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3 June 2020 - War and Submission in America

Then you have what some would call a massive submission ceremony kneeling before the protesters:

A single officer was cheered by protesters after kneeling over the weekend in Lexington, Kentucky, and a line of city officers holding shields knelt in front of demonstrators Monday in Atlanta, CNN reported.

Kneeling.  We all know what kneeling means.  Who do we kneel for?  Who do they kneel for?

Look like a cult?  There’s a good reason for that...

"A large group of white liberals in Maryland took their activism to the next level on Tuesday and turned a protest into a reeducation camp.

Thousands of white people were groveling in front of blacks begging for forgiveness at the Connie Morella Library in Bethesda, Maryland on Tuesday.

The crowd of mostly white people raised their hands and repeated ‘anti-racist’ slogans like a bunch of zombies during the outdoor reeducation camp." This is what they did to prisoners in Hanoi during the Vietnam War to break them:

(Credit: Admiral Stockton, 7 years in the Hanoi Hilton) "What we prisoners were in was a one-way leverage game in which the other side had all the mechanical advantage. I suppose you could say that we all live in a leverage world to some degree; we all experience people trying to use us in one way or another. The difference in Hanoi was the degradation of the ends (to be used as propaganda agents of an enemy, or as informers on your fellow Americans), and the power of the means (total environmental control including solitary confinement, restraint by means of leg-irons and handcuffs, and torture). Extortionists always go down the same track: the imposition of guilt and fear for having disobeyed their rules, followed in turn by punishment, apology, confession, and atonement (their payoff). Our captors would go to great lengths to get a man to compromise his own code, even if only slightly, and then they would hold that in their bag, and the next time get him to go a little further.

Some people are psychologically, if not physically, at home in extortion environments. They are tough people who instinctively avoid getting sucked into the undertows. They never kid themselves or their friends; if they miss the mark they admit it. But there’s another category of person who gets tripped up. He makes a small compromise, perhaps rationalizes it, and then makes another one; and then he gets depressed, full of shame, lonesome, loses his willpower and self-respect, and comes to a tragic end. Somewhere along the line he realizes that he has turned a corner that he didn’t mean to turn. All too late he realizes that he has been worshipping the wrong gods and discovers the wisdom of the ages: life is not fair. 

Let's go right to the old master, Clausewitz. He said: "War is an act of violence to compel the enemy to do your will.” Your will, not his will. We are in the business of breaking people's wills. That's all there is to war; once you have done that, the war is over.

And what is the most important weapon in breaking people's wills? This may surprise you, but I am convinced that holding the moral high ground is more important than fire power.  For Clausewitz, war was not an activity governed by scientific laws, but a clash of wills, of moral forces. He wrote: "It is not the loss in men, horses, or guns, but in order, courage, confidence, cohesion and plan which come into consideration whether the engagement can still be continued; it is principally the moral forces which decide here." Moralforces! Conviction! Mind games! Still feel like kneeling?  Take a look at this false idol:

"While white hipster anarchists were getting arrested for destroying property, these men in Louisville protected an officer who was separated from the rest of his team. Actions like this change hearts and minds more than violence ever will."

Democrat Mayor in NYC orders police to stand down:

Rudy Giuliani says de Blasio is calling the individual police chiefs and telling them NOT to enforce the law or make arrests.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani: The de Blasio Cuomo problem is a special problem. And they hate each other. And frankly de Blasio is completely incompetent. And the governor really in good conscience should replace him. He is the sole reason the New York City Police Department is not acting… De Blasio over the last three or four or five nights calls individual police chiefs and tells them not to enforce the law and not to make arrests, it goes around the police commissioner and does that. It’s outrageous.. they don’t want people stealing and not interrupt them unless somebody is holding them back… The person who’s holding them back is Mayor de Blasio. I know that, Cuomo knows that, everybody in the world knows that. London cop Before and After Spoiler:  Groveling doesn’t work with thugs. Battered wives take note as well:

Statement from a leader of the NYPD to the rank and file officers: "I know we are losing the city. We have no leadership, no direction, and no plan. I know you are being held back and used as pawns."

The "protesters" who are rioting, burning buildings, smashing storefronts looting should wear "nondescript, solid color, layered clothing" and "cover identifying tattoos,” advises Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y..  She took to Instagram with tips for "protesting safely": And protesters should follow the directions from "grassroots black organizers.

"They have been at this a long time and are disciplined in the ropes of community organizing and demonstration."

She "also lists items not to bring, including cell phones that have Face and Touch ID, unless those have both been disabled. She also recommends that any cell phone that is brought should be placed in 'airplane mode' and have its data usage disabled."

AOC has accused Christians of "weaponizing" the Bible to support "bigotry" and warned the world has only 12 years left because of global warming.

Both the victim and the cop worked for many years for someone who now own a radio station called La Raza (The Race):

A former club owner in south Minneapolis says the now-fired police officer and the black man who died in his custody this week both worked security for her club up to the end of last year. George Floyd and now-former Officer Derek Chauvin both worked security at the El Nuevo Rodeo club on Lake Street, according to Maya Santamaria. Santamaria owned the building for nearly two decades, but sold the venue within the last few months. 

"Chauvin was our off-duty police for almost the entirety of the 17 years that we were open," Santamaria said. "They were working together at the same time, it's just that Chauvin worked outside and the security guards were inside." 

Santamaria still operates La Raza 95.7 FM radio station. The Latino owned business is two blocks east of where protests erupted in front of the Minneapolis Police Department Third Precinct Donald J. Trump Tweet: If you watch Fake News @CNN or MSDNC, you would think that the killers, terrorists, arsonists, anarchists, thugs, hoodlums, looters, ANTIFA & others, would be the nicest, kindest most wonderful people in the Whole Wide World. No, they are what they are - very bad for our Country!

Astute comment from someone:

Once you get past the violence and the hatred, the brainwashing, the bad clothes, the stinky clothes, the inability to work and or do anything productive, the bad choices, the inability to learn, the self conflicting value system, the piercings, the skinny pants, unwillingness to work, the bad breath, the childish ways, the lack of understanding they have to disseminate between right and wrong, truth and fact, the pasty skin and the total entitlement, they aren't that bad. Looters in New York City were dropped off in luxury cars with power tools and suitcases before being picked up and driven to next location, according to eyewitnesses. 

Police are said to be looking into numerous reports the rioters were organized and are now checking license plate numbers of vehicles that dropped groups off. 

One witness, Carla Murphy, who lives in Manhattan, told ABC: 'Cars would drive up, let off the looters, unload power tools and suitcases and then the cars would drive away.'

Antifa sets a bomb, somebody grabs it and throws it back in the Antifa’s car.  Boom! As in Boomerang! 15 seconds of video satisfaction here: This never was about color:

A retired St. Louis City police captain was reportedly shot and killed outside of a looted pawn shop on Monday night.

Police found 77-year-old David Dorn outside of Lee’s Pawn and Jewelry store around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, KMOVreported.

KMOV anchor Laura Hettiger reported that Dorn was “trying to stop the looting” at the pawnshop. The son of Minnesota’s Democrat Attorney General Keith Ellison declares his allegiance to the terrorist organization Antifa: At least 13 Joe Biden staffers made donations to a radical leftist group that is raising money for the looters and rioters in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund has raised $20 million in the past week by leftists to bail out violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists after they are caught looting and rioting. It was exactly ONE week from May 22 to last friday when the riots began. Americans are being raped and murdered in the streets by democrat and minority THUGS all because BIDEN fucked up the interview with CTG.

"YOU AIN'T BLACK." Biden just lost the election to most black voters in that interview. They had to fix that fast.

This guy in the short video was caught handing them money and telling them what to destroy. He bears a striking resemblanceto the guy outed on the Project Veritas video saying “Cities will burn”.

From the Baltimore Riots 2015: From today’s riots: Because of this riot distraction… 40+ things we are not talking about:

  1. Biden and Ukraine $

  2. Biden and China $

  3. Biden and Tara Reade

  4. Biden and dementia

  5. Biden and Flynn and Biden's sabotage of Trump presidency

  6. Obama and Flynn and Obama's sabotage of Trump presidency

  7. Judge Sullivan corruption and activism

  8. Obama and shadow government and sedition/treason

  9. Voting fraud efforts

  10. Illegal immigration

  11. How COVID-19 isn't anything like what was predicted

  12. How the shutdown makes no sense any longer

  13. Trump's effectiveness with growing an economy and making jobs

  14. FISA abuse

  15. Mueller investigation misdeeds

  16. Schiff's and Pelosi's direction of unjustifiable impeachment effort

  17. Congressional insider trading leading up to pandemic declaration

  18. Hydroxychloroquine effectiveness

  19. Zinc's effectiveness and Vitamin C effectiveness

  20. Dangers of vaccines

  21. Hillary and emails

  22. Hillary and Clinton Foundation criminality

  23. Hillary and Steele Dossier

  24. Hillary and DNC emails

  25. DNC and Seth Rich

  26. Comey's role as ringleader and lies before Congress

  27. Brennan's role as ringleader and lies before Congress

  28. Clapper's role and lies before Congress

  29. Tarmac meeting

  30. Fast and Furious

  31. FiveEyes intel abuse

  32. Uranium One

  33. Cash payoffs to Iran

  34. Epstein's honey pot and murder

  35. Child sex and ritual murder web, and extortion from it

  36. MSM collaboration/propaganda

  37. Controlled judges, prosecutors, local governments

  38. Smollett

  39. RBG health

  40. There is strangely no war in North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria or China

Bonus content:

  1. Crowdstrike

  2. Burisma

  3. Feinstein and Chinese chaffeur

  4. Awan brothers.

  5. Google, Twitter, Facebook.

  6. Rothschilds.

  7. Federal Reserve.

  8. World Bank.

  9. UN.

  10. WHO

  11. Ilhan Omar's many crimes.

  12. CIA and drug cartels.

  13. MKUltra and FFs.

  14. Vindman and Sondland and Yovanovitch, et al.

  15. Politicized inspector generals.

  16. Valerie Jarrett as Obama's handler, live-in

  17. Huma and Wiener and Wiener's laptop

  18. Wray's lack of progress with FBI

  19. Fauci and Gates “I find it odd”: "After a few days I began to take a closer look at the George Floyd incident. 

I went from grieving this mans loss to complete rage as a result of putting the pieces together and seeing the DS blueprint. 

Now it’s blatantly clear that this whole fiasco was yet another huge false flag production brought to you by the radical left. 

According to the store clerks, George attempted to make a purchase with a fake $20. The clerk refused the money. 

George left without incident but decided to hang out in front of the store, just standing around. 

In the meantime, just for practice, the clerk notified the police of the incident. The police then rushed right over because, you know, police in big cities are usually free to rush over to check fake $20’s from people who have already left the scene. Happens all the time. 🙄 

Imagine their good fortune to find George still standing there. That’s what most people do after being caught with a counterfeit right. Just walk outside and stand there. 

I find it odd that Derek’s neighbors never knew he was an officer. They stated they never saw him wearing a uniform coming and going. 

I find it odd that the license plate simply says POLICE. (Update: Apparently this is displayed in this manner on units in MN). 

I find it odd that these two men, Derek (the officer) and George, knew each other well. They used to work together. 

I find it odd that a man who couldn’t get air was able to yell out repeatedly for a very long period of time. 

I find it odd that most of Derek’s weight is on his right knee, the one on the ground, not the left knee on his friend George. 

I find it odd the paramedics arrived on scene, approached so nonchalantly, then placed Derek’s very much alive friend George into the ambulance without any sign of urgency. 

While I believe it was, I have now heaps of proof tgat this was a false flag incident but common sense alone should give us pause. 

Any further information via MSM will support the narrative they’ve already presented so it’s not to be trusted. 

I find it odd that this happened just as COVID loses traction. 

I find it odd that COVID happened the moment the impeachment failed. 

I find it odd the impeachment happened the moment that Russian hoax failed. 

Can you see the pattern? Will you continue to chase the well orchestrated carrots? Or is there something in you that will stop for a minute and look for the truth?"

One last part form Admiral Stockdale.  Read this and see if they haven’t been trying to do this to the whole country: James B. Stockdale, Master of My Fate: A Stoic Philosopher in a Hanoi Prison

(Kneeling and reparations?)

My orders came out as easy-to-remember acronyms. The principal one was BACK US. Don't Bow in public; stay off the Air; admit no Crimes; never Kiss them good-bye. us could be interpreted as United States, but really meant that each of us had to work at the lowest common denominator, never negotiating for himself but only for all. It was designed and run by old-fashioned Third-World Communists of the Ho Chi Minh cut. It revolved around the idea of “repentance" for "crimes" of anti-social behavior. American prisoners, street criminals, and domestic political enemies of the state were all in the same prison. We never saw a "POW camp" like in the movies. The Communist jail was part psychiatric clinic and part reform school. North Vietnamese protocolcalled for making all their inmates demonstrate shame, bowing to all guards, heads low, never looking at the sky. It meant frequent sessions with your interrogator, if for no other reason than to check your attitude. And if judged "wrong,” then you were maybe down the torture chute of confession of guilt, of apology, and then the inevitable payoff--the atonement. (Virtue signaling?:) The North Vietnamese turned to vengeance against the leadership of my organization and to an effort to break down the morale of the others baiting them with an amnesty program in which they would compete for early release by being compliant to North Vietnam 's wishes.  In May 1967, the PA system blared out: "Those of you who repent, truly repent, will be able to go home before the war is over. Those few diehards who insist on inciting the other criminals to oppose the camp authority will be sent to a special dark place." I'm not talking about brainwashing; there is no such thing. I'm talking about having looked over the brink, and seen the bottom of the pit, and realizing the truth of that linchpin of Stoic thought: that the thing that brings down a man is not pain but shame!

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