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2021 not going to be 1984...

He ought to know.

When asked why Wikileaks didn't present any dirt on Trump he said "There isn't any."

Interesting map of foreign interference and named locations...

The Arizona Rangers are protecting the auditors from Antifa et al.

They are over 100K $ now! Good! I gave them $100.

GoFundMe for the Arizona Rangers:

This is very good news:

Trump has more donations than the DNC and RNC combined!

Be careful not to give to anyone who is up to no good... RNC for example... Give to people you know. Also be wary of anyone using Trump's name on his behalf...

Ben Carson:

"History gives you your identity and your identity gives you your beliefs and we need strong beliefs."

Normalizing Knife Fights and Murder in Teens:

According to The Cleveland Plain Dealer, the girl, who was either 15 or 16 depending on various reports, was shot and killed by an officer Tuesday. Footage from the bodycam, released later that evening by the Columbus Division of Police, shows the officer arriving on the scene as the girl was swinging a knife at another female. The officer yelled for the girl with the knife to get down, but she refused, charging another woman who was pinned against a car — and prompting the officer to shoot her.

“We know based on this footage the officer took action to protect another young girl in our community,” said Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther, who also expressed grief over the death of Bryant.

Filmmaker and Black Lives Matter activist Bree Newsome says:

Teenagers have been having fights including fights involving knives for eons. We do not need police to address these situations by showing up to the scene & using a weapon against one of the teenagers. Y’all need help. I mean that sincerely. Everyone should be frightened that the ruling white elite have done such a thoroughly successful job of not only disconnecting us from the means of basic self-sufficiency but also convincing us we need armed white officers to manage our children & communities.



Meanwhile this happened the same day as the shooting in Columbus:

In one of those harmless teenage knife fights that don’t require police presence, a 13-year-old died. According to WLWT-TV, Nyaira Givens was allegedly stabbed to death by another 13-year-old during a fight in Cincinnati.

“I held her. I watched her as she died. I watched her, you know. All I could do was just hold her, hold her,” said Maurice Jackson, Nyaira’s father. “I tried. I tried to stop the bleeding.”

A police officer made a really funny but true video about Lebron James... It's a polite and clean video too: 1 minute.

More Biden racism:

Joe Biden was on a call with fellow Democrats in December. At this time, Joe Biden shared on a conference call with some black Americans the following after saying there needs to be more racial equity:

…this country is doomed. It is doomed. Not just because of African Americans, but because by 2040, this country is going to be minority white European. You hear me? Minority white European. And you guys are going to have to start working more with Hispanics.

A woman who sat as an alternate juror on the Derek Chauvin trial told a local news station that she feared “rioting and destruction” as well as people turning up at her house if they were angry at the verdict.

"Christensen told me she and the other jurors didn’t even share their real names and occupations with each other,” Raguse said. “Just called each other by juror number. Got along but mostly made small talk. Concerned about saying ‘too much.’”

One juror: "I did not want to go through rioting and destruction again and I was concerned about people coming to my house if they were not happy with the verdict." — Daniel Horowitz (@RMConservative) April 23, 2021

Before the ‘guilty’ verdicts were rendered in the case, major Democratic politicians stated that the “right” decision would be a guilty verdict.

“I’m praying the verdict is the right verdict, which is — I think it’s overwhelming, in my view,” President Biden told reporters in the Oval Office. “I wouldn’t say that unless the — the jury was sequestered now and not hearing me say that.”

California Representative Maxine Waters actually flew to Minneapolis amidst rioting, requested police protection, and then further inflamed tensions with inciteful rhetoric.

“We are looking for a guilty verdict,” Waters said. “We are looking for a guilty verdict. And we are looking to see if all of the talk that took place and has been taking place after they saw what happened to George Floyd. If nothing does not happen then we know.”

Judge Peter Cahill, who presided over the Chauvin trial, responded to Waters attempt to sway the outcome of the trial. “I’m aware that Congresswoman Waters was talking specifically about this trial, and about the unacceptability of anything less than a murder conviction, and talk about being ‘confrontational,’ ” Judge Peter Cahill said.

Big Tech moguls including Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, and Patricia Ann Quillin, the wife of Netflix’s billionaire CEO, have donated $7.5 million to groups associated with Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors.

Big Tech has been censoring stories critical about Khan-Cullors and her real estate buying blitz — while she and her groups advocate for policies that the Silicon Valley billionaires support - Net Neutrality.

Senator Paul asked why Dr. Fauci funded dangerous human-viral testing even after it was banned here in the US:

Senator Paul, “There’s a huge ethical question about the origins of the virus. The ethical question is should we be doing gain of function, should we be upgrading animal viruses in the lab to make them more susceptible to humans… We have to ask Dr. Fauci, why did he in overseeing these labs allowed gain of function? Why did he allow labs to get money to upgrade animal viruses so they can infect humans? We got worried about this around 2 or 3 years ago. We closed down about half of them but then Dr. Fauci and his committees opened them back up. We need to ask him why are we doing this in China but are we doing this in the US?”

Really obvious conflict of interest about the covid vaccine here:

Former director of CDC is now CEO of the foundation that funds’s vaccine fact checking program.

Roughly 15% of said foundation’s assets are vaccine maker Johnson and Johnson stock.

Biden's climate plan could limit you to eat just one burger a MONTH, cost $3.5K a year per person in taxes, force you to spend $55K on an electric car and 'crush' American jobs.

Nearly 25 percent of homes would need to be heated by electricity, rather than natural gas or oil, to help reach Biden's emissions goal by 2030. The average cost to install an electric heat pump, which an all-in-one heating and cooling unit, is about $5,613, according to figures home HomeAdvisor.

David Williams, president of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, told that Biden's plan is just a 'multi-trillion dollar corporate welfare giveaway'. 'Strict climate mandates/targets will disproportionately hurt lower and middle income citizens who will be forced to pay higher electricity bills,' he said.

Bjorn Lomborg, a visiting fellow at Stanford University, told the OC Register that the plan will likely cost taxpayers about $3,500 per year. 'This cost will increase significantly,' he said.

'While more than two-thirds of the US population finds that climate is a crisis or major problem, less than half are willing to spend even $24 a year to fight it, according to a 2019 survey by The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation.'

Nearly 25 percent of homes would need to be heated by electricity, rather than natural gas or oil, to help reach Biden's emissions goal by 2030. The average cost to install an electric heat pump, which an all-in-one heating and cooling unit, is about $5,613, according to figures home HomeAdvisor.

Matt Coday, who is president of the Oil & Gas Workers Association, was among the critics.

'Biden is using buzzwords to justify his 'transition away' from American jobs while foreign countries like China, Iran, Russia, Mexico, Venezuela, and Iraq keep working and take over America's global market share,' he told 'President Biden's misguided policies will crush small businesses, hurt American workers, and harm all Americans.

'If we 'transition away' from American jobs while foreign countries keep producing, did we 'save the planet' or just kill American jobs?'

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said: 'This is quite the one-two punch,' McConnell said in a Senate speech Thursday. 'Toothless requests of our foreign adversaries... and maximum pain for American citizens.'

The only one to wear a mask... Maybe Biden was short of oxygen when he committed to these loony restrictions!

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