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A Lot is Happening!

From Clandestine:


NBC News just admitted the Deep State exists. 

A “network of public interest groups and lawmakers” are “quietly devising plans” to prevent Trump from using the military to carry out retribution.

They know Trump is going to win, and know what he’s about to do."


Taiwan actually holds a Real Election!

Taiwan is one the world’s most technologically advanced nations but to safeguard its elections it does not use Dominion Voting machines but instead relies on paper ballots.

The Chinese regime wasn’t able to infiltrate and manipulate the elections simply because Taiwan used the most secured old fashion way to count the votes!

Taiwan’s democracy at work. Every vote is held up so that it is visible to the public. The result is shouted out, repeated, then tallied on a visible sheet of paper.

Anyone can watch, take pictures, or film. When the ballot box is empty, staff show the public that it really is.

Maybe America can learn a thing or two! Taiwan managed to beat the most powerful communist regime and that’s a clear sign that paper voting can’t be manipulated easily!

This video will kinda blow your mind.

Video here:

Special counsel Jack Smith wasn’t lawfully appointed, can’t prosecute Trump, legal scholars say

President Reagan’s attorney general and two law professors who clerked for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia are challenging special counsel Jack Smith’s authority to prosecute former President Donald Trump, saying a private citizen can’t bring criminal charges.

Former Attorney General Edwin Meese and law professors Steven Calabresi and Gary Lawson said in a 25-page filing to the Supreme Court that Attorney General Merrick Garland had no constitutional or statuary authority to appoint Mr. Smith to conduct the high-level criminal investigation of Mr. Trump because he was a private citizen and not confirmed by the Senate.

Mr. Smith worked as a U.S. attorney but was living in the Netherlands at the time of his appointment in November 2022, according to reports.The filing says a lawfully appointed special counsel would have had to be selected by the president, confirmed by the Senate and serve in the Justice Department. Lawful special counsel appointments in the past included Patrick Fitzgerald, a U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, Rod Rosenstein, John Huber and John Durham.

“What federal statutes and the Constitution do not allow, however, is for the Attorney General to appoint a private citizen, who has never been confirmed by the Senate, as a substitute United States Attorney under the title ‘Special Counsel.’ That is what happened on November 18, 2022. That appointment was unlawful, as are all the legal actions that have flowed from it,” they wrote.

“My first question is who bribed Hunter Biden to be here today? That’s my first question. Second question, you are the epitome of white privilege. Coming into the Oversight Committee, spitting in our face, ignoring a Congressional subpoena to be deposed. What are you afraid of? You have no balls to come up here,” Mace said.

For people who were at the #HunterBiden hearing today, who was operating this DJI Ronin 4D? That is a Netflix spec camera and I have not seen one of those in that hearing room before. Is this for the Hunter Biden documentary? Did Hunter Biden disrupt an official proceeding of Congress to engage in a for-profit endeavor?  Hunter Biden and crew entering the #contempt hearing yesterday reveals the guy with the Netflix spec camera perfectly positioned for the “hero” shot of the smartest crackhead Joe Biden knows. At a certain point, the evidence becomes overwhelming.  He also had the director for his documentary with him:

Chris Christie was caught on a hot mic trashing Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis moments before he took the stage in New Hampshire to announce he is suspending his 2024 presidential campaign.

While waiting for Chris Christie to make his announcement, he was caught on a hot mic trashing Nikki Haley!

“She spent $68 million so far. She’s on tv… $59 million for DeSantis and 12 for us,” Christie said on a hot mic.

“She’s gonna get smoked,” Christie said of Haley. “You and I both know it, she’s not up to this.”

Chris Christie also said DeSantis is “petrified.”

The report references a survey among “invited respondents” from “1,490 experts” in academia, business, government, the international community, and civil society.

Only 16% of respondents ranked ‘Censorship and Erosion of Free Speech’ among their top five risks.

Fake News Danger Becomes Top Davos Worry in Year of Elections

False or wrong information poses the biggest danger to the world in the next two years amid a confluence of elections and economic drudgery, according to a survey by the World Economic Forum.

The annual poll conducted by the forum among more than 1,400 risk experts, policymakers and industry leaders put “misinformation and disinformation” at the top of threats facing the global economy in the short term. Concerns about the health of the planet dominate the outlook for the coming decade, a trend already seen in previous surveys.

More than 3 billion people will vote this year, with the US, India, Indonesia, Europe, and probably the UK too holding some of the biggest polls due. The report confronts how economies squeezed by high borrowing costs after a once-in-a generation inflation shock just as major elections take place could present a toxic backdrop for the world in coming months.

“When these two things come together — the economic hardship being faced by many people and the rise of synthetic content combined with going into an election year where people get to make decisions about who is going to be leading them — that together can be a very potent mix,” Saadia Zahidi, WEF managing director, told Bloomberg Television’s Francine Lacqua on Wednesday.

The elevation of fake news as a danger at the forefront of worries among the crowd heading to the Davos meetings kicking off on Monday underscores shows how politics risks dominating the gathering in the mountains. How to rebuild trust is the theme confronting leaders and executives set to attend there.

Widespread use of misinformation and disinformation may undermine the legitimacy of newly elected governments, fuel violent protests and potentially even terrorism, according to the WEF. links to this Twitter post:

The second-largest foreign landowner in the U.S. is a Chinese billionaire who it has been determined is a member of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), according to a Daily Caller News Foundation review of Chinese-language news reports.

Chen Tianqiao, the founder, chairman and CEO of global investment firm Shanda Group, owns approximately 200,000 acres of land in Oregon, according to Land Report. Chen also has extensive ties to the Chinese government, ranging from CCP membership to executive roles in CCP-affiliated organizations, according to a DCNF review of Chinese-language media reports.

In 2015, Chen acquired 198,000 acres in Oregon, according to Land Report. The $85 million purchase made the Chinese national the 82nd-largest property owner in the U.S. and the second-largest foreign U.S. land owner, Bloomberg reported, second only to a Canadian family who owns over 1 million acres of Maine.

Oregon’s Bull Springs Skyline Forest accounts for approximately 33,000 of Chen’s acreage, according to Land Report. The forest is located west of Bend, Oregon, and is home to springs, creeks, timberland and wildlife, according to the Bull Springs Skyline Forest website.

Chen also owns several urban properties in the U.S., including the Vanderbilt Mansion in Manhattan, the Seeley Mudd Estate near Los Angeles and a 150,000 square-foot research facility at Caltech called the Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Institute for Neuroscience — each worth tens of millions of dollars, according to Land Report.

President Trump: “I think it’s a shame. She should be criminally liable for this.  She did this Exxon and they drove Exxon out of New York. Exxon paid billions of dollars of taxes. They’re now living in Texas. Exxon is very happy in Texas. Other companies, because of what is happening here, are going to be moving out of New York. This is an out of control Attorney General. She’s totally out of control. Those loans were all good. The banks were extremely happy with me. They still are. We built a great company. A company that is very liquid, very strong, with great assets. And she sued me because she wanted the publicity to run for office. And they found nothing wrong. Anybody who is being fair about it, and I’m not sure you can even hear me because they don’t allow microphones over here which is ridiculous, but if anybody is fair about this, they see this case should have never been brought and I think we should be entitled to damages.”

She actually praised investing in reducing population.


"Recently while responding to criticism on X, formally known as Twitter, the Los Angeles branch of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives tweeted that the $200 tax stamp on firearms and accessories regulated by the National Firearms Act was "quite prohibitive at the time, which was the goal of the NFA."


the 1934 National Firearms Act is an unconstitutional law that is incompatible with the Second Amendment." 

Google gets ready for an excuse to censor

“In February 2024, Google will update the Inappropriate content policy to clarify the definition of Sensitive Events,” Google said.

In its existing rules for inappropriate content, Google states, “We value diversity and respect for others, and we strive to avoid offending users, so we don’t allow ads or destinations that display shocking content or promote hatred, intolerance, discrimination, or violence.”

In Tuesday’s announcement, Google stated it is preparing to limit content based on “Sensitive Events.”

In the “Update to Inappropriate content policy,” the company said:

“A ‘Sensitive Event’ is an unforeseen event or development that creates significant risk to Google’s ability to provide high quality, relevant information and ground truth, and reduce insensitive or exploitative content in prominent and monetized features. During a Sensitive Event, we may take a variety of actions to address these risks.

“Examples of Sensitive Events include events with significant social, cultural, or political impact, such as civil emergencies, natural disasters, public health emergencies, terrorism and related activities, conflict, or mass acts of violence.”

The social media giant noted that, in the occurrence of such an event, exploiting, dismissing or condoning it would not be permitted on its servers.

Google also said it will not permit advertisers to price gouge or to use such events to “drive traffic” while “victim blaming” is also banned.

Trump asked if he knew who Q is:

President Trump is actually on video saying this...

Cops SAVAGELY CLUB PROTESTER’S HEAD With Metal Batons At J6 Fedsurrection And It’s 100 Percent AGAINST THE LAW, Excessive Force Expert Exposes The ‘Disgusting’ Cover Up

Americans who protested in the nation’s Capitol on January 6 walked into a trap, explains the veteran SWAT team supervisor.“There appears to be a concerted effort from those above the standard rank police officers that were purposeful in what they allowed to happen and purposeful in what they allowed their officers to participate in,” he said. “Most of the police officers there were just doing their jobs — you don’t see head strikes, you won’t see them abusing the public.“But then there’s 5 percent that caused a lot of problems right there on the ground between protesters. Above that, you’ve got commanders who are making illegal and improper orders of officers to use “less lethal” munitions–  to shoot people — whether or not they were authorized targets. They started shooting people outside of the target area, with those less lethal products, like in the face, the neck the throat, and areas like that.”“Those supervisors failed to stop it from happening. They’re very complicit in the injuries that occurred and that goes all the way up the chain of command. Whether it’s the Capitol Police or the Metropolitan Police, it goes all the way up to where you’ve got a Deputy Chief sitting in command posts not doing or saying anything. They didn’t follow their standard operating procedures.Hill, a veteran SWAT team supervisor, started his career in the Air Force. He then went on to run undercover assignments for the Albuquerque Police Department for nearly a decade before he was promoted to sergeant for the duration of his 20-year career with the APD.“That’s where a lot of the training came through, learning things like crowd control, ride control, hostage rescue, things like that. Albuquerque is an extremely busy place. And by that, I mean it’s very violent,” he said.Hill then worked as a contractor with the Department of Defense training police officers around the world in “dealing with lethal and less than lethal weapons systems and how to use them.” Hill assists J6 defense attorneys, including those representing the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys, with gathering exculpatory evidence and has attended seven trials of J6 defendants and testified in three of the trials as an expert witness. He has volunteered to testify in fifteen trials, but judges routinely refuse to allow him to take the stand.

Was the Russian Revolution Jewish?

The roughly three million Jews of the Soviet Union at the time of the revolution constituted the largest Jewish community in the world, but they were only around 2% of the USSR’s population. They were concentrated in the Pale of Settlement (a western region of Imperial Russia) and in Ukraine and Belarussia, where they were 5% to 10% of the population, whereas in Russia itself the 1926 census found only 600,000 Jews.

Half of the top contenders in the Central Committee of the Communist Party to take power after Lenin’s health declined in 1922 – Lev Kamenev, Trotsky and Zinoviev – were Jewish. Yakov Sverdlov, the chairman of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee from November 1917 to his death in 1919, was Jewish. Born in 1885, he had joined the Russian Social Democratic Party in 1902 and became a member of the Bolshevik faction with Lenin early on. Like others of his generation he took part in the 1905 revolution. His father converted to Russian Orthodoxy.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn began work on a book called 200 Years Together, he was criticized for what touching this taboo issue. His own comments to the press didn’t help the matter, claiming two-thirds of the Cheka (secret police) in Ukraine were Jewish.

Dubnov, born in 1860 in what is now Belarus, was an enthusiastic Jewish activist. A professor of Jewish history in St. Petersburg (then called Petrograd), he supported Jewish self-defense units and literature and thought the revolution would bring equality. However, he left in dismay in 1922, eventually settling Riga, Latvia. He was murdered by the Nazis in 1941. Before his death he reflected on Jews like Trotsky who joined the Revolution.

“They appear under Russian pseudonyms because they are ashamed of their Jewish origins. It would be better to say that their Jewish names are pseudonyms; they are not rooted in our people.”

Winston Churchill agreed. In a piece in the Illustrated Sunday Herald in 1920, he broadly stereotyped Jews as either “international” communists, loyal nationalists or Zionists. He called it the “struggle for the soul of the Jewish people” and claimed the Jewish role in the Russian Revolution “probably outweighs [the role] of all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews.”

Churchill claimed that the driving power came from Jewish leaders, who eclipsed their counterparts. He named names: Maxim Litvinoff, Trotsky, Grigory Zinoviev, Radek, Leonid Krassin. He called this tendency “astonishing” and accused Jews of playing “the prominent, if not indeed the principal part in the system of terrorism” that had then become known as “red terror” or the suppression of those in the Soviet Union who deviated from the communist line.

V.M. Molotov, the powerful foreign minister of the Soviet Union under Stalin, made many remarks about Jews to Felix Chuev in a series of conversations between 1969 to 1986 that became the basis for the 1991 book Molotov Remembers. He recalled that as Lenin lay dying “at the time Jews occupied many leading positions, though they made up only a small percentage of the country’s population.” Of Zinoviev, he recalled, “He didn’t even look like a Jew.”

Molotov also claimed that many of the men around Stalin had Jewish wives.

“There is an explanation. Oppositionist and revolutionary elements formed a higher percentage among Jews than among Russians. Insulted, injured and oppressed, they were more versatile. They penetrated everywhere, so to speak.” He claimed that Jews were more “active” than average Russians.

“Biding their time, they sniff around, stir things up, but are always prepared.” Molotov also acknowledged Zionism’s pull on Jews. “The Jews had long struggled for their own state under a Zionist flag. We, of course, were against Zionism. But to refuse a people the right to statehood would mean oppressing them.”

During the 1936 Moscow Trials, numerous defendants were Jewish. Of one group of 16 high-profile communists at a show trial, besides Kamenev and Zinoviev, names like Yefim Dreitzer, Isak Reingold, Moissei and Nathan Lurye and Konon Berman-Yurin ring out as Jewish. In a twisted irony, some of these Bolsheviks who had played a prominent role executing others, such as NKVD Director Genrikh Yagoda, were themselves executed. Solzhenitsyn estimates that Jews in leading positions went from a high of 50% in some sectors to 6%. Many Jewish officers in the Red Army also suffered in the purges. Millions of Jews would remain in Soviet territories, but they would never again obtain such prominent positions in the USSR.

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