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23 May 2019 - Dinner News

The Declassification of Evidence Against the Deep State Coup Participants has Begun Today:

President Trump is reminded by a reporter that the Constitution’s penalty for treason is death and then asks President Trump who he thinks committed treason.

Trump then names names of those guilty of treason.  Comey, McCabe, Strzok…

It sounds like he just called out these people for prosecution, conviction, and the death penalty.

It is an amazing ~1.5 minute response here on video:

A Reminder:

Gov. Mike Huckabee


“Rumors are that @realDonaldTrump will rename Gitmo "Comey Island" and will use it to house the dirty cops, intel agents and co-conspirators who used lies to illegally SPY on a President. Conspiracy, Cover-up, and attempted Coup. Katie, BARR THE DOOR!”

That is Sarah Huckabe Sanders Father for those who don’t know.

Both the UK and Australia intelligence agencies were involved in the Trump spying operation.  A few days ago the Australian election put the power in the hands of the Conservatives.  In the UK Theresa May is now in tears and about to resign.

The security apparatus of the nations involved (UK, Aus) are now probably cooperating.

The BBC reported:

The leader of Australia’s opposition Labor Party, Bill Shorten, has accepted defeat in a shock result for the country’s federal elections.

The ruling centre-right coalition led by Prime Minister Scott Morrison looks set to return to power in defiance of polling predictions.

However, it is unclear whether it will be able to form a majority government.

Exit polls had suggested a narrow victory for the Labor Party for the first time in six years.

The final result of the election may not be known for some hours, but with almost 70% of votes counted the Liberal [What we call Conservative in the US] coalition has won or is ahead in 74 seats in its quest for a 76-seat majority, with Labor on just 65 seats.

A remarkable and unexpected election result in Australia. Against all odds, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has won, defeating Labour. And former PM Tony Abbott has lost his seat.

— Nicholas Kristof (@NickKristof) May 18, 2019

The far left Labour Party ran on getting rid of coal and skyrocketing energy costs.

Australia’s liberal party (right of center) will retain control as Labour flops badly in elections today.

— Queen of Trappist-E (@trappist_e) May 18, 2019

The exit polls showed Labour party with a lead.

They got shellacked.\

BREAKING NEWS: White House has launched an investigation into collusion between Ukraine and the DNC

Twitter ^ | 5-17-2019 | OANN 

Posted on 5/16/2019, 10:04:56 PM by tcrlaf

BREAKING NEWS: The White House has launched an active investigation into reports of collusion in 2016 between Ukraine and the DNC - OANN 12:32 AM · May 17, 2019

(Excerpt) Read more at …

Speaking of Treason… and Iran…

Unusual : Democrat Diane Feinstein Had Dinner Meeting With Iran's Foreign Minister

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) had a dinner meeting with Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif, Politico Playbook reported Thursday morning—a move even the left-leaning media outlet called “unusual.”

Feinstein’s staff told Politico the meeting, which took place a few weeks ago, was “in consultation with the State Department” but it was not at State’s request that she go.

"The office was in touch with State in advance of the meeting to let them know it was happening and to get an update on U.S.-Iran activity," the California Democrat’s office said.

OF COURSE, the United States and Iran are in the middle of a high-wire diplomatic and military staring contest. The United States has moved additional military resources into the region, and has indicated it has intelligence that the Iranians were readying to attack American interests in the region.

IT'S A BIT UNUSUAL THAT FEINSTEIN, the former chair and vice chair of the Intelligence Committee and a member of the Senate minority, is dining with the foreign minister of an adversary.

WE HAVE REACHED OUT to the White House to see if they had anything to say about this, and they did not respond to two emails seeking comment. (Politico Playbook)

Politico reported last week that she was seen around the Capitol with Zarif’s contact information visible on her phone.


Spotted 👀: Sen. Dianne Feinstein walking around the Capitol with her iPhone screen facing outward in full view, and Javad Zarif’s contact page on the screen. (Zarif is the name of Iran’s foreign minister.)

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan briefed lawmakers on Tuesday on their strategy to push back against "Iran's malign activity.”

Shanahan told reporters the administration’s goal “is to prevent Iranian miscalculation,” adding, “We do not want the situation to escalate.” 


Perhaps DiFi went to see a Mullah about some moolah?  She already has extensive financial relations with China.  Logan act guilt, like John Kerry?

And more Treason:

Peter Strzok II (Strzok’s father, also known as Peter Strzok Sr.) was an employee of Catholic Relief Services and was interviewed by the New York Times in 1985 over his testimony or statements regarding mishandling money intended for Ethopia. In the article he identifies himself as a former employee of the charity and he is a retired US Army Corps Engineer who served the agency in Africa and Haiti. So Peter Strzok II worked in Haiti with a charity? That sounds eerily familiar. Can we all guess which charities partnered to help Haiti?The Clinton Foundation and The Catholic Relief Services (CRS) seem to work in tangent. Coincidence? Peter Strzok Sr. was actually the director of CRS in Haiti. If we look into CRS financials they seem to overlap and feed into Clinton Global initiatives and balance sheets.

Our insider tells us that Peter Strzok III is the key Middle Eastern Intel operative for the Iranian airline Mahan Air’s purchase of United States government planes during the Obama administration from 2011 to 2013 (when Iran sanctions were in place). He handled the Iranian relations from start to finish. 

Peter Strzok Sr. and of course John O. Brennan were involved with Iran. In fact, our source tells us that Strzok Sr. was involved in the Iran-Contra scheme that led to a six-month prison term for Reagan national security adviser John Poindexter. Back in the Eighties the government was just as corrupt as it is today and for some reason we keep giving weapons, planes, and planes full of money to Iran. Even Barack Hussein Obama sent money to Iran on a plane in his last year of office — $1.4 Billion worth. Just a few weeks ago, Iran demanded Germany send them 300,000 Euros in cash on a plane to them, and of course Angela Merkel complied. What’s the deal with Iran? Why are they so important?

Trump has successfully cut off financing for Iran’s Agents:

Since President Trump introduced sweeping new restrictions on trade with Iran last year, raising tensions with Tehran that reached a crescendo in recent days, Iran’s ability to finance allies such as Hezbollah has been curtailed. Hezbollah, the best funded and most senior of Tehran’s proxies, has seen a sharp fall in its revenue and is being forced to make draconian cuts to its spending, according to Hezbollah officials, members and supporters. 

Fighters are being furloughed or assigned to the reserves, where they receive lower salaries or no pay at all, said a Hezbollah employee with one of the group’s administrative units. Many of them are being withdrawn from Syria, where the militia has played an instrumental role in fighting on behalf of President Bashar al-Assad and ensuring his survival. 

Programs on Hezbollah’s television station Al-Manar have been canceled and their staff laid off, according to another Hezbollah insider.

The once ample spending programs that underpinned the group’s support among Lebanon’s historically impoverished Shiite community have been slashed, including the supply of free medicines and even groceries to fighters, employees and their families. 

Those Hezbollah officials and full-time fighters who are still on the payroll are receiving their salaries, but benefits for expenses such as meals, gas and transportation have been canceled, according to another Hezbollah insider, who, like all the Hezbollah members and supporters interviewed, spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject. 

In a speech in 2016 seeking to dispel concerns that the war in Syria would bleed Hezbollah’s revenue, Nasrallah assured his followers that Hezbollah had secured “all” of its funding from Iran. 

“As long as Iran has money, we have money,” he said.

Good News from India as well…

Elections in India - Voters Reject Handouts!

Indian News Sources ^ | 5/19/2019 | Me 

Posted on 5/19/2019, 9:29:06 AM by Republic_Venom

If any of you are watching the end of the elections in India (, and looking at the exit polls, looks like the voters have re-elected the incumbent PM. He, like Trump, was hounded by the media and liberal elite. The surprising results from the exit polls is that the poor and destitute in India voted for him and not the parties that were offering hand-outs and uber-socialist sops. 

Progress continues on Immigration as well:

DNA used at border.  30% unrelated.

Some of the migrant families arrested at the southern border weren't actually families.

In a pilot program, approximately 30% of rapid DNA tests of immigrant adults who were suspected of arriving at the southern border with children who weren't theirs revealed the adults were not related to the children, an official involved in the system's temporary rollout who asked to be anonymous in order to speak freely told the Washington Examiner Friday.

"There’s been some concern about, 'Are they stepfathers or adopted fathers?'" the official said. "Those were not the case. In these cases, they are misrepresented as family members."

In some incidents where Immigration and Customs Enforcement told the adults they would have to take a cheek swab to verify a relationship with a minor, several admitted the child was not related and did not take the DNA test, which was designed by a U.S. company.

The pilot lasted a few days earlier this month and was used only in McAllen, Texas, and El Paso, Texas. ICE said the Department of Homeland Security would look at the results to determine if it will be part of its comprehensive solution to border issues. Homeland Security has not issued a public statement on its intentions going forward.

Trump Plan Mandates E-Verify, Protecting U.S. Jobs for Americans

Breitbart ^ | 17 May 2019 | JOHN BINDER 

Posted on 5/18/2019, 6:09:28 AM by xzins

A White House plan to reform the country’s legal immigration system includes a provision that mandates the use of E-Verify to prevent employers from hiring illegal aliens over American citizens. 

Mandatory E-Verify, pro-American immigration reformers previously said, was crucial to any immigration plan unveiled by the White House as, currently, American workers are forced to compete against illegal aliens for working class jobs in a majority of states that do not mandate the use of E-Verify. 

“Even though the plan doesn’t reduce numbers overall, it contains no amnesty or guest worker increases, mandates E-Verify, and addresses the wholesale abuse of our asylum policies,” the Federation for American Immigration Reform’s (FAIR) RJ Hauman told Breitbart News. 

In states that have implemented mandatory E-Verify, the program has resulted in fewer jobless Americans, the most recent study by FAIR has found. 

Mandatory E-Verify continues to be one of the most popular national immigration policies across party lines and the American electorate. In November 2018 exit polling by Zogby Analytics for FAIR, a total of 75 percent of American voters said they support mandatory E-Verify to prevent businesses from hiring illegal aliens over U.S. workers. 

This includes a majority of Democrats, nearly 55 percent; more than 90 percent of Republicans, and nearly 80 percent of swing voters who support mandatory E-Verify. Across all demographic groups, mandatory E-Verify enjoys majority support. More than 80 percent of white Americans, nearly 74 percent of Asian Americans, 58 percent of Hispanic Americans, and nearly 53 percent of black Americans support the implementation of mandatory E-Verify to shore up jobs for American citizens.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Texas in reigning in the improper power of Congress by saying it’s none of Congress’s business:

Texas is asserting its sovereign immunity against Congress, telling Democrats on two congressional committees this week that the state has no obligation to comply with their investigative demands.

Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office says that as a state with sovereign powers under the Constitution, Texas can’t be treated like a federal agency or Cabinet secretary who can be compelled to comply.

“Granting Congress the power to exercise ‘oversight’ over the constitutional officers of a state engaged in the lawful exercise of that state’s core authority would undermine the fabric of our system of dual sovereignty,” Mr. Mateer wrote.

Texas is objecting to Democrats’ requests for documents probing the state’s efforts to clean up its voter rolls, and documents detailing the state’s efforts to protect faith-based adoption and foster care providers against an Obama-era rule about working with same-sex couples.

In these new cases, the oversight committee is probing Texas’ announcement this year that it found some 95,000 names on voter rolls it suspected of being noncitizens. The state moved to begin to purge the names, drawing a lawsuit from Hispanic and voters rights groups. The sides reached a settlement last month.

The Ways and Means investigation, meanwhile, deals with a request Texas made last year to the federal Health and Human Services Department asking to be freed from Obama-era rules denying assistance to states that certify faith-based adoption or foster parent organizations that won’t work with same-sex couples.

The Texas attorney general’s office also questioned the validity of the committees’ inquiries, saying they haven’t identified a valid legislative purpose. The Supreme Court has held that while Capitol Hill has broad investigative powers, they must be tethered to some lawmaking, either now or with the prospect of legislating.

That is the same argument the Trump administration made this week in objecting to the expansive document demands from the House Judiciary Committee, which is looking to redo and expand on the special counsel’s report into the 2016 election and Russian meddling.

In the case of the voting inquiry, Mr. Mateer said there is no right for noncitizens to vote, so there is nothing Congress could legislate over.

More Good News: You can now access all these emails anytime at .   You can also sign up there for free notices when News is posted there.   You can also easily listen in there on our show Wednesdays 3-5 PM PST.   Check it out and share it with your friends!

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