Lunch News - 13 April 2020 Re: China

What do Soros and Xi's predecessor Jiang Zemin have in common?: 1). They (or their families and associates) both hate Xi. 2). They (or their families and associates) both invested together in a respiratory virus related company in Wuhan. 3). Their associates are at risk of being rounded up and prosecuted for corruption by their country's current administration. (Deep State corruption is in China too, as it is in the Ukraine and the US) Motive, opportunity and connection..

3 March 2020 - Lunch News

Propaganda War: Trump, Chin, and Financial Titans of the World (saying don't panic) versus the Democrats and Deep State (do panic). 6 weeks of invisible spread in Washington State: Researchers who studied two cases in the state say that the virus may have been spreading there for weeks, suggesting the possibility that up to 1,500 people in the state may have been infected. Specifically, the researchers compared two cases to learn more about how the coronavirus spreads. The v



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