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29 January 2019 - Lunch News

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker said in a presser on Monday that he has been fully briefed on Mueller’s investigation and that it is close to being completed.

“I’ve been fully briefed on the investigation and I look forward to Director Mueller delivering the final report,” Whitaker said.

“The investigation is, I think, close to being completed, and I hope that we can get the report from Mueller as soon as we — as possible,” Whitaker added.

Footage of a shirtless, drunk Bernie Sanders in the USSR on his ‘honeymoon’ singing with presumed Soviets in 1988 surfaced and was posted to Twitter on Monday.

The video of Bernie was posted to Twitter by Travis Justin, a Navy veteran and leader of “Draft Beto 2020.” Recently discovered footage from 1988 reveals a shirtless Bernie Sanders with his wife, Jane, on their honeymoon in the USSR, drunkenly signing “This Land Is Your Land” with a group of presumed Soviets. Bernie Sanders traveled to the Soviet Union just one day after his wedding to Jane Sanders.During the 2016 presidential election, then-candidate Bernie Sanders was heavily criticized for taking his ‘honeymoon‘ to the Soviet Union in May of 1988.

Posted on 01/28/2019 2:15:28 PM PST by SeekAndFind

Speaker of the House invites Trump to give speech on 5 February as Sarah Sanders gives first press briefing in over a month.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

On Friday the Mueller Special Counsel sent 20-29 armed FBI operatives in six vehicles and a CNN camera crew to film the arrest of Trump associate Roger Stone at his home in a predawn raid.

Roger Stone was arrested barefoot and in his shorts outside his apartment.

On Monday Roger Stone told Judge Napolitano in a FOX Nation interview that his deaf 72-year-old wife was also forced to stand outside barefoot and in her nightgown.

Roger Stone: I was wearing a Roger Stone did nothing wrong T-Shirt. You can get those at The proceeds go to my legal defense fund. I was wearing a pair of shorts but I was bare-footed. They said who else was in the house. I said my wife. They said, “Who else?” I said, “My wife. That’s it.” You sure? I said, “I’m positive plus two dogs and three cats.” I’m a dog lover. I’m an animal lover. You can read my activities on animal welfare on Daily Caller. I was afraid they would go upstairs and my wife was not complying with an order she cannot hear.

Judge Napolitano: Did they take your wife out of the house, Roger?

Roger Stone: They did. I was made to stand in the street, handcuffed and in bare feet. They brought my wife out in her nightgown and also in bare feet to stand next to me even though she’s not accused of any crime.

Huawei indictments announced - connected to FISA/Trump hoax, China, International Intelligence agencies, and the Clinton Foundation: (Dagny:  This may seem a bit involved, but it is just the tip of the iceberg that is breaking:)

The indictment details Huawei’s efforts to steal trade secrets from T-Mobile USA, and then obstruct justice when T-Mobile threatened to sue Huawei in Federal Court in Seattle.

Prosecutors charge Huawei used a Hong Kong shell company to sell equipment in Iran in violation of U.S. sanctions.

Huawei has long been seen as a front for spying by the Chinese military or security services.

“As I told high-level Chinese law enforcement officials in August, we need more law enforcement cooperation with China,” acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker said at the news conference with other Cabinet officials, including Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. “China should be concerned about criminal activities by Chinese companies, and China should take action.”

DOJ charges Chinese tech giant Huawei, top executive with fraud

[Huawei] was charged by the Justice Department on Monday with 13 felonies, including fraud. “As you can tell from the number and magnitude of the charges, Huawei and its senior executives repeatedly refused to respect U.S. law and standard international business practices,” said FBI Director Chris Wray at a Monday news conference. The 13-count indictment, as trade talks between China and the U.S. are scheduled for this week, was unsealed Monday in New York charging Huawei, two of its affiliates and a top executive at the company, Meng Wanzhou. George Papadopoulos on Twitter: "Alexander Downer was asking me a lot of questions about what Trump would do about Huawei if elected president. The US just filed criminal charges against the Chinese company, Downer used to be on the board of, for committing espionage against the US. Think." / Twitter Downer was on the BOD of Huawei.

Downer was the one who gave $25,000,000 to Clinton Foundation (Australia now trying to get money back, since HRC did not win).

Downer was the one who met with George P. and was the reason the FBI claims they started surveillance on Trump.

From the article: 

The Australian Board is Huawei’s first localised setup. Its success in the two years since inception has prompted Huawei to expand the modern globally, with key markets expected to announce local Boards “over the coming year.”

We know that China has been using Huwei and other tech companies to gain backdoor access and control over tech systems outside China. 

Somehow, however, the Australia govt woke up to the maneuver, and rejected Huwei's involvement in their 5G network development last year, something China threw a big stink about. 

John Brumby, Alexander Downer, John Lord join Huawei Australia Board of Directors - Huawei Australia There is something definatey fishy about Downer. Downer hails from the major centr-right party (the Liberal Party, equiv to the Republicans) and holds the record as the longest serving Foreign Minister in the country's history - Oz's equivalent of your Sec of State. He was a key driver in the Clinton Foundation In Australia the two largest intelligence agencies, ASIO (domestic, similar to FBI) and ASIS (foreign, similar to CIA) report up through the Minister for Foreign Affairs (  This guy was ensconced in intelligence affairs for over 10 years. After retiring from poliitics he quickly found his way to the Huawai Australia's board, essentially to loby on behalf of the company for the contract to build a large telecoms infrastructure project. Eventually, the spy agencies, at the request of the US, advsed against it and they lost their right to bid ( and Downer's father was a senior federal politician and diplomat, and his grand father was premier of Sout Australia (equiv. of a state governor in the US).

October 2012 US congressional panel's deemed Huawei a security threat to the US and other nations.

[Alexander Downer] has had a number of board appointments, including the Advisory Board of British strategic intelligence and advisory firm Hakluyt & Company,[48] Merchant Bankers Cappello Capital Corp.,[49] the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra,[50] Huawei in Australia,[51] and the board of Lakes Oil.[52] Downer has said that Huawei should not be considered a potential national security risk.[53] Downer's comments are at odds with an October 2012 US congressional panel's findings that have deemed Huawei a security threat to the US and other nations.

Chinese Tech Stocks Plunge After Huawei Headlines, Nasdaq Slides

Following the US prosecutors decision to charge Huawei with financial fraud, Chinese tech stocks are tumbling on concerns the trade war will hit corporate profits.

On Monday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders held the first press briefing of 2019 and reminded the activist reporters in the room that every media outlet has used WikiLeaks as a source.

When asked by a reporter if working with award-winning publisher should be considered a crime, Sanders said that “every single outlet that you all represent looked for, and searched for, information that WikiLeaks was providing — including reporting on it.”

“I’m not aware of anybody here working with WikiLeaks in any capacity, but I do know that every individual that represents a media outlet here looked for that information — most of you reported on that information — so I think you’re just as accountable as anyone else in that process,” Sanders continued.

WikiLeaks is one of the only major publishers who has never had to issue a correction or a retraction for publishing fake or misleading news.

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