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2 May 2019 - Afternoon News

House Judiciary Committee members under the leadership of Chairman Jerrold Nadler voted today to have staffers and experts question Attorney General Bill Barr in their committee hearing on Thursday.

They are afraid that Barr will blast them out of the water.


Because Barr would not be speaking with actual Members of Congress, he decided to not humor the Democrats with another day of badgering.  Thus the scheduled Thursday hearing was cancelled.  Democrats sagely called Barr a Chicken and a liar.  LOL! Here are some highlights of the Hearings in the House and Senate:

Chairman Lindsey Graham opened the hearing by revealing information on the corrupt DOJ process to exonerate Hillary Clinton of wrongdoing and indict Donald Trump and his campaign in a Russia collusion witch hunt.  Graham read several text messages between DOJ lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page including their text calling Donald Trump a “f*cking idiot.”

Graham apologized to the children listening in for his language. He sis it to illustrate how biased the whole Muller Scam was.

Senator Graham then later promised to investigate the FISA process and deep state corruption.

AG Barr’s Hearing Opening Statement on Scribd reflected the same sentiment as Rosenstein did in his resignation letter:

The last paragraph of his opening remarks sticks out. Attorney General Bill Barr appears to spank Democrats who want to continue the collusion-delusion charade:

The responsibility of the Department of Justice, when it comes to law enforcement, is to determine whether crimes have been committed and to prosecute those crimes under the principles of federal prosecution. With the completion of the Special Counsel’s investigation and the resulting prosecutorial decisions, the Department’s work on this matter is at its end aside from completing the cases that have been referred to other offices. From here on, the exercise of responding and reacting to the report is a matter for the American people and the political process. As I am sure you agree, it is vitally important for the Department of Justice to stand apart from the political process and not to become an adjunct of it.

Barr Notes the Possibly Criminal Act of Mueller to continue to Harass Trump’s People till Long After the 1018 Election even when he Knew there was No Legitimate Purpose:

paraphrasing.... Barr goes on to say it was confusing to him why Mueller continued investigating Trump obstruction incidents AFTER Mueller had decided he wasn't going to rule on obstruction.........

@approx 11:15 AM to Grassley, Barr says: I felt that if Mueller couldn't go down the path of making a traditional prosecutive decision then he shouldn't have investigated-- and at that time he should have pulled up

So Barr is letting us know Mueller continued to search for crimes long after he couldn't prove it...........

He also clarified the power structure and who made the report public:

Transcript: "Let me also say that Bob Mueller is the equivalent of a US attorney. He was exercising the powers of the attorney generals subject to the supervision of the attorney general. He is part of the department of justice. His work concluded when he sent his report to the attorney general. At that point, it was my baby! and i was making the decision as to whether or not to make it public and i effectively overwrote the regulations, use discretion to lean as far forward as i could, to make that public. It was my decision to how and when to make it public, not Bob Muellers.” Phony Democrat Blumenthal gets his *** handed to him by Barr, but very properly and politely:

Blumenthal, who lied about his Vietnam War service, had the gall to tell Barr “history will judge you harshly.”

Bill Barr was unfazed and reminded Blumenthal that he, as the Attorney General is in charge of the Justice Department, and in no way was he going to recuse himself from any of the ongoing investigations.

At the end of the questioning from Blumenthal, Barr schooled the lying Stolen Valor Senator on the job of the DOJ, which is to establish whether there was a crime. Barr told Da Nang Dick to get over the Mueller investigation because it’s over and his department determined there was no crime.

“We have to stop using the criminal justice process as a political weapon,” Barr said. Barr on the Mueller Report: 

"The job of the justice department is now over … the report is now in the hands of the American people. Everyone can decide for themselves, there's an election in 18 months, we're out of it, we have to stop using the DOJ as a political weapon.”

— Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) May 1, 2019

In Blumenthal’s second round of questioning, he asked Attorney General Bill Barr if he memorialized his telephone call with Robert Mueller on March 27th.

“Did you or anyone, either you, or anyone on your staff memorialize your conversation with Robert Mueller?” Blumenthal asked Barr.

“Yes,” replied Barr.

“There were notes taken of the call,” Barr said in response to Blumenthal asking who took the memos.

“May we have those notes?” Blumenthal asked.

“No,” Barr promptly replied.

“Why not?” Blumenthal shot back.

“Why should you have them?” Barr replied.

Watch Barr stun Blumenthal and leave him speechless: The media has been having a fit that Barr used the term “SPYING”.  They once again tried to intimidate Barr into backing down on the term.  It didn’t work:

“I don’t think spying has any kind of pejorative connotation at all,” Barr said. “I think spying is a good English word…It’s commonly used in the press…”

Sheldon Whitehouse shot back and said the word “spying” isn’t commonly used by the Department of Justice.

“It’s commonly used by me,” Barr said laughing.

Attorney General Barr says criticism of his use of the word "spying" to describe investigative activity is "faux outrage.” — Josh Campbell (@joshscampbell) May 1, 2019 Here’s a close up video of Barr laughing after he puts Sheldon Whitehouse in his place: Barr pressed on the use of the word "spying" because "it's not commonly used by the department."

His answer: "Well, it's commonly used by me." 

— Caleb Hull (@CalebJHull) May 1, 2019 Comey loses it and calls Trump a Soul Eater!  LOL!

Comey also asserted that Bill Barr and Rod Rosenstein ‘lack inner strength’ and they “can’t resist the compromises necessary to survive Mr. Trump.”

“It takes character like Mr. Mattis’s to avoid the damage, because Mr. Trump eats your soul in small bites,” Comey added.

Comey finished his petty op-ed by claiming people who choose to work with Trump are lost.

Of course, to stay, you must be seen as on his team, so you make further compromises. You use his language, praise his leadership, tout his commitment to values. And then you are lost. He has eaten your soul. Senator Grassley tells it like it is:

Chuck Grassley: So I think here’s where we are, the Democrats and you folks in the media, are not concerned about the report. I think the results were not what you expected. And I think you’re finding out that everybody was sold a bunch of snake oil and now the jig’s up.”

AG Barr is just getting warmed up on investigating the real culprits:

Attorney General William P. Barr said Wednesday that he will probe whether the Clinton campaign’s payments to a company using a former British spy who collected information from Russian sources amounted to collusion.

Testifying to senators, Mr. Barr expanded on the scope of the “review” he says he’s conducting into “the activities over the summer of 2016,” which included vehemently anti-Trump FBI employees making key decisions on Hillary Clinton and President Trump.

But under questioning from Sen. Charles E. Grassley, the Senate’s senior Republican, Mr. Barr also said he’ll look at the Clinton campaign’s payments to facilitate the so-called Steele dossier, the salacious, mostly unverified and in some cases disproved set of documents that helped spur the Trump-Russia collusion narrative.

“That’s something that I am reviewing,” Mr. Barr told the Senate Judiciary Committee. Mr. Grassley said it was ironic that Mr. Trump has now been cleared of conspiracy with Russia to subvert the 2016 election, but the Clinton campaign who hired a foreign national — Mr. Steele — who relied on information that may have been planted by Russia has not faced the same scrutiny.

“That’s the definition of collusion,” Mr. Grassley said.

Mr. Barr said he doesn’t yet have conclusions, but said there is a real possibility that Russia used Mr. Steele as part of its disinformation campaign.

“That is one of the areas that I’m reviewing. I’m concerned about it, and I don’t think it’s entirely speculative,” he said. US Atty. Huber and Rosenstein both cite War Crimes Prosecutors!

Huber, who has been investigating in the background says he met with a war crimes prosecutor yesterday.  This was no accident, nor was saying so publicly an accident either.  This fits into what Rosenstein wrote as well, quoting a famous war crimes Chief Prosecutor for the Nuremberg Trials in his resignation letter.

Now this is interesting. They not only met, but the US Attorney Utah posted it to Twitter to let us all know:

Honored to have former AUSA and office leader David J. Schwendiman in the office today for a brown bag office alumni visit. Great advice for us shaped by his experiences as an AUSA, a war crimes prosecutor, his work on three Olympics, and @TheJusticeDept's attache in Kabul.

4 little words that warm the heart:  a war crimes prosecutor

Meanwhile the Democrats and MoveOn wants to impeach AG Barr with another phony crime, because it worked so well before….:

Dear MoveOn member,

Before anyone could see the Mueller report, Attorney General William Barr chose to tell the American public that the report effectively exonerated Donald Trump. It's just not true—and as we learned yesterday, Robert Mueller sent Barr a letter saying that Barr "did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance" of Mueller's work.1 When asked by Congress under oath if Mueller agreed with Barr's characterization, Barr claimed to not know, even though he'd heard loud and clear that Mueller disagreed.2 And when Barr did release a redacted report, it showed a different story about Trump's complicity in attempting to impede the Trump-Russia investigation.3

Barr has used his position as our nation's chief law enforcement officer to protect the president, rather than seek justice. He has misled Congress and the American people. He needs to resign—and if he does not, Congress should impeach him.

Oh yeah… Legal Intimidation and abuse of process...That’s going to work real well on Barr…. LOL

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