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17 March 2019 - Brunch News

The NZ shooter was actually a Green Nationalist - essentially a Green National Socialist, with the same goals a Hitler’s National Socialists but Green.

The NZ Shooter’s manifesto indicates clearly that he was actually an ecoterrorist. He was fine with all sorts of people and races so long as they stayed in their own homelands - as a means of preserving human genetic and cultural diversity. That explains why he traveled the world including North Korea, Bulgaria, Turkey, Pakistan, South East Asia and Europe and was fine with people in their own lands. He was being an eco-tourist of sorts.

Here are some excerpts:

"Did you always hold these views?

No, when I was young I was a communist, then an anarchist and finally a libertarian before coming to be an eco-fascist.”

Were/are you a fascist?

Yes. For once, the person that will be called a fascist, is an actual fascist. I am sure the journalists will love that.

I mostly agree with Sir Oswald Mosley’s views and consider myself an Eco-fascist by nature.

The nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the People’s Republic of China.

Was the attack anti-diversity in origin?

No, the attack was not an attack on diversity, but an attack in the name of diversity. To ensure diverse peoples remain diverse, separate, unique,undiluted in unrestrained in cultural or ethnic expression and autonomy.

To ensure that the peoples of the world remain true to their traditions and faiths and do not become watered down and corrupted by the influence of outsiders. The attack was to ensure a preservation of beauty, art and tradition. In my mind a rainbow is only beautiful to due its variety of colours, mix the colours together and you destroy them all and they are gone forever and the end result is far from anything beautiful.

From Voat:

p 11 he wanted to create division between left and right "...a dramatic polarization of the people in the United States and eventually a fracturing of the US along cultural and racial lines""

p 12 "the nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the People's Republic of China"

p 19 won't your attack result in removal of gun rights? "Yes, that is the plan..."

p 25 "Conservatism is dead. Thank God. Now let us move onto something of worth""

p 33 "Green nationalism is the only nationalism" - discusses his own environmental movement

p 47  "Emotions rule over facts" "Stop trying to persuade the general population with statistics, charts, tablets and figures....

****** not Qanon at all ********

I searched the document for "8chan" and "Voat" and "Q" and Qanon" and it wasn't there. The Green New Deal and much of the Rothchild / Illuminati creed is essentially Green Globalist Socialism.  No wonder the NPR ordered their people not to share the actual content of the manifesto.

You can see for yourself.  This is one of those rare links to the NZ Shooter’s manifesto:

See it on 8Chan while you can. There are people who want to ban 8chan, as it is a free and vital source of information on Q. The Deep State and the Leftists would love an excuse to get rid of it.

Speaking of Deep State, what was Tony Podesta doing in New Zealand 5 days before the attack?

He was on their media there talking about how Fake News has been “weaponized”. The President of New Zealand is close to Hillary, and many of the wealthy elite leftists have arranged homes in New Zealand as a place to go in case of doomsday.

Do normal people have teeth like this? Looks like vampire teeth to me. Some people have that done. It sure would fit with the whole Pizzagate allegations:

"New Zealand is a member of the Five Eyes spy network, a powerful intelligence club made up of the US, UK, Canada, Australia and us.

He says we're a "juicier target", and should guard against hacked information being weaponised as fake news. "What's new is this weaponisation - the use of social media to spread discord, lies, dissatisfaction - that's I think what you've got to look out for," he says.

Mr Podesta played a starring role in one of the great conspiracy theories of the election - his hacked emails included an exchange about a Washington DC pizza joint called Comet Ping Pong."

What a coincidence he was in New Zealand right before the shooting occurred. Apparently there is also a connection to NXIVM:   Podesta Group linked to NXIVMCharles C Wilkes the Cafritz-Wilkes Development Group LLC Children’s Foundation1 mile from Comet Ping Pong

The Media knew about Beto’s illegal days when he would steal credit card information to make long distance phone calls, but they kept it silent until after the election:

O’Rourke spoke positively of the Cult of the Dead Cow (CDC)  through which he engaged in illegal activity. According to Menn’s reporting, O’Rourke accessed cracked gaming software and stole credit card numbers in order to place free long distance phone calls.

Reuters explained in a “backstory” article late Friday that Menn held onto the story until after O’Rourke’s high-profile Senate race in exchange for an on-the-record interview. Menn’s agreement with the CDC that prevented voters from learning about O’Rourke’s hacking calls to mind NBC News’ decision to sit on newsworthy information about then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in fall 2018.

In late September, Julie Swetnick claimed Kavanaugh had participated in gang rapes; it was an allegation her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, said could be corroborated by another woman.

NBC revealed in late October — weeks after Kavanaugh’s tense confirmation hearings — that the second woman contradicted Swetnick’s story during a phone interview on September 30. Rather than publish the information at the time when Kavanaugh was facing the allegations in the Senate, NBC opted to hold it until after the judge was already confirmed.

Democrat Bobby-Beto O’Rourke also told a group of Iowans that those who come up with green policies are heroes like “those who were on the beaches of Normandy."

And that we will have an apocalypse in 12 years:

And that he wants to tear down the existing border wall: The Deep State must end. The Border must be sealed:

"Washington, D.C., plays a crucial role in facilitating the international drug trade. In fact, more than a few officials, drug lords, and analysts have even said that the CIA and other secretive U.S. and foreign agencies actually run the global trade in narcotics, laundering the profits, and more. The DEA was even investigated by Congress last year for helping to launder drug money, while the ATF was exposed supplying U.S. weapons to Mexican cartels. ICE has reportedly been allowing cartel hit men into the United States to murder. So far, none of the high-ranking officials responsible for the lawlessness have truly been held accountable.”

Tump Tweet:

Report: Christopher Steele backed up his Democrat & Crooked Hillary paid for Fake & Unverified Dossier with information he got from “send in watchers” of low ratings CNN. This is the info that got us the Witch Hunt!

Posted on 3/16/2019, 10:03:03 AM by Rocky

The dossier that launched several investigations into Donald Trump and his presidential campaign was based, in part, on posts from "random individuals" from a CNN website that allows the public to publish unverified information. 

Christopher Steele made the admission in a deposition given in connection with a lawsuit against the dossier. The judge released portions of the deposition this week. 

Washington Examiner: 

According to deposition transcripts released this week, Steele said last year he used a 2009 report he found on CNN's iReport website and said he wasn't aware that submissions to that site are posted by members of the public and are not checked for accuracy. 

A web archive from July 29, 2009 shows that CNN described the site in this manner: " is a user-generated site. That means the stories submitted by users are not edited, fact-checked, or screened before they post." 

(See the link for the rest of the article.)

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

On the humorous side, Nancy Pelosi wants 16 year olds to vote.

Numerous serious answers to that have been posted here and they are hilarious.

Funny as heck as people remember or are 16 and say why 16 year olds should not vote: It was RGB’s birthday Friday.  Did anyone actually see her or photograph her on her birthday?  How very odd.  People celebrate victory over cancer when a birthday arrives!  You would think the media would be celebrating!

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