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9-11 "Kite Hit Steel Plane Must"

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Thomas Sayre has some expertise in video. He has examined the video and says it appears to be genuine and un-doctored.

See it for yourself here:

Hit Steel Plane Must seems clear enough. It suggests the classroom event for Bush was staged by people who knew 9/11 was going to happen.

But what about “kite”? What does kite have to do with 9/11?

A kite is three things - two of which are significant in Islam and all three of which fit 9/11:

Kite flying was banned in Pakistan, partly because it was a way Hindus honored a young man who would not convert to Islam.

The Islamic Hadith says it is ok to kill a short list of animals for no reason, while other animals are protected from senseless killing. The bird called a kite is on this short list:

"It is not sinful to kill five kinds of animals, namely: the crow, the kite, the mouse, the scorpion and the rabid dog."

Kite is also a slang term for an aircraft, according to the GLOSSARY OF WWII R.A.F. SLANG & TERMINOLOGY found at

How interesting they would recite these words right then. It does not seem like a coincidence.

Furthermore, it is easy to see the satanic/biblical implications in the story of The Pet Goat:

The girl plays with the goat. The father sees the goat as evil because the goat does bad things, The father banishes the goat. The goat does violence to someone trying to steal the father's red car. The father lets the goat do bad things from then on.

This seems to imply Islamic infiltration to a position of control in the White House before 9-11. Somebody as able to arrange for Bush to be there right then, and for the teacher to make the children chant this.

Note that many of the videos from that event still available online neatly cut out the hit steel plane part. The cuts are obvious and apparently intended to hide the real significance of it.

Who was this teacher?

It was at Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida.

The teacher's name was Kay Daniels:

"Daniels did not show them any media coverage for fear of traumatizing them. Instead, she sang a gospel song, “Hold On (Change is Comin’),” to comfort them."

Here are the lyrics which include this:

Yesterday, a man step to me

He said, "How can you smile

When your world is crumbling down?"

I said "Here's my secret, when I wanna cry

I take a look around and I see that I'm getting by"

And I hold on (hold on)

Change is coming (change is coming)

Hold on (hold on)

Don't you worry (don't worry 'bout a thing)

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