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9 September 2019 - Lunch News

Joe Biden's Bloody Eye on CNN Somehow SPIKED by Everyone But Fox

On Thursday, we noted CNN's New Day skipped over Joe Biden's bloody eyeball during the seven-hour CNN Town Hall on climate change, despite it being an all-day Drudge Report item. But then something happened that we didn't expect: CNN never reported it. Neither did MSNBC. Neither did ABC, CBS, NBC, or PBS. Even The New York Times and The Washington Post skipped it. Fox News covered it, but not obsessively.

Former Vice President Joe Biden appeared to have a blood vessel burst in his left eye while participating in CNN's town hall on climate change.

A broken blood vessel in the eye, also known as a subconjuctival hemorrhage, can be caused by several things, including high blood pressure, bleeding disorders, blood thinners, or even excessive straining.

Biden, 76, has long been plagued by health issues. In 1988, he suffered an aneurysm that burst and required him to undergo emergency surgery. The then-senator was so close to death that a Catholic priest began preparing to administer the sacrament of last rites.

Months later, surgeons clipped a second aneurysm before it burst. Biden then took a seven-month leave from the Senate following the surgery. Describing the operation, he once said, “They literally had to take the top of my head off.”

Jill Biden said in her recently released autobiography Where the Light Enters that, at the time, she feared her husband would never be the same. "Our doctor told us there was a 50-50 chance Joe wouldn't survive surgery," she wrote. "He also said that it was even more likely that Joe would have permanent brain damage if he survived. And if any part of his brain would be adversely affected, it would be the area that governed speech."

Biden hasn’t disclosed his medical history since 2008, when doctors found he had an irregular heartbeat.

2020 Democrat hopeful Joe Biden lashed out at President Trump on Monday and compared him to the Ku Klux Klan.

Biden spoke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday evening about the back-to-back mass shootings that took place over the weekend and compared Trump to the KKK.

The Democrat-media complex has pivoted from the Russia hoax to ‘Trump is a racist.’ “This is a president who has said things no other president has said since Andrew Jackson,’ Biden said, referring to one of the Democrat Party’s founders who owned slaves. “We went through this before in the ’20s with the Ku Klux Klan,’ he said, ‘50,000 people walking down Pennsylvania Avenue in pointed hats and robes because they in fact decided they didn’t want any Catholics coming into the country.'”

‘We went through it after the Civil War in terms of the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacy.”

So Biden compared Republican Donald Trump to the KKK… But just 9 years ago Joe Biden eulogized the KKK Kleagle at his funeral. Biden eulogized Robert Byrd, the KKK recruiter and Kleagle, at his funeral in 2010. Biden said, “Robert C. Byrd elevated the Senate.”

How does a company provide people’s private information without being accused of it? By having a leak and then having another deal on the side. This is the same thing Hillary may have done with her insecure email which provided vast classified intel to China.

"Hundreds of millions of phone numbers linked to Facebook accounts have been found online.

The exposed server contained more than 419 million records over several databases on users across geographies, including 133 million records on U.S.-based Facebook users, 18 million records of users in the U.K., and another with more than 50 million records on users in Vietnam.

But because the server wasn’t protected with a password, anyone could find and access the database.

This latest data exposure is the most recent example of data stored online and publicly without a password.

In recent months, financial giant First American left data exposed, as did MoviePass and the Senate Democrats."

Isn’t there some law about campaign contribution limits? Doesn’t this count?

In a previous appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight Dr. Epstein revealed that Google can take a 50-50 split among undecided voters and change it into a 90-10 split with no one knowing they had been manipulated and without leaving a paper trail… It has to do with their search suggestions.

In June James O’Keefe and Project Veritas released alarming new undercover video, leaked documents, and testimony from a Google insider revealing the tech giant’s plans to meddle in US politics and “prevent a Trump situation in 2020.”

In January Dr. Epstein revealed that just one Google shift in search results on Election Day in 2018 shifted from 800,000 to 4.6 million votes to Democratic candidates.

Of course the Big Tech companies have been targeting only conservative websites and publications since the 2016 election.

On Sunday Dr. Epstein revealed that his group did some monitoring in 2018. And what they found was that Google influenced the election in Orange County California. For the first time in decades Orange County California Republicans lost all their seats in Orange County.

On Sunday Dr. Epstein revealed that on election day Google’s graphic “Go Vote” gave Democrats 800,000 more votes in the 2018 midterm elections.

The Pentagon has declared war on memes as DARPA launches a new program to fight “polarizing viral content” before it spreads.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is seeking to create software with the capability to “automatically detect, attribute, and characterize falsified multi-modal media to defend against large-scale, automated disinformation attacks.”

The software will scan news stories, photos and videos to identify “polarizing viral content” and stop its spread to eliminate “malicious intent” entirely.

Titled Semantic Forensics, the program will run content through a myriad of algorithms to identify inconsistencies and identify a story or a meme as inauthentic or fake. The system will also pinpoint the origin of the meme, the intent behind it and predict the impact of its spread.

Given that the program doesn’t take into account the fact that so-called “trusted sources” in the mainstream media have been responsible for some of the biggest fake news stories in modern history, such as Trump-Russia election collusion, the software will only succeed in eliminating dissident narratives.

As Helen Buyniski warns, the true intent of the program “seems to be to stamp out dissent.”

“To hear them tell it, the Pentagon just wants to even the playing field between the ‘good guys’ – the fake-hunters pursuing the cause of truth in media – and the ‘bad guys’ sowing discord one slowed-down Nancy Pelosi speech at a time,” she writes. “But the Pentagon’s targets aren’t limited to deepfakes, the bogeyman-of-the-month being used to justify this unprecedented military intrusion into the social media and news realm, or fake news at all. If the program is successful after four years of trials, it will be expanded to target all “malicious intent” – a possibility that should send chills down the spine of any journalist who’s ever disagreed with the establishment narrative.

A study undertaken by researchers at University College London found that the most effective memes in the run up to the 2016 presidential election largely originated in two places – the subreddit r/the_donald – a forum devoted to boosting President Donald Trump, and 4chan’s politically incorrect /pol forum.

A VICE write-up of the study acknowledges that the most “effectively spread” memes originated on r/the_donald and /pol.

The Liberal Elite Sado-Pedo Industry is trying to normalize a lot of disgusting things before the damning news breaks into the public awareness...

At a summit for food of the future (the climate-ravaged future) called Gastro Summit, in Stockholm on Sept. 3 to 4, a professor held a PowerPoint presentation asserting that we must “awaken the idea” of eating human flesh in the future, as a way of combating the effects of climate change.

In a talk titled “Can You Imagine Eating Human Flesh?”, behavioral scientist and marketing strategist Magnus Soderlund from the Stockholm School of Economics argued for the breaking down of ancient taboos against desecrating the human corpse and eating human flesh.

He refers to the taboos against it as “conservative” and discusses people’s resistance to it as a problem that could be overcome, little by little, beginning with persuading people to just taste it. He can be seen in his video presentation and on Swedish channel TV4 saying that since food sources will be scarce in the future, people must be introduced to eating things they have thus far considered disgusting—among them, human flesh.

Easier sells he suggests include pets and insects, but human flesh was the central topic. In Swedish articles describing this new debate, the term “mannisko-kotts branschen” is introduced. This means “the human flesh industry.”

And then there's the Cannibal Club:

http ://

From the page:

Specializing in the preparation of human meat, Cannibal Club brings the cutting edge of experimental cuisine to the refined palates of L.A.’s cultural elite. Our master chefs hail from around the world for the opportunity to practice their craft free of compromise and unbounded by convention.

Our exclusive clientele includes noted filmmakers, intellectuals, and celebrities who have embraced the Enlightenment ideals of free expression and rationalism. On event nights, avant-garde performance artists, celebrated literary figures, and ground-breaking musicians entertain our guests.

At Cannibal Club, we celebrate artistic excellence as the natural and inevitable expression of the unbridled human spirit.


It is rumored that Fuckerberg's wife's sister works at the Cannibal Club in L.A, but I haven’t found a solid source for that. However, Mark Zuckerberg kills his his own meat for some strange reason:

"When he’s not too busy connecting people across the universe, Mark Zuckerberg is pursuing a new “personal challenge,” as he calls it. “The only meat I’m eating is from animals I’ve killed myself,” says the Facebook founder and CEO.

Zuckerberg’s new goal came to light, not surprisingly, on Facebook. On May 4, Zuckerberg posted a note to the 847 friends on his private page: “I just killed a pig and a goat.” Killing is just the kickoff. After that, the dead creatures go to a butcher in Santa Cruz, who cuts them into parts. Zuckerberg and his longtime girlfriend, Priscilla, have been cooking what he slaughters, eating what many people would not dare consume. He recently ate a chicken, including the heart and liver, and used the feet to make stock. He posted a photo of the bird on his Facebook page, along with a list of the dishes he made from it.

I wonder how his Chinese wife feels about it... Apparently she is ok with it. Chinese "medicine" and superstition/spiritualism can be strange:

Chinese cannibalism of infant flesh outrages the world - Washington Times

South Korean customs officials recently seized thousands of pills filled with powdered human baby flesh arriving from China. Since August 2011, South Korean officials have intercepted more than 17000 pills smuggled from China.

South Korean officials became aware of a horrific practice of eating aborted fetuses after Seoul Broadcasting System showed a documentary on Chinese doctors who performed abortions and then ate the fetuses. One Chinese doctor on the documentary took out fetuses from his refrigerator.

One writer says that in China, reports about meals made from infant flesh surface from time to time. An online video clips on Chinese cannibalism contains the introduction that “eating human flesh is an art form.”

In 1995, one human rights advocate recorded allegation of doctors eating dead fetus after performing abortions at Shenzhen hospitals. To confirm the allegation, an undercover reporter from Eastern Express visited a state owned health center for women and children and asked a female doctor for a fetus. The doctor said that the hospital was out of stock but reminded the reporter to come back. When the reporter went back to the hospital, the doctor offered ten fetuses for free.

In another state-run hospital in Shenzhen, a nurse said that fetuses were in short supply and the price could go up from $10 to $20. In another clinic, one doctor offered the reporter a full-term fetus and recommended that it had the best healing ingredients.

The disturbing human rights abuse comes from a distorted view of unborn children in Chinese culture. Traditionally, ancient Chinese considered ingestion of firstborns, aborted fetuses and placentas as part of a mother’s flesh. An unborn child has no personhood of his or her own. Hence, mothers believed that they were theirs to reabsorb to create a new, healthier baby. This type of belief is common in societies practicing cannibalistic infanticide.

Cannibalism Is Found Throughout the Animal Kingdom-So Why Is It the Ultimate Taboo for Humans? (

"Vulnerable spadefoot tadpoles eat their smaller competitors to speed towards toadhood as quickly as possible. Gulls and pelicans are among bird species that eat hatchlings for food or to prevent the spread of disease. In insect species such as the praying mantis or the Australian redback spider, males offer their bodies as a final gift to females after mating.

It's more common than you'd think in mammals too. Many rodent mothers may eat some of their young if they're sick, dead, or too numerous to feed. Bears and lions kill and eat the offspring of adult females to make them more receptive to mating. Chimpanzees sometimes cannibalize unlucky rivals, usually infants, seemingly for the mere opportunity of some extra protein.

For humans though, cannibalism is the ultimate taboo. In fact, our aversion to cannibalism is so strong that consent and ethics count for little."

Note: This flurry of stories promoting cannibalism is getting pretty obviously a prelude to the breaking stories that will implicate Epstein and his friends including many of the rich and powerful. They want to minimize and normalize it. Pizzagate, as misreported and ridiculed as it was, was nevertheless real, as Epstein and NXIVM showed the tip of the iceberg...

More big news you haven’t probably heard about:

Comey’s Deputy Director Andrew McCabe told a reporter that he knew Seth Rich was the Wikileaks source. This contradicts the entire RussiaRussiaRussia Hoax and the Mueller Report:

"In the new lawsuit Butowsky claims that Pulitzer Prize winning author Seymour Hersh told him intelligence information about the Seth Rich Murder.

Now that has been amplified as Butowsky now says Hersh’s source was none other than for Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe!

In the audio which can be found by searching Hersh right here at The DC Patriot he goes into vivid detail about Seth Rich being the Wikileaks source."

Should we check Snopes on this?: LOL!

The founder of the Internet site Snopes, which brags of being the moral compass for what is honest reporting on the Internet, allegedly embezzled and spent nearly $100,000 on prostitutes during his divorce.

This is the same Snopes person who claims moral superiority over everyone on the Internet! – the website that claims God-like status on the Internet – was founded by David Mikkelson, according to their website.

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