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22 September Evening News

Candace Owens


Candace Owens: Made-up Professor @kathleen_belew Made The SEVERE Error Today Of Personally Attacking Me At A Hearing On White Supremacy. Let What Happened Next Serve As A Warning To Every Virtue-Signaling, White Liberal In America:Black America Is DONE Being Used As An Election-Cycle Prop.

Ed Buck was doing to Black American individuals what the Democrat party has been effectively doing to the Black community en masse for decades - promoting policies that push drugs death and destruction for decades. Ed Buck is their poster boy for Democrat policies. Democrats like the power that such actions and such policies create.

Here are the gory details if you are interested:

When he thought he was above the law...

Ed Buck, Heavy donor to the Democrats appears shocked at justice. This is how more of the cabal should look:

By the way, that odd shirt he is wearing is an anti-suicide shirt. They don’t want the bad publicity of another Epstein situation.

And speaking of Democrat hypocrisy - this is best revealed by their defense of Islam, This exposure is very amusing!:

ABC news falls for "Islam is right about women" meme poster. 4chan truly has the internet by the balls

2.5 minutes

It made people aware of a very common cognitive dissonance on the Left…

Comments at Voat:

The offense is not in the message itself, but rather the fact the message made them think.

These people are violently opposed to thinking, and forcing them to do so is akin to mind rape to them.

This is a brilliant strategy. Libs are tying themselves in knots to stay neutral to both classifications and yet be outraged because they know what it means deep down.

Even better. Islam is right about democracy. That will drive liberals insane.

Now for the "Islam is right about homosexuality" posters.

Bit of a Catch 22 on this signage! I'm thinking Boston has some really smart people for these projects, the way they designed the super fun happy Pride Parade was quite similar!

Is this ever more clearly illustrated than by Ilhan Omar or whatever her name is?:

New evidence has emerged earlier this week that Rep. Ilhan Omar did indeed marry her brother, and that her real name may actually be Ilhan Nur Said.

A resurfaced tweet from 2013 links to a now-deleted Instagram post in which she refers to her father by the name Nur Said.

Rep. Omar, who clearly has no respect for marriage, is currently going through a divorce from the father of her three children, Ahmed Hirsi, after she was caught cheating on her husband with her political consultant — who was also married.

But now according to reporter David Steinberg Ilhan not only left the father of her children but she had him fired back home in Minnesota.

Multiple whistleblowers state @IlhanMN had her husband fired on June 14 — financial pressure to prevent him from whistleblowing.

— David Steinberg (@realDSteinberg) September 19, 2019

The truth is also slowly leaking out about Jussie Smollett.

It looks like Jussie Smollet’s Race Baiting Hoax was done in coordination with Cory Booker and Kamala Harris:

Jussie Smollet held a number of conversations with Cory Booker and Kamala Harris about supporting their sponsored Justice for Victims of Lynching Act and providing the needed public momentum for the bill to pass the Senate and House.

The timeline of these conversations (December 21-January 18, 2019) suggests that the death threat letter he sent himself (January 22-23) and his staged attack (January 29), were timed to create an opinion groundswell to support the bill and prop the political and professional career of the three masterminds.

It is noteworthy that both, Harris and Booker released separate statements condemning Smollet’s attack using the following identical language “an attempted modern-day lynching” –

At the time Booker released his statement at 12:09 PM and Harris hers at 1:30 PM they could not have possibly known what the motive for the attack was because the police were only a few hours into the investigation.

Beyond the obvious question of how Smollett managed to shake off 16 felony charges without breaking a sweat, is the issue of Cory Booker’s and Kamala Harris’s involvement in the planning and orchestration of Smollett’s publicity stunt. All material evidence suggest that parts of the event were influenced by Booker and Harris.

The State’s Attorney for Cooke County, Kim Foxx, is connected to a number of Democrats including the Clintons, Harris, Booker and Jesse Jackson (see picture above). Tina Tchen worked with Foxx to drop the charges against Smollett –

And Tchen is also connected to the Obamas. Some other puzzling questions about this case are who beside Tina Tchen, Michelle Obama, and Jesse Jackson Sr/Jr. (another big-time felon), were in on the decision that Smollett’s punishment should be limited to forfeiting his $10K bail and volunteering with Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition for 16 hours? And who worked out, coordinated, and blessed the details of this settlement?

And more hypocrisy as the so called environmentalists of the left in San Francisco are creating an environmental disaster:

Trump To Slap SF With Notice Of Environmental Violation

The Wall Street Journal ^ | Sept 18

Posted on 9/18/2019, 11:46:32 PM by Helicondelta

The Trump administration plans to deliver a notice of environmental violation to San Francisco over its homelessness problem.

President Trump said late Wednesday the notice would come from the Environmental Protection Agency. He said waste, specifically used needles, in storm sewers is contributing to ocean pollution.

He added: “They have to clean it up. We can’t have our cities going to hell.”

In a statement, San Francisco Mayor London Breed said the city has a sewer system that runs effectively, keeping debris from reaching the Bay or the Pacific Ocean.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

This evil woman was Obama’s DHS Secretary, and she has now resigned form the presidency of the UC System in disgrace. She sees the writing on the wall...

University of California President Janet Napolitano Resigns


University of California President Janet Napolitano Resigns

University of California (UC) President Janet Napolitano announced her resignation on Wednesday. During her rocky tenure over the UC system, Napolitano championed sanctuary campuses and was accused of interfering in a state investigation into the system’s budget.

Napolitano made her announcement at the UC regents meeting at UCLA, according to a report by Los Angeles Times, which added that the university president’s management of the UC system has sparked criticism.

While a president of UC, Napolitano championed sanctuary for illegal aliens, and defended “safe space” and “trigger warning” culture on college campuses, among other issues.

Prior to her role as UC president, Napolitano served as Arizona governor from 2003 to 2009, and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary under President Barack Obama, from 2009 to 2013.

During her time as DHS secretary, Napolitano played a key role in providing sanctuary to illegal aliens by helping the Obama Administration bypass congress to grant de facto amnesty to young illegal aliens by enacting key parts of DACA with a memo — calling for law enforcement officials to ignore immigration law — without any Congressional vote.

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