling, storing, transporting, and carrying firearms, accessories, supplies, and explosives committed by organized group" (Art. 228.3 ACC), and "actions directed on violent capture power or violent deduction power" (Art. 278 ACC).On October 7, 2011, the Baku Grave Crimes Court sentenced Samadov to 12 years in prison.In March 2017, Samadov was reportedly placed in a punishment cell for five days for praying in prison.On January 19, 2023, Samadov was released after completing his sentence.

Trump and Digital Currency:

Last Chance to do the Right Thing:

Elite Bloodlines....

Yes, that is Trudeau's mother with Fidel Castro.

What the elites actually think:

A new survey Scott Rasmussen conducted on behalf of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, which divided respondents between elites (people with at least one postgraduate degree, earning more than $150,000, living in ZIP codes where the population density exceeds 10,000 per square mile) and the general public.Rasmussen also recorded the responses of a subset of elites — “super elites,“ if you will — who graduated from a few prestigious private universities, including members of the Ivy League, Duke, Stanford and Northwestern.

This truth was borne out by the three groups’ answers to other questions.

A stunning 77% of elites and 89% of super elites support the “strict rationing of meat, gas, and electricity.”

72% and 81% would ban the use of gas-powered cars.Fifty-five percent and 70% would prevent Americans from engaging in “non-essential” air travel.

47% and 55% believe the government affords Americans “too much freedom.”

Predictably, the rest of the country would be appalled to hear what this group would do with absolute power; the percentage that would agree to any of those measures lies between 16% and 25%.

70% of elites (double the number of average Americans) and 89% of super elites said they trust the government to do the right thing.

It should come as no surprise that between America and its upper crust, a much higher proportion of the latter (73%) consider themselves Democrats and approve of Joe Biden’s performance as president (84%).

Sources told Fox that Thompson said he would be turning over four terabytes of data, then turned over only about two. But Loudermilk's Committee hired a forensics team to scrape the hard drives and found out that 117 files were deleted and encrypted. They were deleted on Jan. 1, 2023 –  just days before the GOP was to take over and Thompson had to turn over the data. 

But even though they tried to delete the information, it looks like they weren't smart enough to do it right. According to the report, the forensics team recovered all 117 deleted and encrypted files, and now Loudermilk is demanding to know what was going on here and how to get into the files. 

Loudermilk sent a letter to Thompson that Fox obtained. 

In the letter, he says Thompson acknowledges that he didn't archive all the Committee records as he was "required by House rules" to do.

"You wrote that you sent specific transcribed interviews and depositions to the White House and Department of Homeland Security but did not archive them with the Clerk of the House," the letter says. Why are they sending the interviews/depositions to the White House but not recording them for the archives as they are supposed to? Sounds like they're trying to give the Biden White House a heads up, but not Congress and the American people. 

Loudermilk explained that after a forensic analysis of the data and archived hard drives, he was able to recover "numerous digital records from hard drives archived by the Select Committee.""One recovered file disclosed the identity of an individual whose testimony was not archived by the Select Committee," Loudermilk wrote. "Further, we found that most of the recovered files are password-protected, preventing us from determining what they contain."

Loudermilk asked that Thompson provide him "a list of passwords for all password-protected files created by the Select Committee" so that his committee can "access these files and ensure they are properly archived."

Loudermilk has also written to the White House and the DHS demanding they turn over the unreacted transcripts they had been provided by the Jan. 6 Committee. by Jan. 24. 

"It’s obvious that Pelosi’s Select Committee went to great lengths to prevent Americans from seeing certain documents produced in their investigation. It also appears that Bennie Thompson and Liz Cheney intended to obstruct our Subcommittee by failing to preserve critical information and videos as required by House rules," Loudermilk told Fox News Digital. 

"The American people deserve to know the full truth, and Speaker Johnson has empowered me to use all tools necessary to recover these documents to get the truth, and I will.”

(Forget about Michelle as a replacement for Biden. What if the Democrats decide to run Nikki?)

Worth a listen:

Just before Vivek dropped out of the race:

Trump Gag Order

The gag order prevented Trump from criticizing Jack Smith or any of his prosecutors or staffers, any of the Court’s staff or supporting personnel or any ‘witnesses.’In early December a federal appeals court upheld most of the gag order except for the part where Trump isn’t allowed to criticize Jack Smith. Trump is allowed to criticize the special counsel.The court said Trump “does not have an unlimited right to speak.”The Messenger reported:A federal appeals court on Tuesday denied Donald Trump’s request for it to reconsider its decision mostly upholding the partial gag order against the former president in the Washington, D.C. election subversion case.

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals denied the former president’s request in a one-page order issued Tuesday.

A three-judge panel of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the gag order in a 68-page opinion in December, making only slight modifications to its scope.

On Dec. 18, Trump’s legal team filed a petition for “en banc” consideration, seeking either a review by the full D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals or a rehearing before the three-judge panel that issued this month’s decision.

Petitions for en banc consideration are often a final step before federal appellants seek review by the U.S. Supreme Court. A Trump spokesman on Tuesday did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

President Trump will likely seek a review by the US Supreme Court.

1. Here is the LinkedIn profile of Karlin Younger, the person who found the pipe bomb behind the trash can near the RNC building on January 6, 2021. 

DarrenJBeattie mentioned in his interview with @TuckerCarlson that she currently works at a company called Pendulum. She is the Project Manager at Pendulum and her job is "Building out the Pendulum platform to empower narrative-based intelligence". She also previously worked for the Wisconsin Department of Justice where she worked as a program and policy analyst.

2. According to their website, Pendulum states that narratives contain threats and opportunities and works to control them. Pendulum says their solution is to collect, process, and store multi-medium content, even if it is deleted, then uses what they call their Narrative Engine to filter said content based on the narrative you want to amplify and track.

#karlinYounger AKA #J6 #pipebomb spotter:

1: Works in NSA community

2: Backgrounds in counter #terrorism 

3: Taught English in #China 

4: Studied political risk in #London 5:

Received 90 mil from the @fbi a month before “finding bomb” on #Jan6 ~ #jan6tapes #J6footage #j4j6

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