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10 March 2020 - Lunch News

Harvard and Princeton Shut down!  Switch to online classes and tell students to not come back after Spring Break: Harvard University has told all students to move out of their dorms by Sunday, is canceling classes on campus and moving all courses online to try to “de-densify” the campus and limit any spread of the new coronavirus.“The decision to move to virtual instruction was not made lightly,” university President Lawrence S. Bacow said in a letter to students and staff that was posted online Tuesday. “The goal of these changes is to minimize the need to gather in large groups and spend prolonged time in close proximity with each other in spaces such as classrooms, dining halls, and residential buildings.”Harvard’s spring break starts Saturday and ends March 22, and its spring term ends in late April. The university said students shouldn’t return to campus after the break.

Students who can’t afford transportation home are currently being referred to Harvard’s financial aid office, according to its website. The university is also instructing students to speak with their dean if they have no place to go.On Monday, Princeton announced similar measures, telling students that classes would be taught online following spring break. As a precaution, Ohio State University President Michael Drake also told students on Monday that all instruction for its more than 68,000 students would take place online until the end of March, although none of the state’s three confirmed cases are associated with the university. The University of Washington in Seattle told students last week it would temporarily move online and resume normal operations by the end of March, affecting nearly 50,000 students. DC priest exposes over 550 to Wuhan Flu: “BREAKING: A D.C. priest has Coronavirus. He offered communion and shook hands with more than 500 worshippers last week and on February 24th,” tweeted ABC7’s Sam Sweeney. “All worshippers who visited the Christ Church in Georgetown must self-quarantine. Church is cancelled for the first time since the 1800’s.” The hand shaking took place despite many other Catholic churches changing their worshipping practices in an effort to stop the spread of the virus. USA Today reports that at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, “Priests have started asking worshippers not to shake hands at the sign of peace, which occurs around midway through the Catholic service. Most Masses here normally don’t offer wine during communion, but those that do are suspending the use of the shared chalices for now.”

Such precautions are not being followed at other religious sites in regions impacted by the coronavirus.

Videos of two men licking holy shrines in Iran went viral last week, with one individual seen licking the Masumeh shrine in Qom, while saying, “I’m not scared of coronavirus.” In another video, a man states he plans to lick the shrine “so the disease can go inside my body and others can visit it with no anxiety.”

The men face up to two years in jail in addition to 74 lashes. Russia is serious about it and it’s working:

The city government of Moscow has as of Sunday imposed a “high alert regime” of mandatory self-quarantine for those that have recently visited foreign countries with an infected population. The penalty for such designated citizens if they leave their homes and break the quarantine is up to five years in jail, Moscow city hall has threatened. Authorities are reportedly even going so far as to set up closed circuit TV cameras in places of self-isolation in order to monitor conformity. Return visitors from highly impacted countries will be especially monitored, Reuters reports: Those who return from China, South Korea, Iran, France, Germany, Italy and Spain and other states showing possible “unfavorable” signs of coronavirus should self-isolate themselves at home for 14 days, Moscow city hall has said.

The Moscow healthcare department said on Sunday that those disregarding the regulation risked severe punishment including imprisonment of up to five years.

According to the Moscow Times authorities have even lately utilized facial recognition software to keep track of quarantined persons or suspected cases.

Last week Mayor Sergei Sobyanin initiated random screenings of Moscow Metro passengers' temperatures at station entrances.

You know it’s bad when Newsom praises Trump and Pence:

Dogs and Cats, living together… mass hysteria! Note how the guys behind him feel about the statement... California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom is not a fan of Trump.

However, he recently praised President Trump’s response to the Coronavirus. Newsom said that Trump and Pence have followed through on everything they said they would do.

Newsweek reports:

CALIFORNIA’S DEMOCRAT GOVERNOR PRAISES TRUMP’S CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE: ‘EVERY SINGLE THING HE SAID THEY FOLLOWED THROUGH ON’California’s Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom praised president President Donald Trump on Monday for supporting his state as it combats the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.Trump and his administration have faced criticism for their response to the coronavirus. But Newsom, who declared a state of emergency in California last Wednesday, shared positive remarks about the way the president has responded and supported the West Coast state.“We had a private conversation, but he said, ‘We’re gonna do the right thing’ and ‘You have my support, all of our support, logistically and otherwise,'” Newsom told reporters at a Monday news conference.“He said everything I could have hoped for,” the governor asserted. “And we had a very long conversation and every single thing he said, they followed through on,” he noted.Newsom said that he has received “consistent” support from Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, who is leading the administration’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Both New Jersey and New York have declared states of emergencies.

In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the most rigorous actions to date to combat the spread in New Rochelle, which he described as the "most significant cluster in the country" and accounts for the lion's share of the tri-state's surging caseload.

Those measures include deploying National Guard troops to a Health Department command post and setting up a satellite testing facility and one-mile, two-week containment area in the city. Public schools in that containment zone will be closed through March 25. As of Tuesday, Westchester County has seen 108 confirmed COVID-19 cases; that's 57 percent of all tri-state cases.

Millions of tests flood America:

Millions of much-needed testing kits for COVID-19 are on the way to clinics and labs nationwide, Vice President Mike Pence told reporters during a White House briefing Monday evening.

Pence heads the Trump Administration coronavirus task force. He said the group reached out to governors from 47 states on Monday and was "able to confirm with them that testing is now available in all state labs in every state in the country."

"Over a million tests have been distributed," Pence said, and "before the end of this week, another 4 million tests will be distributed."Furthermore, major medical testing companies such as LabCorp and Quest have also "brought a test forward and are taking that to market effective today," Pence said. He added that, "with the deployment of the commercial labs we literally are going to see a dramatic increase in the availability of testing."

Pence said last week that all restrictions on coronavirus testing would be lifted and the costs of testing would be covered by all forms of health insurance.

Testing locally in Oregon now in spite of Gov. Brown:

Weber, the Josephine County medical director, said two private labs have developed and implemented tests for the coronavirus, available to any health care providers, which should increase testing locally.

The private screenings don't need special approval from the state. Whether a test is approved is up to the medical provider, Weber said.All samples are sent away for test results. People will find out from their providers what the requirements are for the test."The fact that we're increasing our testing capacity as a community, means that it will be more available, and that is great news," Weber said.

Sample collection is not done at the health department, because of a vulnerable population there, Weber said."We do not want people going to the health department for sample collection," he said.Weber said the state and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have only so much capacity, and last week the state was able to do only 80 tests a day.

The virus has not disrupted many local events thus far, but at a press conference in Medford on Saturday, Jackson County Medical Director Jim Shames warned: "We … need to start thinking about ways to reduce social contact." All of Italy Quarantined, A lot is happening there: Payments on mortgages are to be suspended in Italy due to the coronavirusoutbreak, the country’s government has announced.

More than 9,000 people have been infected by Covid-19 in Italy, where the total number of reported deaths jumped to 463 on Monday – an increase of over 25 per cent compared to the day before.When asked about the possibility of halting mortgage payments on Radio Anch’io, Laura Castelli, the deputy economy minister, said: ”Yes, that will be the case, for individuals and households.”

Giuseppe Conte, the prime minister, said that everyone in Italy would be confined to the area where they live unless they are able to demonstrate a need to work, health conditions, or other limited reasons in order to travel elsewhere.

The lockdown already in place for northern parts of the country, encompassing about 16 million people, has now been extended to the whole nation.The restrictions are set to last until 3 April and those who break the rules risk up to three months in jail or fines of €206 (£180). ​Bars, restaurants and cafes across Italy are also to close at dusk as the government works to limit the spread of Covid-19.

Chaos broke out at prisons nationwide on Monday as inmates protested anti-coronavirus measures, which included restrictions on normal family visits.

Multiple prisoners died of what could be drug-related causes after people raided the pharmacy in Modena jail during the riot, officials said.

Hong Kong University knows how.  Here are their instructions to make your own mask:

The following do-it-yourself method comes from the University of Hong Kong – Shenzhen Hospital, which reportedly partnered with an entity called Science Park to develop a simple and effective way for ordinary people to help protect themselves against not just the Wuhan coronavirus (CoVid-19) but other respiratory “bugs” that enter and infect the body through the nose and mouth.

Lots of numbers...

An analysis of publicly available data on infections from the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, that causes the respiratory illness COVID-19 yielded an estimate of 5.1 days for the median disease incubation period, according to a new study led by researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. This median time from exposure to onset of symptoms suggests that the 14-day quarantine period used by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for individuals with likely exposure to the coronavirus is reasonable.

The analysis suggests that about 97.5 percent of people who develop symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 infection will do so within 11.5 days of exposure. The researchers estimated that for every 10,000 individuals quarantined for 14 days, only about 101 would develop symptoms after being released from quarantine. Russia and Saudi Arabia in an oil price war.  Should drop prices at the pump for us: Following Friday's shocking collapse of OPEC+, when Russia and Riyadh were unable to reach an agreement during the OPEC+ summit in Vienna which was seeking up to 1.5 million b/d in further oil production cuts, on Saturday Saudi Arabia kick started what Bloomberg called an all-out oil war, slashing official pricing for its crude and making the deepest cuts in at least 20 years on its main grades, in an effort to push as many barrels into the market as possible. Confirming the obvious, Iman Nasseri, managing director for the Middle East at oil consultant FGE said "Saudi Arabia is now really going into a full price war.” Saudi production will first rise above 10 million barrels a day in April, from about 9.7 millions a day this month: "That’s the oil market equivalent of a declaration of war," an unnamed commodities hedge fund manager said.  Meanwhile, as Bloomberg correctly notes, "with demand being ravaged by the coronavirus outbreak, opening the taps like that would throw oil market into chaos." A realized price which is roughly half that - should the Saudi strategy work out as planned - would lead to social unrest and government turmoil in Saudi Arabia, and may explain why earlier today Saudi crown prince MbS launched another crackdown on dozens of royals and army officers following the arrest of powerful princes, who may compete for the throne once the public mood in Saudi Arabia turns nasty in the coming weeks.

In case you would rather buy American...

If the first 3 digits of the barcode are 690 691 or 692, the product is MADE IN  CHINA.471 is Made in Taiwan . Nowadays, Chinese businessmen know that consumers do not prefer products "MADE IN CHINA", so they don't show from which country it is made. However, you may now refer to the barcode - remember if the first 3 digits are: 690-692 ... then it is MADE IN  CHINA 00 - 09 ...  USA  &  CANADA 30 - 37   FRANCE 40 - 44  GERMANY 471 ...  Taiwan 49 ... JAPAN 50 ...  UK BUY USA & CANADIAN MADE by watching for "0" at the beginning of the number.

General Flynn an this son threatened with solitary confinement by Obama holdovers in the FBI and DOJ:

The General’s lovely sister, Barbara Redgate was on BardsOfWar podcast and gave an amazing interview regarding the challenges General Flynn and his family have had to go through since becoming a target of the Deep State.  At the 13:30 minute mark of the interview, Ms. Redgate shared the following after listing a plethora of documents that the FBI and DOJ are withholding from the General in relation to his case.

Redgate says that shortly after the discovery of corrupt FBI Agents Strzok and Page’s texts, the Mueller team is believed to have gone to DAG Rosenstein to obtain permission to indict Flynn’s son.  This is when the Mueller gang really put pressure on General Flynn.  They took young Mike’s phone and computers and have never returned them to this day.  At the time, young Mike had a 4 month old baby at home.  Next she shares the following:

Barbara Redgate: Suddenly General Mike is threatened with public arrest and search of his phone.  Public arrest of his son. Indictment of his son, and they were going to give him the Manafort treatment, which is put them both in solitary confinement.

At the 11th hour before General Flynn signed his plea agreement, at the last minute Special Counsel notifies the defense counsel by phone only that the electronic communications of one agent showed a preference [against] President Trump and the IG was assessing whether that constituted misconduct.

General Flynn’s attorney’s never told this to General Flynn so he thought that the agents who interviewed him in an ambush meeting in the White House believed he had lied.

Some levity from France:

As the coronavirus spreads across the world, it appears the 'Women’s Rights' campaigners - who have never set foot in Saudi Arabia, as far as we are aware, preferring to protest only in relatively open western countries - have tweaked their methods slightly: Armed with rubber gloves, purple smoke and exposed breasts, the 'Femen' went out to symbolically cleanse Paris streets of the "patriarchy virus", before being shooed away by the police.

The performance was timed to coincide with International Women’s Day on Sunday, which, as several twitter wits noted, happened to fall on the "shortest day of the year, the only day with 23 hours in it thanks to the beginning of Daylight Saving Time (which is now officially sexist)." Some 40 protesters wearing plastic coveralls, rubber gloves and protective glasses – but nothing on their chests bar slogans in accordance with their whole schtick – mobbed the Paris’ Place de la Concorde.

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