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19 February 2019 - Dinner News

The Trump administration is launching a global effort to decriminalize homosexuality in the dozens of nations where it is still illegal to be gay.

The highest-profile openly gay person in the Trump administration, U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, is leading the effort. According to a report from NBC News, he will be kicking off the campaign in Berlin on Tuesday evening.

Grenell called last month’s hanging of the man in Iran “a wake-up call for anyone who supports basic human rights.”

“This is not the first time the Iranian regime has put a gay man to death with the usual outrageous claims of prostitution, kidnapping, or even pedophilia. And it sadly won’t be the last time,” Grenell wrote in the German paper Bild. “Barbaric public executions are all too common in a country where consensual homosexual relationships are criminalized and punishable by flogging and death.”

The effort is, in part, an effort to reframe the debate about Iran as a human rights issue. Thought the Q phenomenon was not well known?   Like the Trump Tweets, it is a way to bypass the Media Controls and it’s working:

Welcome to the Real World 2807 Q 19 Feb 2019 - 7:47:31 AM

[TOPIC: TAXPAYER THEFT] INSIDER vs OUTSIDER RETAIN CONTROL vs. LOSE CONTROL Kennedy was an outsider [assassinated] Reagan was an outsider [assassination attempt] POTUS is an outsider [CLAS HIGH] How much money (CASH) was sent by the FED to Iraq (Iraq War)?📁📁📁 How much money (CASH) was confiscated from the Iraq Central Bank?📁 [Example – not intended for PUBLIC awareness]📁 If it worked in IRAQ, why not replicate in IRAN? How much money (CASH) was sent to IRAN?📁 Who controls the distribution of funds? Who accounts for the funds? Who has access to the funds? Who ‘really’ has access to the funds? Do funds return in the form of political donations? Do funds return in the form of massive donations to ‘FOUNDATIONS’ and/or ‘INSTITUTES’? Do funds return in the form of offshore bank accounts for future payments/payoffs? Replicate: Environment (‘Green’), AID assist, etc. NO HONEST CONTROL IN PLACE. NO CHECKS & BALANCES IN PLACE. NO SAFEGUARDS IN PLACE. Threat of an OUTSIDER becoming PRESIDENT? LOSS OF CONTROL?📁 “Trillions of dollars at stake.” "Controlled by group of special interests." "Illusion of democracy." [Welcome to the Real World] WE CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE THIS RARE OPPORTUNITY TO RIGHT THE WRONGS. WE, THE PEOPLE, MUST RECLAIM WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS. WE MUST RISE. WE MUST FIGHT. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Q

Carpe Donkum Strikes Again:

Carpe Donktum — who was tweeted by President Trump twice last week — put together a collection of several prominent mainstream liberal media hate hoaxes from the past two years. With background music by Childish Gambino, “This is America.” I wouldn’t be surprised if it was taken down soon by the powers that be… Cortez does it again:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s mouth is the gift that keeps on giving.  This weekend media darling and Socialist idiot proved she’s as ignorant on 20th Century history as she is on Socialist economics.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) turned to Instagram to complain about the Trump border wall and inaccurately compare it to the Berlin Wall.

Dagny: Apparently a wall to keep people out is the same thing as a wall to keep people in...? Trump Tweets

On Venezuela:

We are here to proclaim that a new day is coming in Latin America. In Venezuela and across the Western Hemisphere, Socialism is DYING - and liberty, prosperity, and democracy are being REBORN...The people of Venezuela are standing for FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY – and the United States of America is standing right by their side!  

I ask every member of the Maduro regime: End this nightmare of poverty, hunger and death. LET YOUR PEOPLE GO. Set your country free! Now is the time for all Venezuelan Patriots to act together, as one united people. Nothing could be better for the future of Venezuela!  

Today more than 50 countries around the world now recognize the rightful government of Venezuela. The Venezuelan people have spoken and the world has heard their voice. They are turning the page on Socialism and Dictatorship; and there will be NO GOING BACK!

On Treason:

“....(The Witch Hunt) in time likely will become recognized as the greatest scandal in American political history, marking the first occasion in which the U.S. government bureaucrats sought to overturn an election (presidential)!” Victor Davis Hanson And got caught! @FoxNews

“The biggest abuse of power and corruption scandal in our history, and it’s much worse than we thought. Andrew McCabe (FBI) admitted to plotting a coup (government overthrow) when he was serving in the FBI, before he was fired for lying & leaking.” @seanhannity @FoxNews Treason!

On the Wall:

As I predicted, 16 states, led mostly by Open Border Democrats and the Radical Left, have filed a lawsuit in, of course, the 9th Circuit! California, the state that has wasted billions of dollars on their out of control Fast Train, with no hope of completion, seems in charge!

The failed Fast Train project in California, where the cost overruns are becoming world record setting, is hundreds of times more expensive than the desperately needed Wall!

On Media Bias:

The Washington Post is a Fact Checker only for the Democrats. For the Republicans, and for your all time favorite President, it is a Fake Fact Checker!

I never said anything bad about Andrew McCabe’s wife other than she (they) should not have taken large amounts of campaign money from a Crooked Hillary source when Clinton was under investigation by the FBI. I never called his wife a loser to him (another McCabe made up lie)!

The New Attorney General Barr has a talk with Mueller:

Finally Media Malpractice is getting Expensive:

Today, Attorneys Lin Wood and Todd McMurtry filed their first lawsuit on behalf of Nicholas Sandmann against The Washington Post. The lawsuit filed is included below.

“The suit seeks $250 million in both compensatory and punitive damages,” the announcement states. “Lin and Todd will continue to bring wrongdoers before the court to seek damages in compensation for the harm so many have done to the Sandmann family. This is only the beginning.”

Obama Red Handed:

Former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper admitted in a CNN interview Saturday that former President Obama instigated the ongoing investigations into Donald Trump and those in his orbit. Speaking with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Clapper let slip:

If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place.
James Clapper admits to Anderson Cooper that Obama set off the sequence of events that led to the Mueller investigation by tasking the intelligence community assessment— ᏢᏒᎥsᏟᎥᏞᏞᎪ’s ᏉᎥᎬᎳ ™️ (@PriscillasView) July 19, 2018

Strzok: And hi. Went well, best we could have expected. Other than [REDACTED] quote: “the White House is running this.” My answer, “well, maybe for you they are.” And of course, I was planning on telling this guy, thanks for coming, we’ve got an hour, but with Bill [Priestap] there, I’ve got no control….Page: Yeah, whatever (re the WH comment). We’ve got the emails that say otherwise. How to STOP the 16-state Democrat lawsuit LinkedIn ^ | 02/19/2019 | Randy Miller 

Posted on 2/19/2019, 8:40:46 AM by 2harddrive

AGREED and AMEN! Thank you, Randy Miller from LinkedIn! 

The ONE WORD that REQUIRES Donald J Trump to Declare a National Emergency on the border if Congress failed to follow through on their own border bills which they have not done: 


Texas has a Supreme Court right under federalism under Article 4 Section 4 of the US Constitution as well as by Congressional Treaty (1845 Joint Resolution of Annexation of the Republic of Texas to the United States of America) to counter sue the states that do not wish to defend the border. Clearly Texas has been invaded. Statistical records from DPS proves this beyond a shadow of any doubt. 

Texas has the superior interest over the 16 states that have sued the Executive Branch over the national emergency. 

If Trump does not declare the emergency then the United States is in violation of its duties under the 1845 treaty and Article 4 Section 4 of the US Constitution. 

The 16 states that have sued Trump have no standing on border matters. They have no authority whatsoever to challenge Executive Action on the border. If they choose to withhold support of the border then Texas must sue immediately to recoup damages including DPS wages for law enforcement.

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