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25 May 2019 - Lunch News

Following Trump’s example, many nations have recently become free of the Globalist controls and Trump-Friendly:






And now:

India -

Trump Tweet: Just spoke to Prime Minister @NarendraModi where I congratulated him on his big political victory. He is a great man and leader for the people of India - they are lucky to have him!

And Great Britain

May Resigns

Since much of the spying was done through the Five Eyes (Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the US) support for President Trump in these foreign nations is important. For example:

BREAKING: U.K., Italian and Australian Government stand strongly against Joseph Mifsud, Alexander Downer & Stefan Halper’s actions against former Trump official Papadopoulos and are now actively cooperating with the Trump administration to investigate the FBI.

Guilty Being Exposed:

“We want to be very transparent, so as you know, I declassified everything, everything they want,” Trump told reporters, according to Fox News. “We are exposing everything.”

“Everything” in this case refers to previously classified materials related to alleged spying conducted by Obama-era officials against Trump’s team. The president and many Republicans have maintained that illicit surveillance was conducted to undermine Trump, based largely on false pretenses such as the debunked Steele dossier.

Americans will “be able to see how and why this whole hoax started,” Trump pledged, calling the scandal an “attempted takedown of the president of the United States.”

“You’re gonna learn a lot,” the president told reporters before he headed out on a diplomatic mission to Japan. “I hope it’s going to be nice, but perhaps it won’t be.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo slammed his predecessor on Fox News this week; saying “it’s true” that John Kerry has violated the Logan Act with his ongoing talks with top Iranian officials since leaving the State Department.

It’s true. I was there in Munich … I saw not only Kerry … [others] met with the Iranian leadership,” Pompeo said during an appearance on “Fox and Friends.” “It’s unusual, but more importantly, it’s wrong,” said Pompeo.

“Every American should support America’s foreign policy. They had their moment, they had their day, it’s time to get off the stage. We all know the Logan Act, we all know the risk that is taken when people act as private citizens on behalf of the United States government,” he added.

President Trump slammed Kerry’s ongoing relationship with Iran while speaking with reporters at the White House this week; saying he clearly “violated” the Logan Act.

“You know John Kerry speaks to them a lot, and John Kerry tells them not to call. That’s a violation of the Logan Act, and frankly he should be prosecuted on that,” Trump told reporters at the White House.

“But my people don’t want to do anything, only the Democrats do that kind of stuff. If it were the opposite way, they’d prosecute him under the Logan Act,” he said.

FBI lawyer testified the FISA Spying decisions were made by McCabe, Yates or higher:

“Because there were very high-level discussions that occurred about the FISA,” Anderson said she believed that meant “the FISA essentially had already been well-vetted all the way up through at least the Deputy Director [McCabe] level on our side and through the DAG [Yates] on the DOJ side.” Yates had already signed the application by the time it made it to Anderson’s desk.

… Anderson stressed that McCabe, Yates, and Baker all played key roles in reviewing the Page FISA. “My approval at that point was really purely administrative in nature. In other words, the substantive issues — the FISA had already substantively been approved by people much higher than me in the chain of command,” Anderson said.

Anderson said it “typically would not have been the case” that people such as McCabe and Yates would sign off on a FISA application before she did.

Remember the connections between Smollett and the bill the Kamala Harris was conveniently sponsoring:

A judge in Chicago on Thursday afternoon ordered the files involving Empire actor Jussie Smollett’s criminal case to be unsealed.

Cook County Judge Steven Watkins stated the Empire actor gave up his right to keep the case sealed when he spoke to the media about the matter, the Associated Press reported.

Remember Karmala Harris and Corey Booker Submtted a anti-Hanging Bill the Day After the Incident Happened? (QRV)

Its like they had the bill written before the Smollet case occurred just waiting for a Trump supporter with a noose to start yelling this is MAGA country. What is the odds that Harris and Booker helped plan the Smollet incident and then pressured Fox, the prosecutor, to close and seal the case?

This is what Collusion ( and more importantly treason ) looks like:

Feinstein and Iran. Feinstein and China. Huawei and Iran. Connect the dots:

Democrat Feinstein Has Private Dinner with Iranian Foreign Minister — Then Lies and Says State Dept. OKed It

Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) had a private dinner with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif when he was in the country a few weeks ago.

Feinstein’s office said the dinner was arranged with consultation with the State Department.

However, a State Department official said this was not true.

In PLAYBOOK this morning:

As the U.S. builds up a military presence around Iran, SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN had a private dinner with @JZarif, Iran’s foreign minister, when he was in the United States a few weeks ago.

— Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) May 23, 2019

Michael Savage accused her of violating the Logan Act.


— Michael Savage (@ASavageNation) May 24, 2019

U.S. intercepted Iranian Orders to Hezb’Allah to Attack American: The Democrats stand with this enemy. Dianne Feinstein is having clandestine dinners with them. Treason.

— Pamela Geller (@PamelaGeller) May 23, 2019

Here is a massive compilation of the Corruption of Senator Feinstein. It goes on and on...:

No wonder she has been saying publicly that she wants to shut down GITMO.

Iran and China's Huawei…

The U.S. has accused Huawei’s chief financial officer of defrauding banks to violate sanctions against Iran and stealing technology. The Justice Department and U.S. companies have accused Huawei of engaging in industrial espionage. Lawmakers and a surprisingly large number of U.S. government agencies have accused Huawei of being an arm and agent of the Chinese government, not only part of its military-espionage complex but also a key component of the Made in China 2025 plan to dominate high-tech manufacturing.

Less well known, however, is the fact that Huawei has built a massive new research facility called Ox Horn in Dongguan, China that is a miniature replica of Europe. Its building look like famous European castles, palaces, and plazas. It is divided into 12 separate “towns” with names like Paris, Verona, Bruges.

Copycat architecture is popular in China. There’s an Eiffel Tower in Beijing. An entire Austrian town has been duplicated in one area. Gondoliers push their boats through a Venice replica in port city of Dalia.

There’s an even older, and darker, history of architectural appropriation in China. Each time Qin Shi, considered the first emperor of China, conquered a kingdom and brought it under his control, he had a replica of that state’s ruling palace constructed along the Wei River, where his own royal palace sat. (Xi Jinping, China’s dictator, has often been likened to Qin Shi, as was Mao before him.) The replicas were meant to convey Qin’s supremacy.

Oxford archeologist Jack Carlson explained in a 2012 article for Foreign Policy. “This is not, however, the first time China has imported Western architecture on a grand scale. Now, as in China’s past, imitation isn’t intended as flattery. The ancient parallels for these copycat projects suggest that they are not mere follies, but monumental assertions of China’s global primacy.

A replica of Versailles:

Winning the War on Pedophiles and the Sick Cabal that protects the Perps:

The reports of missing persons, and missing children in particular, decreased in 2018, reaching levels unseen since the beginning of available FBI data.

Nearly 613,000 Americans were reported missing in 2018, more than 424,000 of them under the age of 18. That’s a drop of almost 6 and 9 percent respectively from the year prior and the lowest shown in available records going as far back as 1990.

The numbers had dropped precipitously from the high of more than 980,000 reported missing in 1997 to less than 628,000 in 2013, but then started to pick up again—until the drop in 2018.

President Donald Trump has put a major emphasis on fighting human trafficking during the past two years. In February 2018, he signed an executive order to dismantle transnational criminal organizations that traffic and exploit people.

In April 2018, Trump signed into law the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act and Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, or SESTA-FOSTA, that stopped the shielding of website operators from state criminal charges or civil liability if they facilitate sex ads or prostitution. Just days later, sex-trafficking website was taken down by the FBI.

Subsequently, the demand for online sex trafficking has dropped as the operators of smaller sites struggle to stay afloat, according to a report by a counter-human trafficking technology company.

Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave opening prayer duties to Imam Omar Suleiman.

Anti-Semitic radical Linda Sarsour praised Pelosi for the choice.

A beautiful, moving, and timely prayer by Imam Omar Suleiman on the House floor today at the US Capitol. Born and raised in Louisiana, currently lives and preaches in Dallas, TX. #Ramadan #faith#solidarity #Islam

— Linda Sarsour (@lsarsour) May 9, 2019

Imam Omar Suleiman is an anti-Semite who compared Israel to Nazis and refers to Israelis as terrorists. Suleiman also supports the Muslim Brotherhood terror group and called for the Palestinian antifada or attacks on Jews.

Via Rep. Lee Zeldin:

Totally unacceptable that @SpeakerPelosi had Omar Suleiman give the opening prayer yesterday in the House. He compares Israel to the Nazis & calls them terrorists, supports Muslim Brotherhood, incites violence calling for a Palestinian antifada & the end of zionism, etc. Bad call

— Lee Zeldin (@RepLeeZeldin) May 10, 2019

The Left is Going to Pieces:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi stuttered through her press conference on Thursday bashing President Trump and urging the Trump family to hold an intervention.

Pelosi stuttered, stammered, suffered brain freezes and then couldn’t count to 3!

It all started when President Trump tweeted a video with this caption: “PELOSI STAMMERS THROUGH NEWS CONFERENCE.”

Take a look.


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 24, 2019

It didn’t take long for Pelosi’s camp and Democrats to allege that the video was altered.

Hours before the posting of this doctored video, @washingtonpost reports that doctored Pelosi videos are multiplying across social media

— Drew Hammill (@Drew_Hammill) May 24, 2019

Pelosi’s daughter, Christine, also called the video “fake.” “Fake video altered for speed- just like you did to Acosta,” she wrote on Twitter, referring to CNN Jim Acosta. “Dig deeper — you can give the presidency more respect than this.”

— Christine Pelosi (@sfpelosi) May 24, 2019

But it turns out that everyone is getting everything wrong. At least according to the left-leaning NBC.

“Hany Farid, a computer-science professor and digital-forensics expert at University of California, Berkeley, told The Post that there was no doubt that video had been altered,” NBC News reports. “But he said he believed the video Trump tweeted Thursday had not been slowed down.”

Thursday on “Fox & Friends,” Donald Trump, Jr., son of President Donald Trump, reacted to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) saying she is “praying” for the country and the president as she talked about impeaching him.

“I don’t think the party of infanticide is exactly praying for anyone,” Trump said. “That’s not what they do. We get that. It’s just a constant attack on American values, on Democracy.”

He continued, “Honestly, this election, 2020, it’s about communism versus freedom. You can choose.”

Nadler Keels Over:

Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler appeared weak and on the verge of passing out at a presser held by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Friday morning in Manhattan.

The mayor is speaking -- and then there's a sudden commotion. De Blasio and others move to help an extremely pale Nadler as he sits, a ghost-like look on his face, in the chairs at P.S. 199 on the Upper West Side.

When de Blasio asks Nadler if he is OK, Nadler can be heard responding with a faint "no" before putting his hand over his face. Moments later he seemed to recover a bit and was able to speak; the Democrat was given water to drink and an orange to eat as de Blasio cleared the school gym to assist in the response.

Nadler was then wheeled out on a stretcher to an ambulance that backed up into an alley behind the school. De Blasio was seen by his side, escorting Nadler to the ambulance.

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