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15 April 2019 - Afternoon News

Brilliant Chess/Aikido Move: 9,578 replies16,656 retweets68,942 likes BREAKING NEWS: Trump announces illegal immigrants WILL be bussed to sanctuary cities.. Daily Mail UK ^ | April 15, 2019 | Emily Goodin 

Posted on 4/15/2019, 10:31:11 AM by COUNTrecount

BREAKING NEWS: Trump announces illegal immigrants WILL be bussed to sanctuary cities and states in move designed to outrage Democrats 

President Trump called on Congress to return to Washington D.C. to 'fix the immigration laws' as he struggles to full fill his key campaign promise 

'Congress should come back to D.C. now and FIX THE IMMIGRATION LAWS!,' he tweeted on Monday morning 

Trump made building a border wall and stemming the tide of illegal immigrants a key promise of his 2016 campaign 

The administration has moved to shift the blame to Democrats 

The White House is also considering alternative ideas - such as dumping illegal immigrants into sanctuary cities 

There was a report Trump offered a presidential pardon to the top border agent if any measures he used to detainee immigrants was found to be outside the law 

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said President Trump likes a plan to dump illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities 

'Democrats have said they want these individuals into their communities so let's see if it works and everybody gets a win out of it,' she said 

She denied the report about the pardon offer 

'We're a country of laws and we have a president who supports that and is not asking anybody to do anything outside of those bounds,' she said

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Trump:   Congress should come back to D.C. now and FIX THE IMMIGRATION LAWS!

Sanctuary Cities Map (Clickable) below

Updated March 27, 2017 by

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Cities = Blue dots  Counties = Red dots State Policies = Purple Dots  Repealed Policies = Green dots

(Dagny: Does Ken Starr now feel safe enough to talk, or is it that the FBI is investigating other coverups of Hillary Clinton’s crimes?)

Ken Starr just revealed a motive for Hillary to kill Vince Foster that was covered up by him.  There were multiple witnesses:

"Ken Starr deliberately left out of his final report the FBI’s finding that Hillary Clinton 'triggered' the suicide of President Clinton's Deputy White House Counsel to spare her feelings, can reveal. 

FBI agents investigating the death of Vince Foster learned he was set off after Hillary attacked and humiliated him in front of other White House aides a week before he took his own life on July 20, 1993. 

But for what were then unexplained reasons, Starr elected to conceal the FBI's finding that Hillary's tirade triggered Foster's suicide when he wrote his final report on the matter.

At a reception for authors participating in the 2019 Annapolis Book Festival last weekend, I asked Starr why he omitted the damaging FBI finding.

At first, he beat around the bush, citing well-established facts indicating that Foster was already depressed before Hillary lashed into him at the White House meeting.

But when pressed, Starr admitted he 'did not want to inflict further pain' on Hillary by revealing that her humiliation of Foster a week before he took his own life pushed him over the edge.

In interviewing Clinton White House aides and Foster's friends and family, the FBI agents found that a week before Foster's death, Hillary as First Lady held a meeting at the White House with Foster and other top aides to discuss her proposed health care legislation.  

'Hillary put him down really, really bad in a pretty good-size meeting,' Copeland said. 'She told him he didn't get the picture, and he would always be a little hick town lawyer who was obviously not ready for the big time.' 

Indeed, Hillary went so far as to blame Foster for all the Clintons' problems and to accuse him of failing them, according to Clemente, who was also assigned by the FBI to the Starr investigation and who probed the circumstances surrounding Foster's suicide.

After the meeting, Foster's behavior changed dramatically, the FBI agents found. Those who knew Foster said his voice sounded strained, he became withdrawn and preoccupied, and his sense of humor vanished. At times, Foster teared up. He talked of feeling trapped."

Posted on 4/15/2019, 9:41:59 AM by Red Badger

CBS News ✔ @CBSNews 

BREAKING: Justice Department says it will release the redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller's report on Thursday

Roger Stone wants a full copy of the Mueller report for his criminal case, according to reports.

Lawyers for Stone, a former top Trump adviser, who is accused of lying to Congress and obstructing justice, are also seeking to get the charges against him dismissed.

“No other person, Committee, or entity has Stone’s constitutionally based standing to demand the complete, unredacted Report,” Stone’s lawyers stated.

As part of its full-court press against the charges, Stone’s lawyers also filed motions arguing he was selectively prosecuted. They are challenging the constitutionality of Mueller’s appointment, according to the Associated Press. Trump Tweets:

The Mueller Report, which was written by 18 Angry Democrats who also happen to be Trump Haters (and Clinton Supporters), should have focused on the people who SPIED on my 2016 Campaign, and others who fabricated the whole Russia Hoax. That is, never forget, the crime…......Since there was no Collusion, why was there an Investigation in the first place! Answer - Dirty Cops, Dems and Crooked Hillary!

THEY SPIED ON MY CAMPAIGN (We will never forget)!

The Radical Left Democrats will never be satisfied with anything we give them. They will always Resist and Obstruct!

Congress should come back to D.C. now and FIX THE IMMIGRATION LAWS!

Mueller, and the A.G. based on Mueller findings (and great intelligence), have already ruled No Collusion, No Obstruction. These were crimes committed by Crooked Hillary, the DNC, Dirty Cops and others! INVESTIGATE THE INVESTIGATORS! Before Nancy, who has lost all control of Congress and is getting nothing done, decides to defend her leader, Rep. Omar, she should look at the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and ungrateful U.S. HATE statements Omar has made. She is out of control, except for her control of Nancy! Meanwhile in the Ukraine… a comedian who pretends to be president on TV is running to be the actual President of the Ukraine.  The election is on the 21st:

On April 21, Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky, a comedian who pretends to be President in a Ukrainian TV show, squares off against the actual incumbent President, Petro Poroshenko, who has served since 2014. In their battle, Zelensky and Poroshenko symbolize the unsettling global politics of our time.

Poroshenko is as experienced as Zelensky is green. An oligarch known as the “Chocolate King” for his great financial success in confectionaries, he was first elected to Parliament more than 20 years ago. He served in the governments of Presidents Leonid Kuchma, Viktor Yushchenko, and Viktor Yanukovych and helped establish different political parties between stints as a Parliamentarian.

He won the Presidency in 2014 and, since then, has fought Russian-backed forces on the battlefield, sought a diplomatic solution to the conflict, and reoriented Ukraine away from Russia and towards the West.

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