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8 November 2019 - Dinner News

The news was dominated by two massive cover-ups:

Whistle blower" Cover up and the Epstein Cover up.

Both are connected as you might expect...

But first some good news:

Trump this morning: "I caught the swamp. I caught them all. Let's see what happens. Nobody else could have done that but me.”

See it and hear for yourself here: 39 seconds

President Trump Goes There – Whistleblower’s Lawyer Should be Sued, ‘Maybe For Treason’

President Trump on Friday said the public impeachment hearings shouldn’t be held because the entire process is a “hoax” perpetuated by the Deep-State Democrat media complex.

Trump then slammed the CIA leaker and his activist lawyer Mark Zaid who openly admitted the ‘coup has started’ just days after Trump was sworn into office.

The President said that the ‘whistleblower’ who we now know to be CIA leaker Eric Ciaramella, should be publicly named and called in to testify.

The whistleblower is a disgrace to our country. His lawyer who said the worst things possible two years ago, he should be sued, and maybe for treason,” Trump said to reporters from the South Lawn of the White House.

.@realDonaldTrump: "The whistleblower is a disgrace to our country. His lawyer who said the worst things possible two years ago, he should be sued, and maybe for treason."

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) November 8, 2019

Activist attorney Mark Zaid, who represents the anti-Trump CIA “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella is linked to Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta.

Zaid’s old tweets are coming back to haunt him — he was caught admitting his goal is to remove Trump from office.

Mark Zaid, a committed leftist, tweeted in 2017 that “we will get rid of” President Trump.

Mark Zaid actually admitted in two January 2017 tweets that he is orchestrating a coup.

Coup has started. First of many steps. #rebellion. #impeachment will follow ultimately. #lawyers” Zaid tweeted on January 30, 2017, barely a week after Trump’s Inauguration Day.

Zaid in response to a tweet from President Trump on the same day once again boasted of a “coup” to remove him from office.

“#coup has started. As one falls, two more will take their place. #rebellion #impeachment” Zaid said admitting that the Deep State will continue to make up new scandals with one saboteur after another until one does the trick and removes Trump from office.

#coup has started. As one falls, two more will take their place. #rebellion #impeachment

— Mark S. Zaid (@MarkSZaidEsq) January 31, 2017

GIULIANI: I’d Like to Interrogate Schiff and Attorney Zaid – The Only Crime Committed Was By Adam Schiff “I think He Plotted the Whole Thing” (AUDIO)

“Coup Has Started” – Whistleblower’s Attorney Mark Zaid Said in 2017 Tweets Calling For Trump’s Impeachment

Zaid is one pedo-sicko:

Attorney for Whistleblower Tweet: "I've gotten clearances for guys who have had child porn issues" (QRV)

How stupid is this blue-checked marked attorney? Who puts THIS out on social media?

Mark S. Zaid

Verified account


Follow Follow @MarkSZaidEsq


Replying to @McAdooGordon @parrostroika and 2 others

I've gotten clearances for guys who had child porn issues

8:02 PM - 10 Feb 2018

Here’s more sick tweets from Zaid:

This is Mr. I love to watch Disney girls…

Disney owns ABC.

Disney cruise ships went to Epstein Island.

Disney chairman Richard Cook took trips on the Lolita Express, then was appointed to chairman.

Disney's ABC squashed the Epstein story three years ago.

Little Saint James Island is Epstein’s Island.

Democrats know if Eric Ciaramella’s far left associations and background is disseminated their chances to impeach President Trump are widely diminished.

Charles Kupchan, Eric Ciaramella's boss was "Special Assistant to President Obama"

Oops! ADAM SCHIFF Accidentally Leaks Name of Anti-Trump ‘Whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella in Bill Taylor’s Transcript!

Schiff Star Witness Bill Taylor Admits His Sole Source For Info on Trump-Ukraine Dealings Related to Biden Crime Family Was Fake News NY Times!

Testimony Transcript Shows William Taylor Never Talked To Trump, Wasn’t Even On July 25 Phone Call, only source was what he read in the New York Times:

So do you have any other source that the president’s goal in making this request was anything other than The New York Times?” Zeldin asked.

I have not talked to the president,” Taylor said. “I have no other information from what the president was thinking.”

Hero Rand Paul Blocks Chuck Schumer and Mazie Hirono’s Resolution Protecting Whistleblowers and Anti-Trump Scammers

FOX News ORDERS Hosts and Contributors NOT to Identify Anti-Trump CIA Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella

Jordan: Republicans to subpoena whistleblower to testify in public hearing

Ciararmella... pronounced Char-a-mella. Anyone remember the Strzok text about getting their spy "Charlie" into the WH? (QRV)

submitted 15 minutes ago by 3505266?

Eric Ciaramella is the “Charlie” from these texts.

For the record– It is NOT against the law to publish the name of the anti-Trump so called whistleblower.

Facebook Removes All References to Whistleblower Ciaramella – Threatens Users – Joins Liberal Media in PURPOSELY HIDING TRUTH From American Public

And now we know that Eric Ciaramella was a guest of Joe Biden to a luncheon with the Italian Prime Minister in 2016.

President Trump joined Republican demands that Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, to be called to testify in the congressional impeachment probe — but the odds of that happening are slim to none.

What did Hunter Biden do for the money?” Trump tweeted, quoting his ally Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) “A very good question. He and Sleepy Joe must testify!”

Fired Ambassador to Ukraine May Have Perjured Herself To Conceal Colluding with Dems Before Impeachment Hearing


It appears Ambassador Yovanovitch did not accurately answer this question I asked her during her “impeachment inquiry” deposition under oath. …

OAN’s Jack Posobiec interviewed Andrii Telizhenko again this week. Telezhenko destroys Adam Schiff and the unhinged Democrats.

Andrii Telizhenko: Most of the Ukrainian and government officials do not even understand what the fuss is about here in Washington… We’re supposed to be the victims in this whole thing but we’re not. The Ukrainian president said there was no quid pro quo, there was no pressure. And what I know is he said privately that it was the most diplomatic phone call he’s had in the last couple months with foreign leaders…

Jack Posobiec: Did you see pressure under the Obama administration?

Andrii Telizhenko: Of course, we saw pressure every time. Starting with the Ambassador from the United States in Kiev who would call the president and tell him what to do. It’s unethical to do this anywhere else in the world… And in meetings he would be told what to do, who to fire, who to hire.

And this is from the whistleblower who first reported on Obama and the Democrat Party’s shady dealings with Ukraine.

Donald Trump Jr. Tweets Name Of Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella.(

According to former Ukrainian official Oleksandr Onyshchenko Hunter Biden was receiving “off the books” payments from Burisma in the millions.

Via CD Media:

We have reported previously on information from sources that do not want to be identified for fear of retribution inside Ukraine, and retribution inside Ukraine typically comes in the form of a car bomb, arson, acid attack, etc.

However, CD Media has been examining the situation with a source who is now willing to come public.

Oleksandr Onyshchenko was elected to the Ukrainian Parliament in 2012. He served From November 2014 until 2016 as the deputy chairman of the Parliament Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety.

…In our extensive discussions with Onyshchenko, CD Media can report that he confirmed Hunter Biden took ‘off the books’ payments totally millions from Burisma.

There were ‘official’ and ‘unofficial’ payments to the Biden family,” Onyshchenko stated.

Onyshchenko also confirmed that former FBI agent Karen Greenway, who oversaw the Obama administration’s anti-corruption efforts in Eastern Europe, directed the coverup of the Biden scandal at the time, in concert with the U.S. embassy in Kyiv, and other Deep State American government assets ‘in-country’.

Adam Schiff Makes Up New Rules for Impeachment Inquiry; Restricts Republican Witness Questions

House Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) issued a set of restrictions on Thursday morning limiting Republicans to calling witnesses that can respond to three questions, all of which reflect Democrats’ views.

Rand Paul Blocks Senate Resolution to Protect Whistleblowers; Says Trump Should Be Able to Face His Accusers (

Senator Rand Paul has blocked a Senate resolution backing protection for whistleblowers, adding that legislation he introduced would "make clear" that President Trump should be able to face his accuser - The Hill

People are waking up:

What about Chelsea Clintons Cashing in while her mother was SOS?

She debuted as a "Nightly News" special correspondent for NBC in 2011.

When Chelsea Clinton was hired by NBC News in 2011, critics pointed out a conflict of interest for the network in employing the daughter of a potential 2016 presidential contender, Hillary Clinton.

Those arguments were renewed on Friday, as details regarding Chelsea Clinton's compensation have been leaked to the media.

Clinton's annual salary at the network was $600,000, according to a report from Politico. Her contract was recently switched to include a month-to-month arrangement, the report stated.

Epstein Cover-up

6 million views in 24 hours? Wow!

James O'Keefe@JamesOKeefeIII

You are witnessing an extraordinary series of events.


fires employee ‘who had access’ to tape from RIVAL company,


. Journalism execs collude to PUNISH source/Whistleblower (Irony, much?) for helping bring to light coverup of abuse. Truth to power? Media IS the power!And tech companies exercise the power to curate and prioritize content coming only from ‘credentialed’ journalists working for the media corporations engaged in collusion and cover up.

I was born in 1984. But this is no longer merely Orwellian.

It’s kafkaeque.

New York, NY: Today’s new video reveals how an ABC Good Morning America Breaking News Anchor, and 20/20 Co-Anchor had significant information regarding Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged crimes years ago but was told by her superiors that the network would not run the story.

Some of the key findings of today’s video:

· Amy Robach Describes How a Witness Came Forward Years Ago With Material Against Epstein: “She Had Pictures, She Had Everything. She Was in Hiding for Twelve Years. We Convinced Her to Come Out. We Convinced Her to Talk to Us. Um, it Was Unbelievable What We Had.”

· Robach: “We Had Her Whole Allegations About Prince Andrew…” “I Got a Little Concerned About Why I Couldn't Get On.”

· Robach Details ABC’s Initial Response to Her Acquiring This Material: “Um, First of All, I Was Told, Who's Jeffrey Epstein? No One Knows Who That is. This is a Stupid Story.”

· Robach: “…It Was Unbelievable What We Had - Clinton, We Had Everything. I Tried for Three Years to Get it on to No Avail. And Now it's All Coming Out and it's like These New Revelations and I Freaking Had All of it”

· Robach Discards the Possibility of Epstein’s Cause of Death as Suicide in Prison: “…So Do I Think He Was Killed? 100% Yes”

· Robach Repeats a Statement from Attorney Brad Edwards on Camera,” …There Will Come a Day When We Will Realize Jeffrey Epstein Was the Most Prolific Pedophile This Country Has Ever Known,” Adding, “I Had It All Three Years Ago.”

View our latest video here:

Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself - pass it on...

This is hilarious - take a look at the link:

"I have no idea who Epstein Coverup is, but he was just paged at the airport."

And for some more laughs:

Here is another super well done bit of parody humor (but a bit profane) - a man dressed up as the Epstein Temple in Los Angeles: 2 minutes, 20 seconds of well done satire…

Hey I’m just a bouncy house for satanic pedophiles, ya know? ...

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