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4Bs - Bribery, Blackmail, Bullying and BS

JUST IN - Ray Epps was sentenced to one year of probation; no jail time for his role in the Capitol riot.

Epps is the only person caught on camera telling people to "storm the Capitol" on January 6th.


Ray Epps’ case files and information appear to have been scrubbed from the Department of Justice’s webpage after he was given a sweetheart deal, despite leading the actions that sent many to prison on January 6, 2021.

If Democrats were actually in the majority, they wouldn't need to cheat.

FBI blackmails for a building.

Former Rep. Madison Cawthorn Claims Government is Behind ‘Honeypot’ Operations to Blackmail Politicians — Recounts Personal Experience (VIDEO)

“I mean, you just saw that the FBI got a building built for them, bigger than the Pentagon. And then, all of a sudden, think about it. Ten days before the vote was supposed to happen, when it was likely not going to pass, a story got leaked. Things don’t get leaked from the FBI.”

“A story got leaked that the FBI had been investigating a brothel in Virginia, a very high-class brothel. It’s $25,000 a night to get in, and all the elites go there, among other things. It said several members of Congress were on the list. But if you notice, they didn’t release the names of those members of Congress, and what it was. You can just take my word for it, but this is my hypothesis: they’re basically saying, ‘Go against us, don’t give us this building, and it’s going to be your name on that list.'”

Clandestine on why we know Trump is Innocent:

The Clinton campaign approached MI6 agent Christopher Steele to fabricate the pee pee tape dossier, to funnel to the FBI/CIA to justify spying on Trump and generate the Mueller probe.

If Epstein had tapes of Trump compromised with minors, why did they go through all that?

Why not just release the tapes and Trump is done?

Mueller turned over every single stone, raided Trump’s lawyers, DOJ raided his house, tried to pin him for ANY crime they could find, then couldn’t find one so they were forced to make them up, impeachment, election fraud, media smear campaigns, etc. 

You mean to tell me they went through allllllllll this, when they had tapes of Trump raping children this entire time?

The math, is not mathing. If Trump was involved, we would have known about it long ago, he wouldn’t be using all his resources trying to expose it, and they wouldn’t be using all their resources to stopping him.

Epstein documents Batch 5 released 9 January 2023

Washington Post day after...

Cindy McCain and her husband knew about Epstein and elite human trafficking but she told no one about it

Video: Jump to near the end ...

Epstein’s Child Sex Trafficking Network in Ukraine Exposed:

Worthy short video:

A live microphone Tuesday caught the voices of unidentified journalists joking about an assassination of former President Donald Trump.

The normalization of violence against Trump and his supporters is real. Here’s the full transcript:

“Journo 1: ‘You know what the worst part is? Even if he has his window open and he’s hanging out of it, he will be on the other side of the street.’

“Journo 2: ‘I mean, if he’s driving, we’ve got a good shot!’

“Journo 1: ‘Yeah, if he’s driving with the front window open?’

“Journo 2: ‘Yeah, or if it’s a convertible?’

“Journo 1: ‘Yeah. I wasn’t thinking about that.’

“Journo 2: ‘Yeah. Like if he just pulls up – ‘

“Journo 1: ‘Like JFK?’

“Journo 2: ‘[laughs]’

“Journo 1: ‘Maybe someone, just like they told JFK—You know what you should do? You should take a convertible! It’s so nice out!’”

AI Justice: England and Wales Authorize Judges To Use Artificial Intelligence To Produce Rulings

Consider this: England’s 1,000-year-old legal system — wigs, robes and all — is giving judges permission to ‘use artificial intelligence to help produce rulings’.

Associated Press reported:

“The Courts and Tribunals Judiciary last month said AI could help write opinions but stressed it shouldn’t be used for research or legal analyses because the technology can fabricate information and provide misleading, inaccurate and biased information.

‘Judges do not need to shun the careful use of AI’, said Master of the Rolls Geoffrey Vos, the second-highest ranking judge in England and Wales. ‘But they must ensure that they protect confidence and take full personal responsibility for everything they produce’.”

Appeals Court Skeptical of Trump Immunity: Biden Judge Asks Trump Lawyer if President Can Order SEAL Team 6 to Assassinate Rivals (AUDIO)

President Trump’s attorney John Sauer appeared before a three-judge panel for the DC Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday morning to argue Trump’s immunity claims in Jack Smith’s DC case.

The three-judge panel hearing oral arguments on immunity claims: Florence Pan (Biden appointee), Michelle Childs (Biden appointee), and Karen Henderson (George W. Bush appointee).

Recall that Jack Smith went completely off the rails and told a federal appeals court that Trump’s immunity argument would allow him to order his supporters to murderopposing lawmakers.

Trump’s lawyers argued that Trump is immune from federal prosecution for alleged ‘crimes’ committed while he served as US President.

“In 234 years of American history, no president ever faced criminal prosecution for his official acts. Until 19 days ago, no court had ever addressed whether immunity from such prosecution exists,” Trump’s lawyers wrote in last month’s filing, according to CBS News. “To this day, no appellate court has addressed it. The question stands among the most complex, intricate, and momentous issues that this Court will be called on to decide.”

Hoffman is also known for having secretly bankrolled E. Jean Carroll’s civil case alleging that Trump raped her in 1995 or 1996.

Carroll initially claimed she had been receiving no outside funding, but was not sanctioned by Bill Clinton-appointed judge Lewis Kaplan when the truth came out. Kaplan also ruled jurors could not be told about Hoffman’s involvement in the case.

Hoffman also “contributed more than $600,000 to the legal defense fund of Bean LLC — otherwise known as Fusion GPS, the company responsible for the creation of the Steele Dossier,” which spread various false accusations of links between Trump and Russia.

Natural Born Citizen. Nikki isn't one.

Paul Ingrassia, has reignited the fiery debate over what it means to be a “natural born citizen” under the U.S. Constitution—a debate with significant implications for potential presidential candidate Nikki Haley.

Published on American Greatness, Mr. Ingrassia, a Law Clerk, a two-time Claremont Fellow, and a member of President Trump’s National Economic Council, meticulously examined the constitutional provision that has been at the heart of eligibility controversies involving political figures from John McCain to Kamala Harris.

At the core of his argument is Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution, which Ingrassia insists unambiguously mandates that only “natural born citizens” of the United States are eligible to assume the presidency.

The debate isn’t new. Presidential campaigns of John McCain (R), Barack Obama (D), Ted Cruz (R), and Kamala Harris (D) have all faced scrutiny under this clause.

Legal scholars continue to explore this terrain, with some, like Lawrence Solum, suggesting that being born in the U.S. to citizen parents suffices for being considered a natural-born citizen.

John Eastman’s arguments regarding Kamala Harris further highlight the complexity of this issue, proposing that the status of one’s parents at birth is crucial in determining eligibility.

In Nikki Haley’s situation, reports indicate that her parents were not U.S. citizens at the time of her birth in 1972. This fact, according to the Constitution’s standards as interpreted by Ingrassia, disqualifies her from presidential or vice-presidential candidacy under the Twelfth Amendment.

Ingrassia highlights that although she may claim citizenship by birthplace, this does not satisfy the ‘natural-born’ requirement as enforced by the Constitution.

Austin's Disappearance

December 2020 Politico story:

Austin also developed a close relationship with Biden’s late son, Beau, when he served on Austin’s staff in Iraq in 2008 and 2009, said one source close to the discussions, who asked not to be named to discuss private matters. Austin and the younger Biden attended Mass together, sitting side-by-side almost every Sunday, and they kept in touch after Beau returned from his deployment.

Head of the Marines out too...


"In a radical move, the French government has quietly dropped their renewables targets from their draft energy bill, risking being seen as unfashionable losers in billionaire ski clubs. The nation that, forty years ago, built 56 nuclear reactors in 15 years has decided they just need to build another 6 to 14 new nuclear plants to reach “Net Zero” by 2050. This puts them in danger of being one of the only nations on Earth that might reach their target.

It’s a big change from 2014 when France aimed to reduce nuclear power to just 50% by 2025." 

Some prescience from Q:

Professor Clemns

One basic truth can be used as a foundation for a mountain of lies, and if we dig down deep enough in the mountain of lies, and bring out that truth, to set it on top of the mountain of lies; the entire mountain of lies will crumble under the weight of that one truth, and there is nothing more devastating to a structure of lies than the revelation of the truth upon which the structure of lies was built, because the shock waves of the revelation of the truth reverberate, and continue to reverberate throughout the Earth for generations to follow, awakening even those people who had no desire to be awakened to the truth.

Delamer Duverus

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