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12 December 2019 - Afternoon News

She actually said that:

Heads exploding in 3..2…1….

Mike Huckabee calls for a third term for Trump to make up for the lost time due to the coup:

I'll be on @seanhannity 2nite @FoxNews at 9pm ET and will explain how @realDonaldTrump will be eligible for a 3rd term due to the illegal attempts by Comey, Dems, and media , et al attempting to oust him as @POTUS so that's why I was named to head up the 2024 re-election. Just when you thought it could not get any more inane:

Senate Democrats made a similar request to Ukraine last year regarding President Trump. Sens. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Patrick Leahy (D-VT) wrote a letter to General Prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko from the Office of the Prosecutor General in Ukraine on May 4, 2018 demanding compliance with the Mueller probe.

“People at the highest level of our government took the law in their own hands.”

“What has been described as a few irregularities becomes a massive criminal conspiracy over time to defraud the FISA court, to illegally surveil an American citizen, and keep an operation open against a sitting president of the United States, violating every norm known to the rule of law,” 

A real intel warrior:

Matt Gaetz tells it like it is with the most damning and shocking facts.  Brilliant and well worth your time (4.5 minutes)

Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "I don’t know what report current Director of the FBI Christopher Wray was reading, but it sure wasn’t the one given to me. With that kind of attitude, he will never be able to fix the FBI, which is badly broken despite having some of the greatest men & women working there!"

AG Barr: "I think our nation was turned on its head for three years based on a completely bogus narrative that was largely fanned and hyped by a completely irresponsible press. I think there were gross abuses and inexplicable behavior that is intolerable in the FBI."

"They dislike us so much they are willing to weaponize the government. A few years ago, it was the IRS. More recently it was the FBI. And now it’s the impeachment power of Congress, going after 63 million people and the guy we put in the White House.” - @Jim_Jordan One aspect of the Inspector Generals’ report on the FBI handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation has been a bit overshadowed by the media. The fact that President Barack Obama lied to the American people when he claimed he only learned of Hillary Clinton’s use of an unauthorized, non-secure, non-governmental email server while she was Secretary of State. Horowitz said today that HRC and the DNC paid for the Steel Dossier!(QRV)IG Report 

Horowitz was asked by Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) about whether there was a point when surveilling Page became unlawful. Horowitz first said that his report was sent to the courts to make a decision on whether charges should be filed against anyone at the FBI.

“If you don’t have a legal foundation to surveil somebody and you keep doing it, is that bad?” Graham asked Horowitz.

“Absolutely,” he replied, adding that “it’s illegal surveillance.”

“It’s not court-authorized surveillance,” Horowitz added.

He added that “the FISA applications relied entirely on information from the Steele reportingThe Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee ultimately paid for Steele’s work, a fact the FBI did not disclose in the warrant application. The men and women sitting at home need to know what’s happening: A lawyer at the FBI creates fraudulent evidence, alters an email. That is in turn used as the basis for a sworn to the court that the court relies on in issuing authority to wiretap Trump campaign officials. Am I stating that accurately.”

“That’s correct,” Horowitz said. “That is what occurred.”

And by the way, what he inserted was not just slightly wrong, it was 180 degree opposite of what the evidence said!” Cruz blared.

Cruz then pointed out that the Steele Dossier, which contained various allegations of wrongdoing by Trump officials — all eventually discredited — was funded by Democrats. He said the dossier was the “most effective oppo research dump in history” because “the Department of Justice and the FBI were perfectly happy to be hatchet men for this oppo research dump.”The report, Cruz said, lays out “17 major errors and misstatements that were made by the FBI or DOJ” in securing warrants.

“A number of them are deeply deeply troubling, these are not typos. These are not small inadvertent errors. These are grotesque abuses of power,” the senator said.

William Barr has suddenly become chatty— and he’s provided quite an information dump.

In video appearances on NBC News and at Wall Street Journal’s “CEO Council,” Attorney General Barr provided the same basic information and views about the U.S. intelligence community’s actions against the Trump campaign in 2016 and 2017. A criminal investigation is underway and being led by U.S. Attorney John Durham.

Barr was motivated to make the public statements, he explained, by misreporting and confusion surrounding Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report issued on Monday. It found serious government surveillance abuses but no evidence of political bias on the part of the offending FBI officials and agents.

Below are 24 points Barr felt the need to make after the release of the Horowitz report. (All of the information is attributed to Barr.)

1. Don’t expect Durham’s findings to be announced before late spring or summer 2020.

2. The FBI did spy on the Trump campaign. That’s what electronic surveillance is.

3. Regarding the FBI’s actions in surveilling Trump campaign associates, it was a “travesty” and there were “many abuses.”

4. From “day one,” the FBI investigation generated exculpatory information (tending to point to the targets’ innocence) and nothing that corroborated Russia collusion.

5. It’s a “big deal” to use U.S. law enforcement and intelligence resources to investigate the opposing political party, and I cannot think of another recent instance in which this happened.

6. Evidence to start the FBI’s investigation into Trump associates was “flimsy” from the start and based on the idea that Trump aide George Papadopoulos expressed he may have had pre-knowledge of a Democrat National Committee computer hack. However, it was actually just an offhand barroom comment by a young campaign aide described merely as a “suggestion of a suggestion, a vague allusion” to the fact that the Russians may have something they can dump. But by that time, May 2016, there was already rampant speculation online and in political circles that the Russians had hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails in 2014 and that they might surface. So the idea that Papadopoulos’s comment showed pre-knowledge of the Democratic National Committee hack and dump “is a big stretch.” 

7. It was “wrong” for the FBI to presume the Trump campaign was part of a plot. They should have gone to the campaign and discussed their suspicions. 

8. The normal thing to do would be to tell the campaign that there could be attempted foreign interference. There is no legitimate explanation as to why the FBI didn’t do this. The FBI’s explanation for this was that they only do “defensive briefings” if they’re certain there’s no chance they’re tipping someone off. But this simply isn’t true, isn’t plausible, and doesn’t hold water because our intelligence officials and President Barack Obama repeatedly contacted the Russians, the guilty party, to tell them to “cut it out.”

9. If the purpose were to protect the election, you would have given the Trump campaign a defensive briefing. You could have disrupted any foreign activity in time to protect the U.S. election. 

10. As to the FBI’s motive, “that’s why we have Durham.” I’m not saying the motivations were improper, but it’s premature to say they weren’t.

11. The inspector general operates differently as an internal watchdog. Horowitz’s approach is to say that if people involved give reasonable explanations for what appears to be wrongdoing, and if he can’t find documentary or testimonial evidence to the contrary, he accepts it.

12. Contrary to much reporting, Horowitz didn’t rule out improper motive; he didn’t find documentary or testimonial evidence of improper motive. Those are two different things.

13. Instead of talking to the Trump campaign, the FBI secretly “wired up” sources and had them talk to four people affiliated with the Trump campaign, in August, September, and October 2016.

14. All of the information from this surveillance came back exculpatory regarding any supposed relationship to Russia and specific facts. But the FBI didn’t inform the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court, which approved wiretaps against former Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page four times.

15. At one point early on, the FBI didn’t have enough probable cause for a wiretap warrant, so it took the “Steele dossier” information against Trump, “which they’d done nothing to verify,” and used that to get the wiretaps. 

16. The wiretaps allowed the FBI to go back and capture Page’s communications, emails, and other material from weeks, months, and even years ago.

17. Should the four FBI applications to wiretap Trump campaign aide Carter Page have ever been made, considering there were 17 critical omissions or errors by the FBI making it appear they had better evidence than they had? This is the meat of the issue, and “if you spend time to look at what happened, you’d be appalled.”

18. The FBI withheld from the court all of the exculpatory information and the lack of reliability of the main FBI source, Christopher Steele, who was being paid by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign to find evidence connecting Trump to Russia.

19. The major takeaway is that after the election in January, the FBI finally talked to one of Steele’s important sources to try to verify some of the “dossier” information and sourcing, as they’re required to do. This Steele source told the FBI he didn’t know what Steele was talking about in the dossier, and that he’d told Steele that the information he’d provided was “supposition” and “theory.” At that point, “it was clear the dossier was a sham.” Yet the FBI didn’t tell the court, and continued to get wiretaps based on the dossier. 

20. Further, the FBI falsely told the court that Steele’s source had been proven reliable and truthful. In fact, what the source had told the truth about was that “the dossier was garbage.” It’s hard to look at this “and not think it was gross abuse.”

21. Were the four Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act judges who approved the four wiretaps against Trump associate Carter Page badly misled by the FBI? Yes.

22. Are people going to be held accountable, including at the very top of our intelligence agencies and FBI? Well, they’re all gone.

23. The whole Russia collusion hype was a “bogus narrative hyped by an irresponsible press” that proved entirely false in the end.

Are former FBI Director James Comey and former FBI official Andy McCabe and others implicated in the Durham investigation? I think there was a failure of leadership in that group. Quoting the inspector general, the explanations he received “were not satisfactory. You can draw your own conclusions.”

24. Why haven’t we already thrown people in prison? “These things take time.” The government has to have proof beyond a reasonable doubt before we indict; it’s a substantial hurdle. Nobody is going to be indicted and go to jail unless that standard is met.

PETE WILLIAMS: What questions will John Durham address that the IG didn’t?

ATTORNEY GENERAL WILLIAM BARR: Durham is looking at the whole waterfront. He is looking at the issue of how it got started. He’s looking at whether or not the narrative of Trump being involved in the Russia interference actually preceded July and was it, in fact, the precipitating trigger for the investigation. He’s also looking at the conduct of the investigation. There were some things done in the investigation that are not included in Horowitz’s report. He’s looking at those things. But also, a few weeks ago, I told him that he should spend just as much attention on the post-election period. I did that because of some of the stuff that Horowitz has uncovered, which, to me, inexplicable.

WILLIAMS: Such as?

ATTORNEY GENERAL BARR: Their case collapsed after the election and they never told the court. They kept on getting renewals on these applications. There were documents falsified in order to get these renewals. There were all kinds of withholding of information from the court. The question really is: “What was the agenda after the election?” They kept on pressing ahead after their case collapsed. This is the President of the United States.

Durham probably won’t have a report.  He will just start arresting people and charging them. Steve Forbes asked her when Durham will give his report and [brilliant lawyer] Sidney said "I don't think he will give a report, He's gonna start indicting people". She also went on to say the 17 crimes in the Horowitz report were committed by" hand picked" people from higher up the chain of command. In other words this is an organized plot by the Obama administration and the Democrats.

Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder sent a chilling message in a very public way to U.S. Attorney John Durham–the man investigating abuses by the FBI and Justice Department against President Trump and members of his administration and campaign in the Russia-election investigation–warning Durham he is risking his reputation.

Holder wrote an op-ed published Wednesday night by the Washington Post calling current Attorney General William Barr “unfit” to serve as attorney general. The threat to Durham iss buried in the op-ed

"...Others, like Durham, are being tested by this moment. I’ve been proud to know John for at least a decade, but I was troubled by his unusual statement disputing the inspector general’s findings. Good reputations are hard-won in the legal profession, but they are fragile; anyone in Durham’s shoes would do well to remember that, in dealing with this administration, many reputations have been irrevocably lost.

This is certainly true of Barr, who was until recently a widely respected lawyer. I and many other Justice veterans were hopeful that he would serve as a responsible steward of the department and a protector of the rule of law."

"The American people deserve an attorney general who serves their interests, leads the Justice Department with integrity and can be entrusted to pursue the facts and the law, even — and especially — when they are politically inconvenient and inconsistent with the personal interests of the president who appointed him. William Barr has proved he is incapable of serving as such an attorney general. He is unfit to lead the Justice Department.

Barr, 69, is serving as attorney general a second time–the first during the presidency of George H.W. Bush. Barr is at the peak of his profession and is immune to Holder’s criticism.

Durham, on the other hand, while also Barr’s age, has been a career assistant U.S. attorney who was promoted by President Trump to U.S. Attorney for the District of Connecticut in 2017 after 35 years of service there. Holder’s message to Durham is clear, play ball or face ruin."

Rep. Dan Bishop (R-N.C.) understands, “Did Eric Holder obstruct justice in this threat to US Atty Durham?

Despite knowing this salacious story of Russian hookers was a complete sham James Comey peddled this disgusting story on CNN in April 2018.

Watch James Comey, the FBI head, actively peddle the lie that Trump watched prostitutes in Moscow peeing on each other.

Comey knew this wasn't true when he gave the interview in April 2018. Everyone in the FBI knew and IG Horowitz confirmed it. — Rising serpent (@rising_serpent) December 11, 2019

President Trump::

"Today, the House Democrats announced these two flimsy, pathetic, ridiculous articles of impeachment," he said. "With today's announcement, they are now admitting there was no collusion, there was no obstruction of justice, and there were no crimes, whatsoever!" 

Neither article of impeachment names a crime that the president allegedly committed. House Democrats characterized Trump’s withholding of military aid to Ukraine as a "bribe" for weeks during impeachment hearings, but the charge was notably left off the draft articles. The second article of impeachment alleges Trump obstructed Congress, which differs from obstruction of justice. 

He went on to call the impeachment efforts "impeachment lite," slamming the process as the "the lightest, weakest" impeachment "in the history of our country by far." Trump also accused Democrats of abusing Congress's impeachment power and cheapening a solemn process. 

"To me, impeachment is a very ugly word. It's a word I associate with some very bad times in our country," Trump said. "This was a big deal. They are making it so it's like, 'Let's do this every six months.' They have cheapened a process." This too is going on:

Three Clinton Foundation staffers have come forward with hundreds of pages of evidence of potential wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation, including misappropriation of funds and allegations of quid-pro-quo promises made to donors during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., told Fox News on Thursday.

Meadows, the leader of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, is also the chairman of the House Oversight Subcommittee on Government Operations. The panel is set to hold an investigative hearing next week on the status of the Foundation case.

However, The Hill reported Thursday that prosecutors working for Huber recently requested documents from a private investigative firm that also has been looking into the foundation. The firm, MDA Analytics LLC, reportedly has contacted the IRS, the Justice Department and the FBI’s Little Rock office with evidence from its own investigation.

In addition, The Hill reported that a whistleblower submission filed with the FBI and IRS in August 2017 included internal legal reviews that the Clinton Foundation conducted between 2008 and 2011. Those reviews raised concerns about legal compliance and improper mingling of personal and charity business.

Obama gave Pearson Publishing $350 million to create Commoncore text and Pearson gave Obama a $65 million dollar book deal in return. Quid Pro Quo.

The Obamas’ $60m book deal has broken all records. From James Patterson to JK Rowling and Pope John Paul II, here are some of their closest rivals: 

Same as Obama’s stance on net net-neutrality benefited Netflix, now Netflix hires Obamas to produce their “Higher Ground” shows to the tune of millions.

Brilliant and officially Deep State FBI spied upon reporter announces:

@jsolomonReports Reporters got too much wrong on Russia. There was no collusion. Carter Page wasn’t a Russian spy. Steele dossier wasn’t credible nor confirmed. Surveillance was illegal. FBI wasn’t vindicated. Time for a new type of news outlet. Stay tuned for big announcement next month. The courts need be cleaned up first. Trump has replaced over 160 Federal judges in preparation for the Storm. There are over 130,000 sealed indictments ready to go. Before Trump there were 1k a year.

Even so, Epstein, Mack, and Raniere were all federal sealed indictments. Multiple gold market manipulator federal indictments were also unsealed. Trump signed two executive orders unleashing the justice Dept. on child trafficking.  Arrests have skyrocketed.

On top of this there have been over 10,000 notable resignations and retirees of gov't officials and CEO's. That is the swamp draining. This was just after the Queen had him kicked out of the palace:

The Duke of York was photographed as he drove out of Buckingham Palace earlier this week

In case you missed it: A hilarious riff by a British comedian about Andrew, the Duke of York:


(Traditional English Childrens' Song)

Oh! The grand old Duke of York

He had ten thousand men

He marched them up to the top of the hill

And he marched them down again

And when they were up they were up

And when they were down they were down

And when they were only half way up

They were neither up nor down

(Seems applicable…)

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