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22 June 2019 - Dinner News

Here is what is really going on....

Hardball Negotiations Pattern:

1) Institute a harsh policy.

2) Recind the harsh policy with a short deadline for successful negotiations.

3) The other side folds, or the harsh policy is reinstated as promised, on schedule.

Trump looks reasonable, the other side is under intense time pressure to concede, and we get results.

President Trump has done this with:

China and tariffs,

Mexico and tariffs,

Democrats with ICE deportations, and

Iran, with a military assault. In this case he is negotiating a nuclear treaty and additional sanctions are due on Monday.

This is a formula that works so don’t be surprised if he does it again with other adversaries.

Recent Trump Tweets to illustrate:

Directed at the Democrats using ICE:

The people that Ice will apprehend have already been ordered to be deported. This means that they have run from the law and run from the courts. These are people that are supposed to go back to their home country. They broke the law by coming into the country, & now by staying.

At the request of Democrats, I have delayed the Illegal Immigration Removal Process (Deportation) for two weeks to see if the Democrats and Republicans can get together and work out a solution to the Asylum and Loophole problems at the Southern Border. If not, Deportations start!

Directed at the Iranians regarding Nuclear Weapons:

President Obama made a desperate and terrible deal with Iran - Gave them 150 Billion Dollars plus I.8 Billion Dollars in CASH! Iran was in big trouble and he bailed them out. Gave them a free path to Nuclear Weapons, and SOON. Instead of saying thank you, Iran yelled…......Death to America. I terminated deal, which was not even ratified by Congress, and imposed strong sanctions. They are a much weakened nation today than at the beginning of my Presidency, when they were causing major problems throughout the Middle East. Now they are Bust!........On Monday they shot down an unmanned drone flying in International Waters. We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on 3 different sights when I asked, how many will die. 150 people, sir, was the answer from a General. 10 minutes before the strike I stopped it, not........proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone. I am in no hurry, our Military is rebuilt, new, and ready to go, by far the best in the world. Sanctions are biting & more added last night. Iran can NEVER have Nuclear Weapons, not against the USA, and not against the WORLD!

Iran cannot have Nuclear Weapons! Under the terrible Obama plan, they would have been on their way to Nuclear in a short number of years, and existing verification is not acceptable. We are putting major additional Sanctions on Iran on Monday. I look forward to the day that.........Sanctions come off Iran, and they become a productive and prosperous nation again - The sooner the better!

In addition the Military approval followed by the cancellation was also a way to find spies working for the Iranians. (It was rumored that Pelosi met with former CIA chief and Muslim Brennan right after the meeting, but I have not been able to confirm that from a reliable source.)

The White House invited House and Senate leaders and Democrats and Republicans on the House and Senate intelligence and Armed Services committees to meet with President Donald Trump on Thursday.

Others who arrived for the meeting included CIA Director Gina Haspel, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan and Army Secretary Mark Esper, who Trump has said he'll nominate as defense secretary.

Shanahan was carrying a folder stamped "SECRET/NOFORN," an intelligence classification category prohibiting distribution to anyone outside the United States government.

Thus this was a test for leaks from all of the above. You can bet that everyone involved was monitored.

When the war was still on, just after the White House meeting, Pelosi and Shumer were almost dancing with joy. They wanted the war to distract from the Deep State prosecution. Trump faked them out.

See the short movie here:

"After the meeting, Democrat Senate leader Chuck Schumer from New York and Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, could be seen cheering outside the White House. As they approached their cars, Schumer raised his hands in victory and Pelosi was smiling and cheering on Schumer.”

The Democrats claim he was gleeful because of some medical news about his mother. Yeah Right Sure. Lol.

The negotiation continues:

"The Associated Press reported that an Iranian Revolutionary Guard general said the manned U.S. spy plane was near the surveillance drone it shot down but that Tehran chose not to target it.

They’re not going to have a nuclear weapon. We’re not going to have Iran have a nuclear weapon,” Trump also asserted.

“Iran right now is an economic mess. They’re going through hell. The sanctions have hit them hard. More sanctions are going to be put on, a lot more,” Trump said. “All I want is no nuclear weapons…We could have a deal with them very quickly if they wanted to. It’s up to them.”"

President Trump reportedly gave the order to attack Iran Thursday night in response to its downing of a US drone that Washington claims was in international waters at the time. The US went so far as to maneuver planes and ships into position before the strike was called off.

"The operation was underway in its early stages when it was called off, a senior administration official said. Planes were in the air and ships were in position, but no missiles had been fired when word came to stand down" the NYT reports, citing an unnamed official.

The New York Times and WSJ report, citing a handful of senior officials, that the president was prepared to attack a number of Iranian targets, including radar and missile batteries. However, he eventually gave the word to stand down, with the NYT reporting that Trump chose to pull US military forces back, though it isn't clear why.

Earlier in the day, Trump said during a press conference with Canada's Justin Trudeau that it was possible that a 'rogue' general had authorized the drone take-down, and that the whole incident might be some kind of mistake. The strike was still in motion as late as 7 pm ET (just before dawn Iran time), and officials were surprised when it didn't happen, given the intense discussions between top national security personnel.

The Same Negotiation Strategy in Motion for ICE Deportations:

Trump postpones immigration sweep after Pelosi's request

The Washington Times ^ | June 21, 2019 | Stephen Dinan

Posted on 6/22/2019, 12:55:38 PM by jazusamo

President Trump called off a round of deportations slated to begin Sunday, saying he was delaying them for two weeks at the request of Democrats — though he said both sides need to use the time to strike a broader deal on stopping new illegal immigrants.

The surprise move came just hours after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi requested the delay, calling the planned deportations too cruel.

At the request of Democrats, I have delayed the Illegal Immigration Removal Process (Deportation) for two weeks to see if the Democrats and Republicans can get together and work out a solution to the Asylum and Loophole problems at the Southern Border. If not, Deportations start!” the president said on Twitter.

Just hours earlier Mr. Trump had said he was committed to the deportations, calling them an important consequence.

When people come into our Country illegally, they will be DEPORTED!” he’d tweeted.

U.S. Immigration and Customs had sought to make good on that stance with plans to begin searching out and deporting thousands of illegal immigrants who’d been ordered removed by a judge, have exhausted their cases, but are defying the orders.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Legislation starts to fight Big Tech Censorship. It should show where the Dems stand on this to the public.

The ‘Ending Support for Internet Censorship Act‘ seeks to remove protections granted by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act if platforms are not acting neutral in regards to political views. Currently, platforms cannot be held responsible for user-posted content, as they are not considered publishers. As these companies become more political — and take an editorial stance, many have called for these protections to be stripped.

Sen. Hawley’s bill would require platforms to follow the First Amendment when it comes to free and legal speech, if they want to keep their liability waiver.

“With Section 230, tech companies get a sweetheart deal that no other industry enjoys: complete exemption from traditional publisher liability in exchange for providing a forum free of political censorship,” Hawley explained. “Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, big tech has failed to hold up its end of the bargain.”

The bill would only be aimed at platforms with 30 million monthly users or more than $500 million in global annual revenue — so small message boards and overly specific forums would not be effected. Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube would be.

There’s a growing list of evidence that shows big tech companies making editorial decisions to censor viewpoints they disagree with. Even worse, the entire process is shrouded in secrecy because these companies refuse to make their protocols public. This legislation simply states that if the tech giants want to keep their government-granted immunity, they must bring transparency and accountability to their editorial processes and prove that they don’t discriminate,” Hawley wrote.

If Hawley’s legislation is successful, tech giants will have to submit to an audit every two years to prove to the Federal Trade Commission that they are acting neutrally.

Senator Hawley went off on the far left tech giants: “They ought to embrace the same 1A values that everybody else embraces, and so no discrimination on the basis of your political views. If they want to discriminate, they shouldn’t get the special deals from government.”

And Hawley destroyed the ridiculous Libertarian argument of “if you don’t like it go start your own Google.”

Tucker Carlson and Senator @HawleyMO destroying the ridiculous Libertarian argument of "if you don't like it go start your own Google."#BigTechCensorship

— The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸 (@ColumbiaBugle) June 22, 2019

We need to move the #Section230 debate into the 21st century. Question is no longer how to encourage an infant industry. Question is whether the industry’s biggest, monopoly platforms can use 230 to stifle competition, censor speech, and invade privacy

— Josh Hawley (@HawleyMO) June 20, 2019

John Solomon: Factual errors and major omissions in the Mueller Report show that it is totally biased against Trump.

Hush Money and a Reward for Criminal Acts:

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch obtained DOJ documents showing former Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr received a larger bonus during the Russiagate investigation than he did the previous year — and even got a raise after he was demoted.

The DOJ documents reveal Bruce Ohr received a $28,000 bonus in November of 2016, shortly after the first FISA warrant was granted on Trump campaign advisor Carter Page — this was at the height of Russiagate.

A series of “Hi Honey” emails from Nellie Ohr to her top DOJ husband Bruce Ohr surfaced and suggested Hillary-funded oppo research was being funneled into the DOJ during the 2016 election through a backchannel between the Ohr couple.

“These documents will raise questions as to whether the conflicted Bruce Ohr, who the FBI used to launder information from Christopher Steele was rewarded for his role in the illicit targeting of President Trump,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Was Bruce Ohr rewarded for his role in Russiagate?

Mr. Ohr then received a $2,600 pay increase after he was demoted and reassigned from his position!

Via Judicial Watch:

This is the same Deep State criminal Bruce Ohr that was responsible for drug interdiction for the FBI regarding Hezbollah/Iran.

Remember from a recent post:

Bruce Ohr was the head of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces (OCDETF) program. He was directly involved with Project Cassandra, the interagency investigation spearheaded by the DEA [Drug Enforcement Administration] that tracked a massive international drug and money-laundering scheme allegedly run by Hezbollah. Katherine Bauer, a former Treasury official in the Obama administration, testified to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs: “Under the Obama administration … these [Hezbollah-related] investigations were tamped down, for fear of rocking the boat with Iran and jeopardizing the nuclear deal. (

More dirt is to be revealed:

A Cook County judge on Friday ordered the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the Jussie Smollett hate hoax case.

Under the order, the special prosecutor would probe the decision by State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s office to drop 16 felony charges against the actor. Judge Michael Toomin said the special prosecutor would be able to file charges against Smollett if there are “reasonable grounds to believe that any other criminal offense was committed.”

Oregon’s out of control Democrats create a National Flash Point:

A Climate Bill Sets Off Tumult (in Oregon): Republicans Flee, Police Follow

New York Times ^ | June 20, 2019 | Timothy Williams

Posted on 6/21/2019, 5:09:47 AM by reaganaut1

Tensions boiled over in the Oregon Capitol this week as Republican state senators vanished in an effort to delay a vote on a climate change bill they oppose. On Thursday, Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat, ordered the state police to find them and bring them back.

It was only the latest chapter in a season of partisan division and frustration in the nation’s statehouses, where, for the first time in more than a century, all but one state legislature is dominated by a single party. In Oregon, where Democrats dominate both chambers, Republicans were unapologetic about their efforts to slow the state’s adoption of an emissions-reduction program by disappearing — and keeping the Democrats from having enough lawmakers present to call a vote.

Brian Boquist, one of the Republican senators who went missing, issued what sounded like a warning to any police officer who might try to arrest him.

“Send bachelors and come heavily armed,” Mr. Boquist said he told Travis Hampton, superintendent of the Oregon State Police. “I’m not going to be a political prisoner in the state of Oregon. It’s just that simple.”

It was the second time in six weeks that Oregon Republicans have walked out of a session to try to prevent a vote. This week, all 11 Senate Republicans left, holding the Democrats short of a 20-person quorum needed to vote on the climate change bill, fiercely opposed by Republicans.

Across the country this year, legislatures like Oregon’s, dominated by Democrats, have veered to the left, pushing through bills on issues like abortion rights, health care and limits to rent increases for tenants. Legislatures controlled by Republicans have moved firmly to the right, pushing through sharp restrictions on abortion access and permissions for schoolteachers to be armed.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

That missing high official for the Clinton Foundation was tied to even more coloration - involving Britain and Saudi Arabia as well:

Swiss prosecutors and the FBI are looking into bribes from a Saudi company, PetroSaudi. Clinton Foundation linked alias Joe Cashion is reportedly being investigated for bribery of foreign public officials and other charges: Swiss prosecutors are looking into Joseph Mifsud's friends at PetroSaudi for bribery of foreign public officials and other charges. FBI are also investigating @Brian_Whit

— Chris Blackburn (@CJBdingo25) May 3, 2018

According to the Wall Street Journal, PetroSaudi was founded in 2005 by a Saudi citizen, Tarek Obaid, and a member of the Saudi royal family, Turki Bin Abdullah Al Saud.

According to another report from a year ago, the FBI are looking into Joe Cashion for bribery related crimes.

FBI are looking at political donations from PetroSaudi. Joe Cashion, a former Clinton aide that worked for the Clinton Foundation is believed to have help recruit Tony Blair and other politicians to work for PetroSaudi.

— Chris Blackburn (@CJBdingo25) May 3, 2018

In case you had any doubt, here are the stats from Germany:

92% of left-wing activists live with their parents and one in three is unemployed, study of Berlin protesters finds

Figures were compiled by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution

Of those arrested for politically-motivated offences, 84 per cent were men

The majority, 72 per cent, were aged between 18 and 29

Of offences against a person, four out of five cases were against police officers

The vast majority of left-wing protesters arrested on suspicion of politically-fuelled offences in Berlin are young men who live with their parents, a new report found. The figures, which were published in daily newspaper Bild revealed that 873 suspects were investigated by authorities between 2003 and 2013.

The figures, which were published in daily newspaper Bild revealed that 873 suspects were investigated by authorities between 2003 and 2013.

Of these 84 per cent were men, and 72 per cent were aged between 18 and 29.

More than half of the arrests were made in the Berlin districts of Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Mitte, mostly during demonstrations.

A third of them were unemployed, and 92 per cent still live with their parents.

The figures published in the Berlin newspaper said of the offences committed against a person, in four out of five cases the victims were police officers.

In 15 per cent of these cases, the victims were right wing activists.

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