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8 March 2019 - Dinner News

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar ripped former President Barack Obama in an interview published Friday, belittling his “pretty face” and saying his agenda of hope and change was an illusion.

She cited the “caging of kids” at the Mexican border and the “droning of countries around the world” on Obama’s watch — and argued that he wasn’t much different from President Trump

“We can’t be only upset with Trump,” the freshman firebrand told Politico Magazine.

“His policies are bad, but many of the people who came before him also had really bad policies. They just were more polished than he was,” Omar said.

“And that’s not what we should be looking for anymore. We don’t want anybody to get away with murder because they are polished. We want to recognize the actual policies that are behind the pretty face and the smile.”

Even the ACLU thinks the Dems have gone too far in their first House Bill: HR 1:

Posted on 3/4/2019, 11:14:46 PM by Freedom'sWorthIt

The American Civil Liberties Union dealt a blow Monday to Democrats’ new election overhaul legislation, saying the bill does too much damage to the First Amendment and the storied rights group cannot support it. 

ACLU officials said they support parts of the bill, such as making it easier to register to vote, but said the legislation attempts to control even the mere mention of a politician, which goes too far. 

“They will have the effect of harming our public discourse by silencing necessary voices that would otherwise speak out about the public issues of the day,” the ACLU’s national political director and senior legislative counsel wrote in a 13-page letter announcing opposition. 

Democrats plan to put the bill, H.R. 1, on the chamber floor for a vote later this week.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

As leading conservatives attack legislation liberals claim will reform elections, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has made it clear that the collection of proposals grouped under H.R. 1 will never even be debated in the Senate.

“This sprawling 622-page doorstop is never going to become law. I certainly don’t plan to even bring it to the floor here in the Senate,” McConnell said, according to The Hill.

“H.R. 1 would cause sweeping and irrevocable damage to the free speech, privacy, and integrity that are central components to free and fair elections in America. We oppose H.R. 1 in the strongest terms, and urge all conservatives to do likewise.”

McConnell was strong in his opposition to what he called a “parade of horrible” and a “terrible proposal,” Roll Call reported.

The Kentucky senator called the bill the “Democrat Politician Protection Act,” said it is “offensive to average voters,” Politico reported.

The proposal’s Federal Election Commission reform is “a hostile takeover of the body that regulates political speech,” McConnell said, according to The Daily Caller.

“Democrats aren’t after an FEC that enforces the law, they’re after an FEC that enforces their ideology,” he said.

The bill is on the fast track for approval in the Democrat-controlled House, which could come as soon as Friday.

The speed of its progress galled Republican Congressman Rodney Davis of Illinois, ranking member of the House Administration Committee.

“This bill is being pushed on us,” he said. “What this bill is, is a Democrat push to elect more Democrats.”

Conservatives say the proposal has three strikes against it — it undermines the First Amendment, supersedes state rights and converts the government from an observer of elections into an active player.

The legislation “would allow the Federal Election Commission to track and catalogue more of what Americans are saying, register even very small political donations, and make public those who donate to different charitable and nonprofit organizations. The legislation will subject private citizens to intimidation and harassment for their private and political beliefs,” the letter said.

All Democrats in the House except 6 voted to allow illegal immigrants to vote

Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives voted against a Republican motion in HR1 proceedings that would have recognized that illegal aliens voting inherently undermines the votes of U.S. citizens.

“House defeats GOP MTR to HR1 on near party line vote expressing the sense of Congress that allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote devalues the franchise and diminishes the voting power of United States citizens. 6 Democrats voted Yes and 1 Republican voted No,” Craig Caplan said on Twitter.

In effect, 228 Democrats in the House voted in favor of letting illegal aliens to vote. One Republican, Justin Amash of Michigan, also voted in favor of the motion.

Thursday, 126 Democrats voted in favor of a resolution that would have allowed 16-year-olds to vote. That resolution ultimately failed.

Americans will soon find out if Attorney General Bill Barr has the mettle to pursue Obama’s corrupt FBI and DOJ officials who weaponized the intel agencies to target Donald Trump.

John Huber, the special prosecutor tapped by former AG Jeff Sessions to investigate FISA abuses by Obama’s DOJ/FBI, met with newly-confirmed Attorney General Bill Barr this week.

“US Attorneys thoroughly enjoyed our time with AG Barr this week. He is a solid, proven leader with a clear vision for the @DOJ. We will move forward with his priorities, hold offenders accountable, and advance the rule of law,” Huber said on Friday in a tweet. Here’s a list of more than 100 actions the Deep State FBI and DOJ took that were either outside of policy and/or were corrupt and/or were criminal surrounding the 2016 Presidential election and exoneration of Hillary Clinton and the setup/attempts to remove Donald Trump from office – Sources are provided for all 106: Donald Trump retweeted Ace Investigative Journalist Paul Sperry· . Mar 6 Cohen claimed his shady father-in-law's "in the clothing business" when in fact he's loan shark in same taxicab medallion biz as Cohen. More, his father-in-law's a convicted fraudster who was named, along with Cohen's wife, in investigation. Cohen chose to sing on Trump instead.

Now that even some MSM acknowledging there never was a "collusion" scandal, when will MSM start investigating the real scandal of Obama DOJ/FBI & Clinton campaign making it look like there was? Oh that's right, the MSM were accomplices in that scandal. Never mind. #MediaCollusion

Despite running informants/stings on Trump camp, electronically spying for yr,unmasking NSA intercepts, rummaging thru Trump fixer's files, recordings, garbage, exploiting British intel & probing by CIA, FBI/DOJ, DOS, SSCI/HPSCI, MSM & SCO, Deep State still cannot prove collusion

Coaching the Witness Cohen by the Dems. Isn't that illegal?:

Michael Cohen, the former personal attorney for President Trump, told House investigators this week that staff for Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., traveled to New York at least four times to meet with him for over 10 hours immediately before last month’s high-profile public testimony, according to two sources familiar with the matter who spoke to Fox News — as Republicans question whether the meetings amounted to coaching a witness.

More Trump Tweets:

Bad lawyer and fraudster Michael Cohen said under sworn testimony that he never asked for a Pardon. His lawyers totally contradicted him. He lied! Additionally, he directly asked me for a pardon. I said NO. He lied again! He also badly wanted to work at the White House. He lied!

Breaking News @MSNBC: “Cohen’s lawyer contradicts Cohen’s testimony about never seeking a Presidential Pardon.”

Both the Judge and the lawyer in the Paul Manafort case stated loudly and for the world to hear that there was NO COLLUSION with Russia. But the Witch Hunt Hoax continues as you now add these statements to House & Senate Intelligence & Senator Burr. So bad for our Country!

I cannot believe the level of dishonesty in the media. It is totally out of control, but we are winning!

The Wall is being built and is well under construction. Big impact will be made. Many additional contracts are close to being signed. Far ahead of schedule despite all of the Democrat Obstruction and Fake News!

We are on track to APPREHEND more than one million people coming across the Southern Border this year. Great job by Border Patrol (and others) who are working in a Broken System. Can be fixed by Congress so easily and quickly if only the Democrats would get on board!

Manafort given a break from an Honest Judge:

On Thursday evening, Judge T.S. Ellis rejected Mueller’s “excessive” recommendation that Paul Manafort serve 19.5 to 24.5 years in prison after a Virginia jury convicted Manafort on 8 counts of bank and tax fraud.

The Reagan-appointed judge sentenced Manafort to 47 months in prison.

In another blow to Mueller, Judge T.S. Ellis also wants Paul Manafort to be given credit for the 9 months he has already served in jail.

If this happens, Manafort will only have to serve 38 months (just over 3 years) in jail.

“Judge wants Paul Manafort to be given credit for the nine months he’s spent in jail, after a different judge revoked his bond last June. If that happens, Manafort’s time in prison from now on would total a little more than three years,” crime reporter Shimon Prokupecz tweeted on Thursday evening.

Corrupt Obama-appointed Judge Amy Berman Jackson is assigned to Paul Manafort’s DC case where he was charged with two felony counts and will be sentenced next week by Jackson.

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