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1 June 2019 - Lunch News

Some serious stuff is going on on Capitol Hill this weekend involving a lot of Secret Service activity, as well as an unprecedented across the board staff meeting on Capitol Hill on Monday morning at 8 am.

Monday should be Very Interesting!

Mueller and Weissmann caught doctoring a transcript to incriminate Trump:

On Friday evening Deep State Federal prosecutors released the full transcript from President Trump’s attorneys to General Michael Flynn’s attorneys.

Mueller and Weissmann used the phone call as evidence that Trump was attempting to interfere with the special counsel Russia collusion witch hunt.

Robert Mueller and his hitman Andrew Weissmann manipulated the transcript and lied about the call.

This is more proof the deep state used any means possible including lying to get Trump.

Rosie Memos discovered the Mueller-Weissmann edited the report to make it look more damaging.

Via Rosie Memos: Once again #MuellerReport edited messages to make them appear more damaging, full transcript of this phone call reveals Dowd’s message was pretty typical for a lawyer and he clearly states he’s not interested in any confidential info. What else did they manipulate

Conservative Treehouse later explained: Notice how Mueller leaves out (via edits) the context of the call, and the important qualifier: “without you having to give up any confidential information.” Clearly Dowd does not want to interfere in Flynn’s cooperation with the special counsel, which is opposite to the twisted claim presented by Weissmann and Mueller’s report.

Attorney Techno Fog got a response from John Dowd last night about the Mueller-Weissmann manipulations.

We got a statement from former Trump lawyer John Dowd, responding to the Special Counsel's deceptive edits of his voicemail to Flynn's lawyer

"It is unfair and despicable. It was a friendly privileged call between counsel – with NO conflict. I think Flynn got screwed"

— Techno Fog (@Techno_Fog) May 31, 2019

Mueller and Weissmann lied in their report to get President Trump and General Flynn.

Rudy Lays it out on Creepy Joe's Corruption. A epic worthy statement:

Rudy Giuliani: “If Donald Trump Jr. got $1.5 billion from the Chinese, you don’t think we’d be going crazy? Well, Biden’s kid got $1.5 billion from China for a start-up private equity fund while the old man was giving us away to China. He flew the kid there on Air Force 2… And he’d just been tossed out of the military for being a drug addict. Did they give him $1.5 billion for his expertise or did they give it to him because we just caved into them on the islands on tariffs. Sold us out so the kid could get $.5 billion. We’re not covering that? And you’re telling me these people (liberal mainstream media) are honest? They’re trying to find out if Donald Trump got a parking ticket 20 years ago. And they won’t cover the 1.5? How about the $5 million from one of the most crooked people in the Ukraine? While Joe is doling out the money to the Ukraine? And then Joe bribes the president of the Ukraine!… The Ukrainians didn’t want to fire the guy. He did it because he was extorted. That’s the crime, Joe. Extorted! And by the way when he took the money from the Ukraine we call that under our laws bri-ber-y.

Further lies by Mueller: Proof Mueller had the approval to prosecute anything he could. The Rod Rosenstein letter of appointment as Special Counsel::

675 days


501 witnesses

2,807 subpoenas

And Robert Mueller still couldn't find a crime.

All about the misdeeds of Robert Mueller!

Its a long list in addition to his covering for Hillary and hounding Flynn. It involves providing cover for Islamists as well as falsely incriminating and framing people. Read the link for all the terrible details.

Scooter Libby was one of his victims:

"Libby was completely innocent and Mueller knew it. Then deputy attorney general Jim Comey dispatched the AG to put himself in charge. Then he got to appoint a special counsel — Robert Mueller.

The case was a complete fraud and Libby was railroaded:

He was innocent of the original charges of what turned out to be a non-crime. So Mueller got him for lying and that too was a fraud. Scooter Libby had not lied as reporter Judith Miller originally thought and testified. He was innocent of everything including the contrived offense. For his honesty and innocence, Scooter Libby spent time behind bars and still has a federal felony conviction he carries like an albatross. President Trump recently pardoned him but his life has been ruined."

Other abuses:

Gohmert also wrote that Mueller eliminated training on identifying radical Islamic killers.

Mueller hired extremely biased attorneys to probe the Russia case

Purging the advanced counter-terrorism agents’ training materials

National Security Letter abuses

Congressman Curt Weldon defeated by Mueller

Whitey Bulger

The witch hunt against Congressman Ted Stevens and his tragic death

AG Barr is a great man. This interview reveals him:

Excerpt from CBS transcript:

JAN CRAWFORD: But when you came into this job, you were kind of, it’s like the US Attorney in Connecticut, I mean, you had a good reputation on the right and on the left. You were a man with a good reputation. You are not someone who is, you know, accused of protecting the president, enabling the president, lying to Congress. Did you expect that coming in? And what is your response to it? How do you? What’s your response to that?

WILLIAM BARR: Well in a way I did expect it.


WILLIAM BARR: Yeah, because I realize we live in a crazy hyper-partisan period of time and I knew that it would only be a matter of time if I was behaving responsibly and calling them as I see them, that I would be attacked because nowadays people don’t care about the merits and the substance. They only care about who it helps, who benefits, whether my side benefits or the other side benefits, everything is gauged by politics. And as I say, that’s antithetical to the way the department runs and any attorney general in this period is going to end up losing a lot of political capital and I realize that and that is one of the reasons that I ultimately was persuaded that I should take it on because I think at my stage in life it really doesn’t make any difference.

JAN CRAWFORD: You are at the end of your career, or?

WILLIAM BARR: I am at the end of my career. I’ve you know–

JAN CRAWFORD: Does it, I mean, it’s the reputation that you have worked your whole life on though?

WILLIAM BARR: Yeah, but everyone dies and I am not, you know, I don’t believe in the Homeric idea that you know, immortality comes by, you know, having odes sung about you over the centuries, you know?

JAN CRAWFORD: So you don’t regret taking the job?


Complete interview at links in this tweet:

You can hear @JanCBS' full interview with Attorney General William Barr on the #CTMPodcast.

Listen on @ApplePodcasts:

Or @Spotify:

— CBS This Morning (@CBSThisMorning) May 31, 2019

Text of complete interview at this link.

Barr's response to question about Huber's role:

"The other issues he's been working on relate to Hillary Clinton. Those are winding down and hopefully we'll be in a position to bring those to fruition.

A special federal prosecutor in Utah (Huber) is close to completing an investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, according to Attorney General William Barr.

Then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced in a letter (pdf) on March 29, 2018, that he had assigned Huber to investigate a list of potential crimes outlined by Republicans in Congress.

From 2015 to 2016, the bureau investigated whether Clinton and her associates mishandled classified information by using an unauthorized private email server to conduct official government business during her time as the secretary of state. During the same time frame, the bureau was investigating allegations concerning the Clinton Foundation, according to the Wall Street Journal. Huber may also be investigating whether the approval of the sale of Canadian mining company Uranium One to Russia had any connection to millions of dollars that parties who benefited from the deal gave to the Clinton Foundation. Republicans have called on Sessions to investigate the matter since as early as 2017. Sessions told the House Judiciary Committee in November 2017 that he had assigned federal prosecutors to investigate the matters.

Notably, Uranium One had significant holdings in Utah, where Huber is based, including a small town, a uranium mill, and more than 10,000 acres of uranium claims.

Smollett and his Fixers are Exposed!:

A new trove of evidence in the Jussie Smollett case from Chicago police proves two things: a) Smollett looked pretty darn guilty and b) nobody in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office seemed interested in that fact.

Somewhere in that trove of evidence was a series of texts from Smollett to the Nigerian-born brothers who admitted staging the assault upon the “Empire” actor, arranging a meeting to talk “face to face” with them before the attack.

The texts also include requests to the Osundairo brothers for hookups to illegal drugs, including cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana.

“N—-, you still got a molly [ecstasy] connect?” a text from Smollett to Abimbola Osundairo in September read, according to The Daily Beast. “Hahahaha … Imma need a good fo pills Haha.”

Another text in January seemed to have more sinister connotations to it, however: “Might need your help on the low. You around to meet up and talk face to face?” Smollett texted.

The most damaging revelation in the documents, aside from that text message before the allegedly staged attack, was that the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office told police they had to stop investigating the case just days after Smollett was arrested on February 28.

Just before midnight on Friday, at the close of what was a hectic month for markets, WSJ dropped a bombshell of a story: The paper reported that the DoJ has opened an anti-trust investigation of Alphabet Inc., which could "present a major new layer of regulatory scrutiny for the search giant, according to people familiar with the matter." The report was sourced to "people familiar with the matter," but was swiftly corroborated by the New York Times, Bloomberg and others.

For months now, the FTC has appeared to be gearing up for a showdown with big tech. The agency - which shares anti-trust authority with the DoJ - has created a new commission that could help undo big-tech tie-ups like Facebook's acquisition of Instagram, and hired lawyers who have advanced new anti-monopoly theories that would help justify the breakup of companies like Amazon.

But as it turns out, the Trump administration's first salvo against big tech didn't come from the FTC; instead, this responsibility has been delegated to the DoJ, which has reportedly been tasked with supervising the investigation into Google.

How’s this for Crazy?:

Do you suppose there will be Cyber-Security Professionals present who might have some really good questions for her? LOL!

Here’s some interesting background on the Clintons you probably didn’t know about. It’s an interesting report from reasonable sources. Whether you believe in this sort of thing or not, it is nevertheless a real window into the thinking of the Clintons and their supporters

"Some may already be aware of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s experience with voodoo from the passage in Bill Clinton’s memoir “My Life”. However, I don’t believe anyone is aware of their dark secret regarding the former President of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his black magic.

This was potentially the early stages of the Clintons intrigue into the world of voodoo, and they returned several times to Haiti for voodoo ceremonies (and black magic) to assist with Bill’s elections. This may sound like a contrived story, but this has been confirmed by Haitian officials and priests, in addition to my source, a native of Haiti. It is important to understand that surveys have put the number of voodoo adherents in Haiti as high as 85 percent, even among the educated classes, and Houngans (a voodoo priest) are even more important in the Haitian capital than psychiatrists are in Washington, D.C.

The stories that follow were reported in the Haïti Observateur, but were kept from mainstream news in the U.S.. There were a handful of local sources in the U.S. that picked up the story over time. However, there are some interesting details that were not reported, and an event that followed that has not been reported on. "

To read more see here:

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