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16 May 2020 - Judge Sullivan Exposed

This open letter posted this morning may explain why the judge has been making such desperate and futile moves to get Flynn. This makes very interesting reading. RR may be Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Director of the FBI under James Comey. Elijah Cummings was a generally believed to be crooked African-American congressman from Maryland.:

Mr. (judge🤔) Sullivan,

I had hoped all along that you would do the right thing, that you would realize that what you're trying to hide is known by people on both sides. I had hoped in knowing that you would consider the situation moot and do the right thing.

You did not. Instead you turned to your friends for more political favors and cover. So maybe exposing some of those crimes will prompt you to recuse yourself. It's obvious you can't be relied upon to do your job impartially and dismiss all charges, exonerating General Flynn.

We have met. I have unfortunately worked with Elijah Cummings on more than one occasion. The latest was when he asked me to "assess"the viability of his wife's political campaign. The access granted for that proved very very interesting.

Quick question "your honor", over the years how many millions of dollars in government funds did yourself and your buddy Elijah Cummings siphon off of Howard University? I guess you were right when you said " they don't need it they never amount to anything".

On a side note, I think it's very kind of you to help your a good friend Cummings in his little multimillion-dollar insurance fraud scheme.

Like he said no one's ever going to get a police search warrant for federal judges house.

What better place to hide a bunch of "stolen" art work. I especially like the two of you have in your private office at home.

You don't have any intention of giving those back do you?

But I digress.

Besides the money laundering and the insurance fraud for yourself and your friends. Should we talk about the cases that you have corrupted for money or favors?

I've compiled quite a list.

Perhaps I should point out the non politically advantageous cases where you just stuck it to the defendant because you could, or because you didn't like them or their race, or because you had "fixed" so many other cases you had to make some of them look "normal". Any comment judge?

Because it's about to get worse.

There was a "secret" deal in your courtroom, a deal threatening General Flynn's son. You can pretend it was a secret but you knew about it the entire time. You colluded with the prosecutor continuously. But all that's very obvious now.

An innocent man faced with evil, evil against himself and his son. An honorable man, an intelligent man with integrity, a warrior, will stand in front of his son against any evil.

An evil plan thought you knew of an allowed to happen. Then you pretended not to know anything about it. And when it did finally come out you did not rebuke the prosecution for it.

General Flynn fell on a sword for his son, you cannot ask for a greater love or respect. I know it well, I had to do it for my wife and my family. 🙏

We just discussed a relationship between a father and his son. One of the strongest bonds in this world and beyond.

I understand your a father as well.

Normally I would not discuss children but since your children figure so prominently in shaping your decisions on the bench.

I will go ahead and include them here.

You have two sons, both of them violent no good pieces of crap that Daddy has had to cover for their whole life.

One in particular, your namesake. That must be a particular thorn in your side.

In 2012 he was arrested for the violent assault and rape of an underage girl. He beat and raped her for several hours at his home, and when he was "finished" with her, he left her laying on the floor while he went and watched television.

He didn't give her another thought until approximately an hour later when he went to use the bathroom and she was still laying in the same spot, unresponsive.

Did he call an ambulance out of concern? No. He left the house and called you from his car.

You wanted to know who it was,

Obviously this has happened before and you wanted to know how bad clean up was going to be this time. This time it was the daughter of a "family friend", someone who owed you a lot someone you had enriched, and abusing your authority as usual you knew you could cover it up.

Instead of calling 911 because of "recordings", you instructed your son to call the local fire department directly. (Real shame they keep a recorded line as well 😉) and once was dispatched to your sons address found the girl lying against the wall in the bedroom,

still unresponsive. They got her to the hospital, saved her life, she was bleeding externally and internally, another hour and she would not have made it, saving daddy's little namesake a murder charge.

But the ambulance company call the police reported it oh, your son was arrested. There was no way out the evidence was overwhelming so you and Cummings, and Rod took care of it.

Lost in the system, no disposition.

Still on the books but never made it to court.

Your son must be very lucky have you as a father. The girl was not as lucky. That was in 2012, this is 2020, this summer she'll be old enough to take her first legal drink.

I don't know what she'll celebrate if she does, her life has been very difficult. Everything she's had to go through, including her own family, her father that you control, telling her to "get over it".

She has a lot to get over, at least she will never be burdened with a child like your buddy Obama says, no concessions for her, too much damage for that.

But you managed to bury it. Fast forward a few more years and the same son is picked up in a multi-state sting of online pedophiles. I'm sure all those pictures and videos he was trading, all those children oh, I'm sure they were asking for it too😭

Back to your friends, Cummings, Catherine Pugh, rod. Funny how are your friends are corrupt or convicted. With that previous charge still on the books you really had to call in some favors to make this go away. Close to 900 people picked up, you managed to make that case

disappear somewhere in between the state and federal level, with some RR help there.👍 Wouldn't want him to pay for the crimes he committed would we?

You owe so much to so many people and they are really pulling your strings now aren't they?

You are unfit for the bench you do not.

You do not deserve to wear that robe.

General Flynn, an innocent man willing to destroy every minute of his life, everything he has achieved, to save his son. When both of them are innocent and attacked by others.

You, allow your sons to harm others. And in your own corruption you continue that corruption to cover theirs. No matter how many lives are destroyed. The only thing you seem to be competent in doing is destroying innocent lives.

And selling your position to fix things.

You hid it so well, you had a lot of help, but you definitely hid it well.

Laundering money through dead people's names, your "incident" at Howard University, at least she was over 18, the other incident at that party. I can see where your son's get it. And on and on.

So much more, so many records, especially when one knows where to dig.

You don't have the help you used to, the layers of your onion are being peeled back, but you're the one who's going to cry this time.

These are terrible, libelous statements, if untrue. I encourage you to abuse your authority once again and haul me in to your farcical court. I have so much to put on the record, I look forward to that. But even more, that young lady I mentioned earlier, she's an adult now,

and living on her own. And she wants her day in court as well. 🙏

Nearly everything has been taken from me already, if all I have left in me is to help clear General Flynn and help heal that young woman by exposing your corruption then so be it 🙏🙏🙏

Looking for validation:

His “namesake” may be Emmet A Sullivan of Maryland.

Is this on the level? It appears so. I just grabbed this from the Maryland courts:

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