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American Circus

📢 🇺🇸 🇲🇽 Trump on May 1st: "We will impose a naval blockage on the cartels ... on day one we will begin the largest domestic deportation operation in American history." 

📎 Aaron Rupar

It’s time to address this commonly used anti-Trump talking point about his inability to drain the swamp in his first term.

Trump’s first term was completely hamstrung by the Mueller investigation and the MSM had the public convinced Trump was literally a Russian agent… Then as soon as he got past the Russia hoax, they released a biological weapon, shut the world down, and stole the election.

If Trump would have gone in day one, and started arresting people, he would have looked like a totalitarian dictator, and would have caused massive uprisings and legitimately a civil war. The public were not even awake yet at this point.

The same people criticizing Trump for not draining the swamp, didn’t even believe the swamp was real back in 2016. The MSM still had the overwhelming majority of Americans under their spell.

So while it’s real easy for RFK Jr. supporters to criticize Trump now, the majority of them didn’t even know this war with the Deep State was going on, and they would have criticized Trump for draining the swamp if he did it, and called him a dictator.

The world wasn’t awake then. Now they are. This is why Trump is going to finish the job this time. Because the public have been shown how deep the corruption goes.

They are ready.


Biden's daughter writes to the judge and says all the lurid stuff in her diary about Biden was TRUE.

Imagine if Ivanka said Donald Trump was sneaking into her showers and making her uncomfortable as a young girl…

The world would stop. The MSM would have wall-to-wall breaking news coverage. The streets would be in flames.

But since it’s Biden, nothing but crickets.


Look at what’s happened in the past few days:

-Ashley Biden confirming her diary, meaning Joe is a pedo

-Left-wing MSM admitting Trump is dominating Biden in the polls

-Trump having 100k+ person rally in blue New Jersey

The Dems might have to swap out Biden… but who? 🤔


BREAKING🧨 "Dominion CEO John Poulos directed staff to conceal that Dominion has Serbian and Chinese employees operating out of its Canadian office and that these employees are directly involved the US elections, not only with programming, but with real-time, administrative remote access. Not only was access granted to US election equipment in real-time during the election, but detected by [the] US government through Albert Sensors was subverted by use of "soft phones". "

~ Peter Bernegger

Actual quote from Dominion emails 🤡: “The issue is that some of the ICXs are giving a printing error message when printing from a Chinese activated voting session. The message on-screen says "There is a problem printing your ballot. Please see election worker for help". The system then seems to be frozen at this point. A reboot does not address the issue (the ballot never prints).”

CISA, FBI and other Democrat-controlled government agencies are resuming talks with Democrat Big Tech giants to remove information that harms Democrat political control, Democrat Senate Intel chair says

Key federal agencies have resumed discussions with social media companies over removing disinformation on their sites as the November presidential election nears, a stark reversal after the Biden administration for months froze communications with social platforms amid a pending First Amendment case in the Supreme Court, a top senator said Monday.


Democrats waking up:

64 Year Old Woman Helped Get Rep Jamaal Bowman Elected, His Office Called For Her To Help Again. Here’s Her Response “I'm done. I'm done with politics. It's a farce. My eyes are wide open. It's a scam. These people do not work for us. They work for the special interest groups. They work for the, they definitely don't work for us when my president, the man that I voted for, can't come out and just be against burying babies alive. It's a farce.

You say you want a revolution....

You wanna know what I just realized about all the legislation that's being passed. Literally, all of it is to stop a revolution” - “

We got the 702 bill, which allows them to go through our text messages and make sure we're not colluding with foreign adversaries, but they're also looking for words like revolution -

We have the Bill (S.3589 - Preventing Private Paramilitary Activity Act of 2024) that stops us if there's more than a million people talking about one topic or assembling. It's illegal, which isn't even the right term because they're passing statutes and regulations.

They're not passing laws. - Banning TikTok because TikTok is our only access to uncensored information. We get to see people on the f*cking ground where the shit is happening, telling us what's actually happening. So the story that they spinning doesn't work anymore.

Nobody's going to the news outlets. Nobody's looking at the newspaper because we all see that it's propaganda now. Do you know what that tells me? That either we're about to find out something that they have been doing that directly affects us, which is literally every f*cking thing that they've been doing. Or they're about to do something so drastic that it's gonna cause for us to uprise.

RepThomasMassie and the Power of the Purse

I once had breakfast with Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and about 18 other members of Congress in a private room at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington DC.

He was invited to speak on the topic of “restoring the constitutional balance of government.”

At the time of that breakfast with Scalia, John Boehner was Speaker of the House and Barack Obama was President.

There was concern that Obama was doing things we hadn’t authorized and Boehner had convinced most of my GOP colleagues there wasn’t anything we could do about it.

Scalia finished his breakfast and began to speak. He started by saying that being a referee between us and the executive branch was not his job.

He explained that his job as a jurist was to determine if there was harm and what the remedy might be.

Occasionally, constitutionality of a law was a question, but only as a side effect of Scalia’s job, which was to determine if someone had been harmed and what the remedy was.

He was adamant that his job was not to referee disagreements between the executive & the legislature.

Scalia then admonished us for asking him to fix any perceived imbalance, because after all he said, “Yours is the most powerful branch, and the tools you need are right there in the Constitution.”

/paraphrasing from memory/

One of my colleagues, a former representative from Arizona, complained to Scalia that impeachment was too unwieldy, impractical, and prone to political blowback.

Scalia said sternly, “I’m not talking about impeachment…”

Scalia continued, “You have the power of the purse. You fund everything you complain about. Quit funding it and the President won’t be able to do it.”

Most of my colleagues were dumbfounded. Boehner had convinced them the executive was too powerful for us.

I wanted to cheer.

I’m relating this story now because we find ourselves in the same situation today.

My colleagues, misled by our Speaker, tell you we are powerless against Biden.

They say we must win the White House or pray for the Supreme Court to save us. This is untrue.

What we need is a new Speaker willing to use our majority to wield the power of the purse for the benefit of America.

In just a few months, this Speaker has worked to give the Executive more authority and more money than even Pelosi granted.

Vacate this #uniparty Speaker.


"U.S. Representative Alex Mooney (R-WV) has re-introduced sound money legislation to remove all federal income taxation from gold and silver coins and bullion.

The Monetary Metals Tax Neutrality Act (H.R. 8279) backed by the Sound Money Defense League, Money Metals Exchange, and free-market activists – would clarify that the sale or exchange of precious metals bullion and coins are not to be included in capital gains, losses, or any other type of federal income calculation. Gold and silver would be treated as a non-entity for tax purposes, putting it on par with the U.S. dollar.

Reps. Scott Perry (R-PA) and Randy Weber (R-TX) joined as original cosponsors.

“My view, which is backed up by language in the U.S. Constitution, is that gold and silver coins are money and are legal tender,” Rep. Mooney said." 

This is INSANE. This is a blatantly obvious sign of the impending doom of the U.S. Dollar and all fiat currencies. This is as important as anything you will read this year The United States Treasury issues bonds and other investment securities.

They call these, “treasuries.” The U.S. Treasury issues treasuries when the U.S. Federal Government spends past their budget, resulting in a “budgetary deficit.” The sale of treasuries makes up for the loss. The treasuries are sold and tacked on as debt. This is the substance of the big $34 trillion debt number in the United States. Key point: The U.S. Federal Government has been in a budgetary deficit in 49 of the last 53 years, with the last surplus year being in 2001. But yet, even in that 2001 “budgetary surplus” year, the total debt amount increased. Why? Because a whole bunch of debt from years past came due.

The U.S. Treasury issues their treasuries with time periods of ownership ranging from 4 weeks to 30 years. So, in 2001, the government had debt coming due that was issued to investors in 1971, as well as 1981, 1991, 1994, 1996, 1998, 1999, and the previous year. The debt that was due in 2001 exceeded the budgetary surplus (debt issuance is not a part of the budget), thus, the government had to issue new debt to pay off the old debt, adding on further to the debt total. Key point: The U.S. Treasury, which is part of the U.S. Federal Government, has to sell new debt to new investors to pay off the old debt from old investors. This is because of 1) the constant budgetary deficits and 2) the debt from years past coming due. Key point: Being that the definition of a Ponzi scheme is, “An investment scheme where new investor money is used to pay off old investors.” …The U.S. Federal Government is running a Ponzi scheme. To the tune of $34.7 trillion, and counting. Trillion is just a word.

Let’s make sure we note the significance. A billion seconds ago was 1993 (31 years ago). A trillion seconds ago was 30,000 B.C. And then multiply that trillion by 34.7. That’s the scale of the United States debt bill. But WAIT. It gets worse. Key point: The U.S. Treasury always has to have buyers of its debt, because if they don’t, they won’t be able to pay off 1) their deficit spending and 2) the old debt coming due (and the interest on the debt). If they fail to pay those off, the Government would default and collapse. Well, then, who buys all the U.S. Government debt? Key point: The largest buyer and owner of the U.S. Federal Government debt is THE U.S. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT THEMSELVES.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Signs THREE Major Election Integrity Bills into Law Ahead of 2024 Presidential Election

QUOTE: Governor Brian Kemp made a significant move on Tuesday by signing three pivotal pieces of legislation that aim to reshape Georgia’s election procedures in preparation for the 2024 presidential elections.

The new legislation, House Bill 974, House Bill 1207, and Senate Bill 189, aims to enhance ballot security, voter eligibility verification, and auditing protocols in the battleground state.

Of course, the lawless Democrats are not happy with these three laws, which aim to bolster the security of our elections.

Far-Left Disney Lost $628 Million on Four Woke Flops

QUOTE: The Disney Grooming Syndicate released four of last year’s five biggest flops and lost $628 million. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of leches.

The Disney sycophants over at the far-left Deadline crunched the 2023 box office numbers and published the five most costly bombs from last year. Only The Flash, which came in second, wasn’t a Disney production.

Here are last year’s five biggest bombs with their net losses:

• The Marvels: -$237 million

• The Flash: -$155 million

• Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny: -$143 million

• Wish: -$131 million

• Haunted Mansion: -$117 million

All on its own, The Marvels lost nearly a quarter of a billion — with a “B” — dollars.

By the way, those numbers factor in theatrical grosses and revenue made from home video, along with licensing deals with TV and streaming. It’s all included.

People don’t want to watch propaganda, and no one wants to watch propaganda again, and blockbusters are created by repeat viewings in the theater and at home. And no decent parent leaves their children alone with Disney.

How Predator Criminals Pick Victims:

The study found that inmates with higher psychopathy scores could identify vulnerable individuals from non-vulnerable ones merely by observing their gait, thereby exploiting their weaknesses with chilling efficiency.

Additionally, these women appeared to be unaware of their surroundings, walked at a slower pace with smaller steps, and often had their heads down.

This research aligned with previous studies suggesting that nonverbal cues, particularly gait, are reliable indicators of vulnerability.

The study confirmed a common-sense maxim many of us have taught our children: Be confident and look confident.

Psychopaths tended to select “submissive” women as potential victims, focusing on specific walking patterns such as strides that were too long or too short, awkward weight shifts, disjointed movements and even the way they lifted their feet. Women judged as vulnerable to attacks such as muggings or sexual assaults walked with less-coordinated movements and appeared less confident.

Inmates overwhelmingly selected women who appeared scared or uncomfortable or who walked awkwardly, suggesting they wouldn’t put up a strong fight if attacked.

13 covid conspiracies that became fact!!!

#13 – Repeated COVID shots weaken the immune system

#12 – Ivermectin worked! #11 – The unvaccinated were scapegoated for failure of COVID vaccines #10 – Mask wearers paradoxically had an increased risk of contracting COVID.

#9 – Natural immunity proves to be seven times more protective

#8 – Ivermectin, is now showing 15 anti-cancer mechanisms of action .

#7 – Hospitals murdered COVID patients.

#6 – New-found emails prove Biden White House hid COVID-19 vaccine harms from the public.

#5 – The COVID shots were not the only toxic measure forced on humanity.

#4 – Nearly 1 in 3 COVID vaccine recipients suffered neurological side effects.

#3 – Research finds heart anomalies within 48 hours after the COVID-19 shot.

#2 – Pfizer hid nearly 80% of COVID-19 vaccine trial deaths from regulators in order to qualify for Emergency Use Authorization.

#1 – Perverse brainwashing techniques

Ryan Cole source:

Tucker devastating piece on Immigration: 5 min.

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