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30 June 2020 - Evening News

Remember McCabe (Deputy Director of the FBI) said “First we F*** Flynn.  Then we f*** Trump.” It’s now public knowledge why: Sidney Powell said her client, former National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. (ret) Michael Flynn, was planning to “audit” U.S. intelligence agencies before the fateful 2017 interview which the FBI used to prosecute him. In a new interview, the attorney for former national security adviser Michael Flynn suggested that the Obama administration may have been out to get her client because he was investigating the so-called "Deep State." Joining Powell on "Maria Bartiromo's Insiders" was Lee Smith, author of the new book, "The Plot Against the President," who reported that Flynn was looking into potential misconduct in the U.S. intelligence community.

"In addition to General Flynn's name being cleared, I hope that his initiative to get to the bottom of what these people were doing -- to audit the intelligence community... that's something else we need to look at again," said Smith. "As well, his initiative to clean out the Deep State. "I guess he was getting into business that they didn't want him to get into," said Bartiromo in reference to Flynn's apparent interest in the intelligence community.  "Oh, exactly," said Powell. "There's no telling how many billions of taxpayer dollars they're running off books for the different intel agencies, particularly [former Obama Administration CIA Director] and [former Obama Administration Director of National Intelligence James Clapper], and of course we see evidence of that... with what was paid to Stefan Halper for his shenanigans. It just goes on and on. Bartiromo asked: "So who is the mastermind of all of this? On the government side -- was it the CIA? Was it John Brennan? How far up the ladder does this go in the Obama administration?"

Powell responded: "It couldn't have been done without Susan Rice. And I don't think it was done without the knowledge of President Obama. It was probably run most by Mr. Brennan and Clapper. And of course, Comey and McCabe had their prominent roles in it, along with the assorted agents that were involved. But, yes, it was a very high ranking group of people." General Michael Flynn had to be removed.  He knew too much.  He had to be shut down and silenced.  He was the primary Deep State target.

Sidney Powell was on the Vicki McKenna radio show and she dropped another bomb.  Per a report from Lifezette, General Michael Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell shared the following:

“He was going to audit the intel agencies because he knew about the billions Brennan and company were running off the books,” Powell said, referring to former CIA Director John Brennan.

Billions of dollars these crooks were running off the books, and Flynn, under Trump's direction, was going to audit these black budgets....

For example:

A translated Ukrainian press conference from last week not only implicates Biden, but also George Soros, in a plot to snatch 1.5 billion from Ukrainian and American tax payers for a...get this..."corruption tax", through overstated gas tariffs from Naftogaz.

This provides new evidence that Biden was helping steal Billions (with a B) through the Ukraine deal.

This new information and recordings are in addition to a shocking audio tape that was released by Creative Destruction Media in May. The audio revealed the phone call between then Vice President Joe Biden and former Ukrainian President Poroshenko. In the call Joe Biden pressures the president to fire former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.

The men discuss the firing of then State Prosecutor Shokin in order to prevent an investigation into Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and other criminal actions.

Poroshenko: (7:10 mark) I have some good news… Yesterday I went and seat with the general prosecutor’s office.

Joe Biden: Yes.

Poroshenko: ….I especially asked him to resign… as his position as a state prosecutor… He promised to give me statement of his resignation… One hour he gave me statement of his presentation.

Joe Biden: Great!….

Joe Biden:(10:20 mark) I am prepared to a public signing for a commitment for a billion dollars. Again I am not suggesting you want it or don’t want it. I am suggesting that is what I am prepared to do. Again it won’t be finalized… Let me when you and I finished speaking let me huddle with my team… I agree with you there is a sense of urgency here.

Joe Biden— (14:30 minute mark) Congratulations in getting the new Prosecutor General. I know there’s a lot more to that. I really think that’s good. It is going to be critical that he works to repair the damage of Shokin. I’m a man of my word. Now that the new prosecutor general is in place we’re ready to move forward to signing the one billion dollar loan guarantee. And I don’t know how you want to go about that… I’ll leave it to you to how you want it done and where you want it done. CD Mediareports– More audio tapes were released today in Ukraine where Joe Biden talks with corrupt former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. The two discuss destroying Ukrainian oligarch Alexander Onyshchenko, who released corruption evidence against Poroshenko in 2016. Onyshchenko fled the country that year.

Onyshchenko was later poisoned.

According to CD Media:

Onyshchenko was arrested on an Interpol warrant by Ukrainian authorities in late 2019 in Germany as he was traveling to the United States to testify against Biden during the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

Yes, this is tweet ammo:

Big Wins for us from the Supreme Court:

The court's conservative majority ruled 5-4 that states offering scholarships to students in private schools cannot exclude religious schools from such programs. The decision was written by Chief Justice John Roberts, who has joined the liberal justices in three other major rulings this month.

The court stopped short of requiring states to fund religious education, ruling only that programs cannot differentiate between religious and secular private schools.

"A state need not subsidize private education. But once a state decides to do so, it cannot disqualify some private schools solely because they are religious," Roberts said.

Trump Tweet:

Today’s SCOTUS ruling is a historic win for families who want SCHOOL CHOICE NOW! #SchoolChoice is a civil rights issue, and no parent should have to send their child to a failing school. I will continue to fight for School Choice and will always defend Religious Freedom!

Supreme Court decides Soros Funded Open Society's foreign affiliates do not have First Amendment rights or any constitutional rights Supreme Court decided today his foreign NGOs are not protected by the constitution of the United States because foreign people or foreign NGOs located outside the USA can't possibly enjoy the rights of the american people. One of his NGOs being located inside the USA did not justify giving the same rights to his foreign NGOs. So now Soros either has to sign "Policy Agreement" with his foreign NGOs or lose all funding for those foreign NGOs. His foreign NGOs refused to agree to "Policy Agreement" to eradicate prostitution and sex trafficking.

A divided Supreme Court on Monday put the brakes on Congress’ attempt to limit the president’s power to remove executive branch officials in a win for President Trump. The justices ruled, 5-4, that the Constitution requires the president have unfettered discretion to fire the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

However, the high court rejected arguments that the entire agency should be shut down. “Today’s decision represents an important victory for the fundamental principle that government officials should be accountable to the American people,” press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said in a statement.

“Today’s decision helps restore to Americans power over their government that the Dodd-Frank Act took away to protect entrenched and unelected bureaucrats in Washington,” she said

Short and inspiring...

House Dems Unanimously Block Resolution Condemning Violence and Rioting Resolution also decried efforts to defund the police House Democrats unanimously blocked a resolution condemning acts of violence and rioting—including the "deliberate targeting of law enforcement officers"—in the wake of George Floyd's death. The resolution, which was introduced by Rep. Greg Steube (R., Fla.) late Thursday morning, condemned Floyd's killing at the hands of police, calling it "inconsistent with the values and conduct expected of law enforcement officers." The resolution also supported peaceful protesters, but it noted that protests have been "exploited by violent extremists" carrying out "acts of violence, looting, destruction of business and personal property, and additional loss of life." Rep. Jim Jordan (R., Ohio) spoke in favor of the resolution, arguing that while Floyd's death was "wrong as wrong could be," there is a "big difference between peaceful protest and rioting." Jordan also spoke against defunding the police, calling it "one of the craziest public policy proposals I have ever seen." "I think [the resolution] is consistent with where American values are, consistent with the problems we face, consistent with the serious situation we are in," Jordan said. "If we allow this ‘defund the police' concept to happen … it will not only be tough for police officers, we all know that, but the communities they serve—what will happen there is frightening." No House Democrats voted in favor of Steube's resolution. Rep. Justin Amash (I., Mich.) voted with Republicans to support the measure. A number of Democratic lawmakers have supported the call to defund police following Floyd's killing, including far-left Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.). Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) advocated for the dismantling of the Minneapolis Police Department in June, calling it "rotten to the root" and a "cancer." While major cities across the United States have already proposed or approved slashing police budgets, decades of research indicates that better-funded police departments drive down crime and create social benefit. Officials in New York City, Hartford, Austin, Minneapolis, Baltimore, and Los Angeles have all entertained defunding or abolishing police, despite holding some of the highest violent-crime rates in the nation.

Massive hypocrisy:

A statue of a Norwegian-born Civil War hero was torn down yesterday in Madison, Wisconsin. The hero, Hans Christian Heg, was an abolitionist who gave his life to end slavery.

Heg’s statute was reportedly beheaded and rolled through the streets before being thrown in the lake. The Hans Christian Heg statue is lying headless in lake Monona.

The far-left rioters apparently didn’t know or didn’t care that Heg was an abolitionist who devoted his life to freeing the slaves:

So they tore down the statue of an anti-slave catcher militia? A dude who killed slave owners? Civil War Union Army Officer. Born Lier, Norway he came to the United States at age eleven. During the California gold rush he became a Forty-Niner going to California in that year and returning to Wisconsin in 1851. There he held local offices becoming a leader in the Norwegian community and an outspoken anti-slavery advocate.

Earlier this month the Minneapolis City Council unanimously passed a resolution to replace the police with a ‘community-led public safety system.’

The radical left is pushing to “defund the police” following the death of George Floyd. On Friday the Minneapolis City Council moved to defund the police force and establish a “holistic” public safety force in its place. But several of these same council members will still have their own security. At least three Minneapolis council members have hired private security for their own protection.

Only the poor people will not be protected. Lincoln County Oregon ordered masks on all whites, but no requirements for people with browner skin colors. (After the natural public outrage they backed down on the order.) In his case, I think a mask would be a good idea...

Alarming report out of Seattle Commie Zone: Kicking in doors, demanding reparations and then looting, raping men in front of their families… This is information the MSM would not want known... A Black Lives Matter mob marched through Beverly Hills chanting ‘eat the rich’ on Friday night.

The mob was once again not targeting police or the government, but the homes of random citizens.

The mob tore down American flags as they marched.

Even though new coronavirus infections are rising in America and around the world, new coronavirus deaths are largely flat, a trend largely missing from most mainstream media coverage.

Fauci the fraud: Cameras off? Good, I can take off this mask then.

Why did deBlasio send COVID positive patients to vulnerable nursing homes if all these beds were available? Intentional infliction of distress? Mass murder?

A Brooklyn field hospital closed without seeing any patients, city officials confirmed this week.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) announced the construction of the multimillion-dollar field hospital at the end of March — the day after the USNS Comfort docked at Manhattan’s Pier 90.

“They are going to set it up rapidly and we’re then going to go to the next site, the next site, the next site to meet our goal,” de Blasio said, detailing the 670-bed plus site at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Red Hook. He also announced another overflow facility at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center in Flushing. That 350-bed facility only saw 79 patients, according to THE CITY. However, the Red Hook facility never saw a single patient, and both locations ended up costing over $40 million combined.

The perversion of science continues: Scholar forced to resign over study that found police shootings not biased against blacks The union also circulated a petition against Hsu that accused him of “scientific racism” that garnered over 800 signers. An open letter signed by more than 500 faculty and staff at Michigan State argued Hsu supports the idea that intelligence is linked to genetics. “We found that the race of the officer doesn’t matter when it comes to predicting whether black or white citizens are shot,” according to the Michigan State-based research Hsu had quoted that drew the ire of many.

Does asymptomatic transmission of Covid-19 happen? So far, the evidence seems to show it does. A widely cited paper published in April suggests that people are most infectious about two days before the onset of coronavirus symptoms and estimated that 44 percent of new infections were a result of transmission from people who were not yet showing symptoms. Recently, a top expert at the World Health Organization stated that transmission of the coronavirus by people who did not have symptoms was “very rare,” but she later walked back that statement. Is this about the Virus or the Election?  The Democrats want an excuse to have fraud enabling mail-in ballots. Who in their right mind would trust the post office to handle an election.  All it takes is a few dishonest postal workers to throw an election.  But that’s not all!  Look at who they give their donations to: A US Postal worker was caught on video throwing a stack of GOP congressional candidate campaign mailers in a dumpster.Sheriff Troy Nehls is running for Texas Congressional District 22. Mr. Nehls is a pro-Trump conservative, a church-going family man, tough on crime and tough on border security. “A US Postal worker was just caught on video throwing a stack of my campaign mailers in a dumpster. Some patriots nearby heard a noise when she tossed them in & went to investigate. They found a stack of them and called me. No wonder people are skeptical of mail in voting.” Sheriff Nehls said.

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